Growing in faith, serving with love
Order for Worship - 12th Sunday after Pentecost
August 23, 2020
Gather today to worship the Lord! God has led us here to worship, be fed spiritually, and be empowered to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. With gratitude, gather with everyone on your household and worship the Lord as a family.
Family, God’s Spirit gives us a constant source of mercy, comfort, and reconciliation. With confidence in the forgiveness that follows, let us confess to God where we have fallen short.
Pray aloud in unison with others who are gathered, both in body and spirit.
Loving God, you gave us your Son Jesus Christ to show us the path to righteousness. In him, we know that embracing your love leads to selflessness and the never-ending pursuit of justice. But we confess that we often allow other authorities to lead us astray. We succumb to the authorities of selfishness, or personal prosperity, of callousness and hard-heartedness instead of living to follow you first.
Forgive us when we wander down the wrong path in faith and in life. Help us see your way. Show us how to follow Christ!
Family, receive this Good News. God has given us Jesus Christ, who not only shows us the way of righteous love, but gives us opportunities to embrace that love every single day. Be at peace with God and one another, for in Christ, we are forgiven, always and completely.
If you would like to share a joy or prayer concern, please email Pastor Dan at and your request will be shared in next week’s worship packet. Prayer requests will remain for 3 weeks unless updated.
  • For all impacted by the COVID-19 virus. For our medical professionals, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers. For those suffering from illness or facing treatment.
  • For peace in our communities and opportunities for reconciliation. For the softening of hearts and the desire for justice. For the willingness to have conversations that lead to understanding, reconciliation, and healing.
  • Our leaders at every level, for wisdom and discernment as they make difficult decisions, for our Session and deacons.
  • For those burdened with stress and anxiety during this time, as well as those who facing financial uncertainty.
  • Jasmine Speak and Family, Kenly Drummond, Deb Gervais, Richard Weimar, Beth Mathias, Kim Hanrahan, Mark, Jessie and Baby James Leyden, Ed Layman, Joyce Hawkins, Chris Moats, Chet and Mary Jane Downs, Families who have lost loved ones;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Jessica Esposito - Aug 23, Kevin Connor - Aug 26, Judie Wood - Aug 27, John Walker - Aug 28, Emily Sloan - Aug 29

In the Lion’s Den: Finding Faith and Integrity During Tough Times
It’s easy to remain faithful when times are easy. It’s easy to follow Christ when it doesn’t impact our schedule, our comfort, or our own hopes and dreams. But what about those seasons in life when life is not easy? How can our faith lead us to a life of integrity when we feel pulled in different directions? The Prophet Daniel, a Jewish exile living in Babylon, asked these very questions as he was being led to the lion’s den. But Daniel’s faith in God during those times, as well as God’s provision for Daniel, shows us how powerful our faith can be. For 4 weeks, we will explore the 6th chapter of Daniel, as well as the 8th chapter of Romans, to see how relying on our faith leads to integrity, which then gives us the ability to navigate tough times while remaining faithful to God.
Old Testament Lesson: Daniel 6:10-15
Gospel Lesson: Romans 8:9-17
Sermon: Following Christ’s Compass
Just as God has continued to provide us with abundant love, mercy, and guidance, we have the opportunity to respond with abundant gratitude. Everything you give allows us to continue the mission of this church. You can give back by clicking the “give online” button or by mailing a check to our church office at:

FPC Tequesta
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Reflect on the decisions and actions you take this week, and discern whose compass you are following. Take steps to follow Christ where you have not before, and trust in God to guide you along the way!
As we continue to embrace and share God’s love in this time, may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit guide and sustain us until the day Christ comes again. Amen!
Drive-in Worship Service: Join us today at 11am in the church parking lot our drive in worship service. The live audio will be broadcast onto the radio, so all you have to do is park your car and tune in to 89.5 FM! An order for worship with instructions will be posted on our website or Click here to download and print the bulletin for this service.
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