Water Wisdoms | August 2022 Newsletter
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Oakshire Brewing sets aside one percent of their Watershed IPA sales revenue for protection of watersheds in the territories where their beer is sold, helping to preserve the clean water that is vital to our community and their beer. Footage of Oakshire's brewing facility was included in the MWMC's Community Partnership for Clean Water Video, to show the connection between water and the food and beverage industry. Give the video a watch and look for Oakshire around 5:58!
MWMC and City of Springfield Present Turtle Mountain LLC with Environmental Compliance Award
The MWMC, in conjunction with the City of Springfield, recently presented Turtle Mountain LLC with an Environmental Compliance Award trophy. This prestigious award recognizes
Turtle Mountain's continuous work to achieve 100% compliance with their Wastewater Discharge Permit for 10 consecutive years.

This is a great accomplishment, and the MWMC and City of Springfield are grateful to this industry for their continued partnership to protect Springfield's local wastewater collection system, the MWMC’s regional wastewater treatment plant, worker safety and health, and the environment.

Turtle Mountain produces non-dairy frozen deserts, with national brands such as So Delicious. The company's location on Main Street in Springfield was recognized with the trophy for 10 years of permit compliance. Their Shelley Street facility in Springfield was also recognized earlier this year with a Certificate of Environmental Compliance for 2021.
MWMC Hosts WateReuse Association Summer Summit
The MWMC recently partnered with the Pacific Northwest section of the WateReuse Association to host a summit at our wastewater treatment plant in North Eugene.

Attendees from across Oregon and the Pacific Northwest traveled to our plant to learn about the past, present, and future of recycled water at the MWMC and regionally. The MWMC has irrigated the interior grounds of our facilities with recycled water, or treated wastewater, for nearly 40 years. Now, we're working to expand recycled water use beyond our facilities' fence lines by producing Class A recycled water, the highest class recognized in Oregon. Class A is approved for virtually every use where drinking-quality water is unnecessary, such as street trees, golf courses, landscaping beds, and more.

During the event, MWMC staff provided tours of our current Class D compliant recycled water works and the proposed Class A upgrades. Delta Sand & Gravel, the MWMC's industrial partner in recycled water use, also provided attendees with a tour of their facilities, showcasing the applications of recycled water that could benefit their operations.

The MWMC was grateful for the opportunity to partner with the WateReuse Association, the nation's only trade association solely dedicated to advancing laws, policy, funding, and public acceptance of recycled water. Thank you to all who attended and to sponsors/partners Brown and Caldwell, Clean Water Services, Delta Sand & Gravel, Kennedy Jenks, Stantec, and Water Systems Consulting for their support.
Did You Know?
As of July 1, product packaging for items like baby wipes, makeup wipes, cleaning wipes, and other personal care wipes sold in Oregon are required to be labeled "Do Not Flush."

House Bill 2344 was signed into law last year, making Oregon only the second U.S. state to require this kind of labeling on disposable wipes.

The MWMC is glad to see this piece of legislation take effect across our state. Flushing disposable wipes causes clogs in wastewater pipes and pumps, as well as damage to equipment at wastewater treatment plants. Plus, accumulation of pipes can lead to backup of wastewater into homes and public spaces, creating a public health hazard and environmental damage.

"Do Not Flush" labeling will make a positive impact by informing consumers about what should not be flushed. However, the pollution prevention effort doesn't end there! It takes all of us working together to protect our wastewater system and local waterways. One habit that makes a big difference is only flushing the three Ps (pee, poop, and toilet paper).
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