Welcome September 2023
Welcome September
Welcome September is just around the corner, and we hope that you are just as excited as we are!

Welcome to events all over Denmark tailored for international talent, considering or already living in Denmark.

Municipalities, state authorities, business organizations, student organizations, business regions and associations have joined forces to create Welcome September.

Welcome September is a month dedicated to welcome all internationals to Denmark. It will be packed with events all around the country aimed at newly arrived- as well as well-established internationals in Denmark. The events vary from job- and career related events to events that can contribute to a richer social life and learning more about Danish culture.

This years’ Welcome September offers more than 70 events all over the country. More than 30 partners – municipalities, state authorities, business organizations, student organizations, business regions and associations have joined forces to make YOU feel at home in Denmark.

The Danish work culture may be (very) different from what you are used to in other countries. Welcome September will highlight what you need to be aware of when starting a new job in Denmark, and how to navigate between fancy titles and colleagues. One of this month's targets is for you to acquire knowledge on how to take your career in Denmark further, because getting a job in a new country might also be a different process from what you are used to.

Talent to a Green Denmark

Welcome September is part of Talent to a Green Denmark - a national initiative aimed towards the attraction, reception and retention of international talent to Denmark.
The initiative is based off small- and medium-sized businesses' needs for necessary qualifications regarding problem solving and solutions for the green transition. Focused mainly on transitioning their production in an environmentally sound way.

Click the button below to check out the official webpage for more information about Welcome September
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International Citizen Days - 2023
International Citizen Days 2023
Welcome to Greater Copenhagen - and welcome to International Citizen Days 2023, which is also part of the national month of Welcome September. Taking place in the heart of Copenhagen on 22 & 23 September, International Citizen Days bring together public authorities, private organizations and local communities for two days of endless inspiration on housing, job and social life through a carefully curated fair together with talks, debates and activities relevant to all newcomers.

This year International Citizen Days has grown even bigger. There are two whole days filled with activities for you. On both days, we, the team at Expat in Denmark will be there to meet, greet and talk to you!

The Friday is focused on jobs and career in a much bigger format than last year. This whole day is focused on people who want to make a career in Denmark. Everyone is welcome. It does not matter if you are only thinking about coming to Denmark, maybe you already live here. Maybe you are an international student or maybe you are already in a job and trying to make the next step. There will be opportunities to network with businesses and colleagues through matchmaking events among others.

Saturday will have a broader focus, with events that span from association life and cultural offers to housing and banking. Whatever interest you have you can be sure to find it here. There are scenes with talks, areas where you talk with other internationals, different activities for both adults and children and so on. Almost all the events are drop-in. You register for the day, and then you can pick and choose between the different events, according to your interests.

A roof over your head, a good job and a social network are prerequisites for a good start to a new life away from your familiar surroundings. But they are not always easy to come by. Where do you start your housing hunt? How do you land your first job in a new country? And what is key to living an engaged, active social life in one of the happiest, most liveable places on Earth?

The programme is jam-packed and tailored specifically for internationals, providing a wealth of knowledge that will make settling in in Greater Copenhagen a smooth journey for the entire family including your accompanying partner and/or children. Make sure to save the dates and spread the word. The event is free and all you need to do is to sign up, show up and have fun. Our team at Expat in Denmark will be there as well, so be sure to come by our stand and say hi!

If you are not able to participate in person there will also be opportunities to participate in online seminars.

International Citizen Days 2023 is organized by International House Copenhagen and funded by the city of Copenhagen, The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations, Copenhagen Capacity, Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA), Municipality of Frederiksberg, Municipality of Gladsaxe, Greater Copenhagen, The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), PROSA, Workindenmark, Danish Board of Business Development, and Project Talent to a Green Denmark (European Social Fund)

Read more about the event by clicking the button below! Here you can sign up for one of the days or both and join the wonderful event along with thousands of others.
An International at International House Copenhagen Interview with Ilka Wolter
Ilka Wolter
Throughout Denmark there are many people working behind the scenes to make the wonderful month of Welcome September happen. One of those people is Ilka Wolter. Ilka, who is from Hamburg in Germany, works at International House Copenhagen, and is one of the people behind developing, evolving and overseeing International Citizen Days in Copenhagen. For this edition of the newsletter, we will bring an interview with her, where she will tell us about herself, her professional life, and her work with International Citizen Days and Welcome September specifically. Read the article, to see how the story of moving to Denmark can look, and how joining thousands of other people at Welcome September and International Citizen days can change your future in this country.

From Germany to Denmark.
Ilka Wolter moved to Denmark in 2019, with her husband and her two young children. They lived in Hamburg, where Ilka grew up. For some time, there had been a want for change, an ambition of moving somewhere else: "We had been talking about changing cities for a while, mainly because of our professional development". Both Ilka and her husband are interested in the areas of design, architecture and sustainability, and so they wanted to find a place where their professional interests could be combined with family-life: "in combination with our professional goals we were also very interested in finding a city that was great to live in. We were young parents with small kids, and we wanted to live in a city with an environment that both we and our kids could thrive in".
As though destiny had been listening, Ilka's husband received a job offer, which included moving to a new country. The country was Denmark, and the city was Copenhagen. Ilka and her husband had visited before and had felt that they had enough of a positive impression to make the life-altering decision of moving countries: "We thought and think of Copenhagen as a great city, perfect size to live in, international, cosmopolitan, but at the same time with the feeling of a village".

Living in Denmark
Ilka's husband accepted the job offer and the future of the family was now to play out in the city of Copenhagen. "I was on maternity leave with our youngest daughter when we moved here. So I was an accompanying spouse you could say." The family's first months in Denmark were mainly characterized by settling in and acclimatizing to the new surroundings. "I am from Germany and my husband is from Mexico, so we didn't know anybody here, and not long after we came, the pandemic hit, so the odds were against us, but we are very happy to live here, both professionally and privately." Settling in is a big family-effort in itself, but Ilka also found the time to learn Danish, find new connections, and to volunteer.
"Our hopes and expectations have been met, both in regard to our professional interests and our careers, but also in regards to the work/life balance as a young family."
Despite a challenging start with masks and isolation, the family now lives a life in the balance, and are happy to be "Copenhageners".

An international coming to an International House
After settling in, getting a job became a priority. To find a job, Ilka among other things participated in career programs, one of these programs was the 'First Job in Denmark' - seminar, hosted by Københavns Erhvervshus. "Here you learn a lot of things, like how you network in Denmark, how to set-up your CV, and other things that are culturally dependent." Ilka ended up in a database of candidates that had attended the program. Through this database Ilka was contacted by International House Copenhagen, who urged her to apply for a job, which she had fitting qualifications for. "I had already been at International house in connection with our move here, so I knew the place, and I was incredibly excited to engage with it from the inside." This was Ilka's first job in Denmark, and she has been there ever since. Ilka's background in project management and events and she had been working in this particular field in many years. However, the focus of her former job had been more commercial, and the want for a more social and cultural focus, fitted perfectly together with this new opportunity.

The perfect match
"This job was an opportunity for me to bring my family's personal experience coming here into my work. An opportunity to combine my professional background with my personal experiences."
The department in which Ilka sits, focuses mainly on what they call "New in Denmark Services", where they provide different services and activities that are supposed to help people feel at home in Denmark and Copenhagen. They focus on making the beginnings of living in Denmark easier, overcoming the challenges that you face when moving to a new culture.
This they do mainly through events where they invite internationals to hear talks from different experts in different subjects. "I try to give on what I received when I first got here, in the best way possible".

International Citizen Days
The biggest of these events organized by International House Copenhagen, is International Citizen Days.
"I think it's a great event, it is really fun to work on. I am fulfilling my wishes of working in social and cultural way, helping people in a sustainable way."
The objectives of International Citizen Days are manyfold. The focus for Ilka lies in creating an event which creates opportunities for both the organizations and international citizens of Greater Copenhagen. "The event is hopefully giving a platform for organizations to welcome the new internationals and for the newcomers, even though several of the guests have lived here for several years, hopefully the event offers a chance to get a first person contact, be it with regards to housing, cultural activities, etc." Although there is a large amount of (Danish) humility in the quotes from Ilka, the feedback that International House receives is very positive, and that makes the job even more fulfilling.

Why you should participate
Welcome September and International Citizen Days specifically offers a great deal of opportunities for you, regardless of age, education, nationality etc. The people behind the scenes have an ambition not only to make the day fun and giving, but also to make a lasting impact on people's future. To create a spark that you can use to light a fire under your personal life and career in Denmark. "I think it really helps people to understand which possibilities and rights you have as a citizen in Denmark in different regards, be it as a tenant, be it as someone looking for a job, as a parent or as a student. When we first came to Denmark, it gave us an overview of our immediate situation and how to tackle the future. Which organizations we should contact, who could help us. According to me, on a personal level, we succeed in fulfilling a lot of the needs you have as an International Citizen in Denmark, and also we can open your eyes to many new opportunities in this country."

If the story of Ilka has not convinced you to come to the event or if you just want to discover more personal stories, you can click the link below to be taken to the website of International Citizen Days, which will provide you with first-hand pictures and video of people who have attended the event.

Aarhus City Welcome - 2023
Aarhus City Welcome - 2023
Do you want inspiration on how to navigate life in Denmark? Are you curious to get to know all the offers, communities, and organisations 'out there' ready to help you make the most of Aarhus?

Then you don't want to miss the biggest event for internationals in Aarhus, Aarhus City Welcome 2023!

99% of the participants at the ACW2022 recommend other internationals to join this annual jam-packed event.

The Aarhus City Welcome will give you the best possible guidance on:
  • Networking and communities
  • Job search and work-life
  • Language training
  • Sports and leisure
  • Culture
  • Volunteering
  • Children's lives
  • Citizen service
  • and much more

The Information Bazar
Visit the Information Bazar to meet a wide range of organizations, associations, and authorities, that are ready to give you the best possible guidance on living and enjoying life in Aarhus. We at Expat in Denmark will also be there to greet and talk to you! Find out more about the specifics, by clicking here

Speakers' Corner
Get new inspiration and information from amazing speakers at Speakers' Corner. You can watch the entire program at Speakers' Corner online. Our guest experts on Danish culture, finding a job in Denmark and much more will set you up for success before taking the plunge and moving to Denmark. Sign-up for the livestream will be available in late August.

The Living Library
Get valuable tips from experienced Aarhus-based internationals at the Living Library ready to share their best advice on enjoying life in Aarhus!

Aarhus City Welcome is dedicated and tailored to all international students, professionals, accompanying partners/family, and repats - whether you are an absolute newcomer, have lived here for years, or considering making Aarhus your new home.

The event will take place on the 30th of September, at Dokk1, Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, 8000 Aarhus C, from 10:00 to 14:00.

To register or learn more about the event click the button below, which will take you to the website of Aarhus City Welcome
Internationals' Fair North Denmark
Internationals' Fair North Denmark - 2023
Are you new to North Denmark and looking for all the opportunities life has to offer there?

Join International House North Denmark at their Internationals' Fair on September 14th. The fair welcomes all new internationals, students, and families alike to Aalborg and the region of North Denmark!

At the fair, you'll have the chance to meet public authorities, relevant organizations, NGOs, and get helpful information as a newcomer living in North Denmark. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn more about the region!

You also have the opportunity to laugh at jokes from British stand-up comedian Conrad Molden, get free ice-cream and network with other internationals.

You will also be able to join us from abroad by tuning in to our livestream of Internationals Fair North Denmark where you can learn how it is to live and work in the northern region of Denmark. You can hear from expats accompanying partners about their experience living in this region of Denmark and a presentation from Workindenmark and International House North Denmark.
The event will take place on the same day as the physical event. You can register and read more, by clicking here.

The fair will be held September 14th at Aalborg Main Library, Rendsburggade 2, 9000 Aalborg and starts at 16:00. The event is of course, free of charge.


16:00 - Welcome by Business director at BusinessAalborg, Mette Bugge

16:05 - Stand-up comedy with Conrad Molden

16:35 - Announcing this year's winner of the International Award

16:40-18:00 - Opportunity to visit all the different stands, get a coffee and some ice cream, get a balloon animal for your child, network and much more, all for free.

You can register for the event and read more, by clicking the button below.
Upcoming events for you
Events for you on Zealand
Lyngby DAY 2023
This is an event for internationals where you can meet local organizations, dive into inspiring talks, and have a chat with locals on how to navigate and enjoy life in Lyngby. There will be something for all age groups, incl. a guided tour of Lyngby. The event will take place at Stadsbiblioteket in Kongens Lyngby at the 2nd of September. To read more about the event and register, click the following link to their Facebook page -> Lyngby DAY 2023
City Walks: Community Garden/"Kolonihave"
Join Science City Lyngby for a walk and get to know people and hidden gems. The community gardens are areas which consist of numerous smaller houses with appertaining gardens. The areas usually work as small communities which are run and kept by the people living there. The "kolonihave"-movement in Denmark started in the latter part of the 1800s and the idea was to give workers an opportunity to get out of their crowded and polluted living quarters and grow their own food. The event will take place on September 30th at Ermlundsstien 1, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby. You can read more and register, by clicking the following link -> "Kolonihave"- Walk
Events for you on Funen
International Welcome Day - Odense
Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer, join a club or learn about the many cultural activities around the city? On this day, various organizations from Odense will be welcoming the internationals of the city and present their activities.
Here you will get the chance to meet other internationals and chat with people from sports clubs, cultural life, and volunteer organizations. International Community Odense's team will be there all day to answer questions and guide you.
Everyone is welcome and participation is free of charge. The event will take place on the 23rd of September at Borgernes Hus in Odense from 10:00 - 14:00. To read more about this and other events, click the following link - > International Welcome Day
International Community Odense
Apart from hosting the International Welcome Day, International Community Odense host several events throughout the year. As such they will be hosting numerous events before, during and after the month of Welcome September, like a basket-session or Danish language classes. To expand your network in Odense, and participate in events and networking, go to their website -> ico.dk, or go to their facebook page -> International Community Odense
Events for you in South Jutland
Online - Danish Daycare and Public-School Information Meeting
This event is hosted by Vejle Newcomer Service. Anyone is welcome to join, no matter where you live!
Curious to know more about the Danish daycare system? Or how about the public school? Maybe you have children in the daycare/public school system already or are planning to enroll them when old enough. Then this meeting is for you!
In this two-hour session you can get information about both from Vejle Municipality employees working in the field. The online meeting will take place on the 12th of September from 16:30 to 18:30. Click here to register and read more.
Newcomers walk in Ribe or Esbjerg City
The Municipality of Esbjerg offers all newcomers a free guided walk in Esbjerg City or in Ribe. The walks will provide you with an overview of the main facilities and fill you in on the history of either Esbjerg or Ribe.
The guide for the 90-minute walk is from the City Archive, so you will be told many great stories about the history of Esbjerg or Ribe. The city walk will take place on September 10 or 16 at 14:00. You sign up for the walk per e-mail to: [email protected]
The Living Room - International Café
Meet up, hang out, make new friends.
The Living Room is Esbjerg's newcomer café, international café and networking café - and is for everyone who either wishes to meet new people around the world or wants to get a perspective on being a newcomer or international residing in the Esbjerg area, or to learn about culture and code of conducts in Denmark or to get tips on life in the area of Esbjerg.
This time the author Mahmoud Zamzam will visit. If you have not yet met him, you will have something to look forward to.
The event will take place at Esbjerg International House on the 7th of September. You can read more about the event at their facebook event-page.
Meet Newcomer Service at the Culture and Sports Night
On the 1st of September, the annual Culture and Sports Night will take place in Sønderborg.
Here newcomers (and those who would like to move to the Sønderborg area) have the opportunity to get to know Sønderborg's cultural and leisure activities. At various information stands you can talk to different associations and sports clubs. Take the opportunity and stop by!
The Newcomer Service Sønderborg will also take part in the night. If you are a newcomer or thinking about moving to the Sønderborg area, visit their stand near Sønderborg Castle.
The event will take place at Slotskajen Sønderborg from 17:00 to 22:30. To read more about the event, click here.
Events for you in Central Jutland
Expat Reception 2023
International Community Aarhus and Aarhus University, are looking forward to meeting you, at this year's Expat Reception!
This year, the reception will have fun activities for both adults and children. This is a great opportunity to meet new people or see familiar faces, so be sure to mark the date on your calendar and don't forget to sign up.
The Expat Reception is an annual tradition with 500-600 attendees where you can relax with your family and socialize with other expats while enjoying complimentary refreshments. The event will take place on the 26th of August, from 15:00 to 17:00, at Aarhus Katedralskole, Skolegyde 1-3, 8000 Aarhus
To register or read more, click here
International Community by Erhverv Aarhus
International Community by Erhverv Aarhus is a community which aims to create a network of opportunities for both Danish companies and international employees. They offer multiple services, and among those are; Relevant information for the settling in of newcomers, Unique social and professional networking opportunities, Onboarding initiatives to kickstart life in Denmark, Updated information about internationalization, and much more.
Throughout the year, and also in connection with the month of Welcome September, International Community by Erhverv Aarhus, will host numerous events focused on many different things. If you want to know more about International Community by Erhverv Aarhus and their events, click here to go to their website. They will among other events be hosting a Newcomers' Info Evening on the 24th of August, which you can read more about here
Historical City Walk in Viborg
Join Viborg Municipality on this historical city walk and experience the special atmosphere in the old part of Viborg. On this walk, you explore the 1000 years of Viborg's royal, ecclesiastical and legal history - royal homage, Snapsting, the reformation and much more. See the beautiful buildings, cobbled streets and squares and green oases and hear their stories.
There are two separate events, one for adults, which take place on the 9th of September, from 10:00 to 11:00. And one for children aged 7-16 and their parents, which takes place on the 13th of September, from 17:00 to 18:00. To read more and to sign-up, click here for the adult walk, and here for the children walk
Event for International Newcomers in Struer
Come and join the newcomers of Struer Kommune at Struer Energi Park for an evening of communal dining and song.
We start our evening with a bit of information about what kind of place Struer Energi Park is, and what it can offer in your day-to-day life.
After the presentation, we will be serving typical Danish food, with vegan and vegetarian options.
After dinner, Struer Sangkraftcenter will lead in a couple of English songs, and of course, there will be time to socialize with each other.
The event is free and will take place at Morten Andersens Passage 7, 7600 Struer. on the 11th of September. To register and read more about the event, go to their Facebook event-page, by clicking here.
Insta-walk in Ringkøbing
Are you curious to discover more about Ringkøbing's history and old streets? And would you like to learn more about the role of a HEADSTART ambassador?
Join this guided tour, where you'll get a local insight into the historical center of Ringkøbing. Enjoy storytelling while walking in the charming streets of Ringkøbing and get to know the history behind some of the old streets and buildings.
This is also a chance for you to discover the role of the HEADSTART ambassadors! During the trip you get the chance to be challenged to tell your own personal view on Ringkøbing and share it on social media. A great way to improve your personal branding skills. The walk will take place on the 15th of September from 15:00 to 17:00, and will start in front of Hotel Ringkøbing. To learn more about the event and to register, click here.
Samsø International Meet-Up
As part of the national Welcome September initiative, you are invited to go enjoy the last sunrays of the summer, while having a glass of wine and talking with other fellow internationals.
At the event, it will be possible to ask the newcomer guide, the questions that you may have been wondering about.
The event will take place at Vinkapellet Samsø, Brundby Hovedgade 24, 8305 Samsø, on the 20th of September from 19:30 to 21:30.
Participation is free of charge; however it is mandatory to sign-up by sending an e-mail to [email protected]
Events for you in North Jutland
Diversity Evening at Aalborg Zoo 2023
Aalborg Zoo, Integration Council in Aalborg Municipality, and International House North Denmark invite you to another Diversity Evening on September 7th in Aalborg Zoo.
Go and meet other internationals, see the animals, and enjoy a lovely evening in the name of diversity.
It is possible to buy food & beverages in the Zoo's restaurants or you can BBQ your own food at the picnic areas, where BBQs are available for everyone to use.
the event is free of charge, and there is no need to buy a ticket or sign-up beforehand!
The event will take place at Aalborg Zoo, Mølleparkvej 63, 9000 Aalborg, from 17:00 to 21:00. To read more about the event, go to their Facebook event-page, by clicking here.
Living in Thy
Are you an international living in Thy or are you considering moving to Thy? Then you should join the annual event 'Living in Thy'.
This year, 'Living in Thy' takes place for the third time. Last year more than 150 internationals (with more than 20 different nationalities) participated in the event - the place was filled with different cultures and networking between the participants.
At 'Living in Thy' you can experience the opportunities in Thy. You can network with other internationals about life in Thy. You can hear about career opportunities, local companies, entrepreneurship, culture, leisure and get answers to practical questions as a citizen. At the same time, you can enjoy a free meal and soft drinks.
The event will take place on the 21st of September from 16:30 to 19:00 at Plantagehuset, Plantagevej 18, 7700 Thisted. To register and read more about the event, click here.
These events are just a small selection of the events that you can attend throughout Welcome September. If you want to view the full list of events, click the button below. This will take you to Life in Denmark's page for Welcome September 2023
Do you have a story that is relevant to this community? Then we encourage you to email us at; [email protected]. Maybe we can feature you, your story or your ideas in a future edition of the newsletter