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A Note from the Executive Director
Happy Back to School time! For the first time in what seems like forever, schools are planning for a traditional, in-person back to school launch. However, there are changes to COVID-19 testing and school practices of which you may wish to be aware. We encourage you to visit and review the July 22, 2022 revised NMPED Toolkit at: https://webnew.ped.state.nm.us/back-to-school-guidance/. We also encourage SBHCs to renew their relationships with school partners as staff on both sides of the relationship may have changed. NMASBHC reminds all of our partners that we are here to support you in any challenge you and our state's young people face in the 2022-23 school year. Please reach out to us if we can be of assistance. We also encourage you to participate in our second year of the SBHC ECHO (read more below); this community can help you face whatever comes your way this year.

Wishing all of you health and safety in this new school year!

Nancy Rodriguez, nancy@nmasbhc.org
2022 NMASBHC Calendar
We hope you are enjoying your copy of the 2022 Calendar.

July/August features the Pojoaque HS SBHC team, sponsored by Las Clinicas del Norte.

Thank you for all the SBHCs who participated and submitted pictures!

If you have not received your calendar, please contact Wilma at wilma@nmasbhc.org
Project ECHO for SBHCs
Sessions will resume on August 30th.
NMASBHC continues to collaborate with UNM Project ECHO, OSAH, Molina and other partners to create an educational and professional development community of practice for SBHCs in New Mexico.

Sessions will resume on August 30th. This Fall, we will meet on the 4th Wednesday of the month from 3:15 PM - 4:30 PM. Please feel free to visit the SBHC ECHO Padlet to see recordings of prior sessions, as well as resources for each session.

We hope that the community of practice helped SBHC teams thrive during the transitions that the pandemic has necessitated. Continuing education available for free! Find flyers and more information on our website.
NMASBHC Youth Advisory Group
The Youth Health Advisory Group supports youth to advance health care access for their peers, share expertise on health-related topics and give important youth voice to the field of school-based health care. Participants will engage in activities and projects that can provide critical input to the development and delivery of services, and advocate for SBHC services across the state. 

If you have youth that might be interested, please encourage them to apply and complete the application as soon as possible. We have extended our application date. For any questions, visit our website or contact Wilma at wilma@nmasbhc.org.
Shop for Good for National Nonprofit Day!
On this National Non-Profit Day, consider shopping at Kendra Scott to share the love (20% of your purchase) with the New Mexico Alliance for School Based Health!

We hope you are able to find the perfect gift, while also supporting our organization dedicated to the health of our NM youth! Please share with your networks. Every donation helps us expand school health!!

SBHC Sponsor Corner
Operational Plans
The Operational Plans will be released on August 15th and will be due on September 15th. If you have questions, please communicate with Kristin Oreskovich at Kristin.Oreskovich@state.nm.us
HSD/Medicaid Updates
NM Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility Determiner Training
 Presumptive Eligibility Determiner training have not yet been set for August. If you have staff that need the training, please contact HSD at the email address below to indicate the need for upcoming training. If you have any questions regarding entities qualified to participate as PEDs, the PED certification process or for more information on training sessions being scheduled for future months, please e-mail HSD.PEDeterminers@state.nm.us 
or call 505-476-7151.

Please note that it is very important to have your SBHC team up to date with eligibility determination when school starts. Not only is this an NMDOH-OSAH requirement, but many families may need support in finding out if their COVID-era coverage is winding down.
Planning a Youth Vaccination Event?
 Help is Available!
New Mexico's school-age immunization rates are lower than in past, thanks to the pandemic. NMDOH and the Medicaid Managed Care Organizations are working hard to support summer-time events to ensure children get back on schedule with required immunizations. If your clinic or organization wishes to plan a special immunization event, the MCOs are willing to help and can send out outreach teams in person. Please let NMASBHC know if you need that support, and we'll connect you to the appropriate staff at Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico, Presbyterian, and/or Western Sky Community Care.
Clinic Resources, Training Opportunities and Community Announcements
LARC Virtual Trainings

The LARC Mentoring Program continues to offer virtual training options.

Reproductive Health Asynchronous Trainings
Provide 1.0 CME each

These recorded webinars on Moodle address multiple reproductive health concerns each providing 1.0 CME each after creating an account with UNM HSC moodle and completing the required surveys.

Virtual IUD Practicums

If you or your team are interested in virtual IUD practicums, join us via zoom to receive hands-on, individualized training with 2.0 CME at no cost!

If you are from Albuquerque: Register at least one week ahead of time. We can set up a pick up or drop off for the materials! If you are in NM, outside Albuquerque: Register a month ahead. We can send you a box of everything you need with postage to send it back! Click to register.
Receive your materials and take the pre-survey! Let us know when you receive the materials via text or email! Join us via Zoom. Receive your one-on-one training with our clinical trainer. Take the immediate post-survey. Return the materials. We will set up another pick-up/drop off or you can send the box back with the postage provided! If you are an LMP site you get to keep everything for future practice. If you are interested in becoming a site email us!!! You will receive 2.0 CME in 2 weeks time! Take the post-survey 3 months later.
SBHC Positions
SBHC Staff are amazing!
Please feel free to share these open positions with your colleagues and peers.

Medical Assistant - Albuquerque, NM
Medical Assistant - Albuquerque, NM

Certified Medical Assistant - Las Cruces, NM
La Clinica de Familia SBHC positions

Nurse Practitioner - Santa Fe Teen Health Center
988 Crisis Line
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline changed from a 10 digit number to a 3 digit number, providing easier access to behavioral health crisis resources, which are distinct from 911 (where the focus is on dispatching Emergency Medical Services, fire, and police). The New Mexico 988 Behavioral Health Crisis Line launched on July 16, 2022.

If you need information to determine whether to recommend this crisis line for your patients, check for upcoming community workshops about the 988 line, click HERE! Also visit the 988 NM website for more information.
CAMS Training
The CAMS-Care model is a clinical suicide treatment therapy framework.

ProtoCall Services' New Mexico Crisis and Access Line, along with the NM Department of Health Office of School and Adolescent Health, is offering opportunities for mental health professionals to become CAMS TRAINED in this evidence-based suicide treatment protocol.

The “Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality” (CAMS) model was developed by Dr. Jobes over decades of clinical trial research, there is very little that compares to CAMS in terms of its robust evidence-base, its flexibility, and the relative ease of learning to use it with fidelity.

When mental healthcare professionals use the CAMS model, the mental health professional and the person of concern engage in a highly interactive assessment process where the person of concern is actively involved in the development of their own treatment plan. Results of the CAMS model have shown a reduction of suicidal ideation, and an increase in hope occurs in as few as 6 CAMS sessions.

  • Every session of CAMS intentionally utilizes the persons of concerns input about what is and is not working.
  • A CAMS mental health professional endeavors to understand the person of concerns experience from an empathetic, non-judgmental, and intra-subjective perspective.
  • The mental health professional never shames or blames a person of concern for experiencing suicide, and endeavors to understand this struggle through the eyes of the person of concern.

Learn more about the CAMS-Care Model here: www.cams-care.com

Become CAMS Trained in a Suicide Treatment Therapy Framework
Thu, Aug 25, 2022
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM MST
Got Shots!
The Annual “Got Shots” campaign continues through August 31.

You are invited to participate as a Got Shots provider for your community.

Please join the New Mexico Department of Health, the New Mexico Primary Care Association and the New Mexico Immunization Coalition, along with managed care partners, Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, and Western Sky Community Care, in making sure that all New Mexico children are immunized on time!

Please visit the Got Shots website for more information and to register.
Moderna Vaccine Fact Sheets
There are updates to the EUA Fact Sheets and Full EUA Prescribing Information for the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine.

The newest updates include educational resources specific to the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine indication for children 6 months – 5 years of age for vaccination providers. For more information, please see the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccine Providers) and Full Prescribing Information.

August Health Awareness Activities
August is Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
As children and parents are gearing up for back to school, remember that healthy vision is critical to academic and social success. As a child grows, an untreated eye disease or condition becomes more difficult to correct. These can worsen and lead to other serious problems as well as affect reading ability, focus, classroom behavior, and social adjustment in school.
Did you know: 24% of teens with correctable vision have the wrong prescription and this rises to about 33% for Mexican-American and African-American teens.
Learn more about protecting your eyes here:
August is National Immunization Month
As opportunities for in-person learning and play begin, help us protect children by doing what you can to get kids caught up on recommended vaccines.

Support NMASBHC this year!
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