August 24, 2017




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I have never felt more urgency for the church to be the church as I do now. The fabric of our nation is threatened by an increasing toxicity and a breakdown of civility. Racism and hatred are being overtly expressed. And our systems of government seem unable to respond effectively. It is times like these - and we aren't the first humans to face such times of crisis - that our faith, grounded compassion, courage, community and hope, is essential.

I had an extended meeting with the clergy yesterday to discuss how we might support the congregation in this important time. We talked about two things.

First, the value of our rule of life. In Lent we offered four practices that remain critical if we are to be a witness to Christ's love in this crazy world: 1) Connect daily - have some practice of daily prayer/meditation/gratitude/ etc.;  2) stay loving - don't give into the the hate and demonetization swirling around us; 3) Practice Community - we need each other; 4) Strive for justice.

Second, the way our programming can support these practices and help us live our Christian values and be agents of transformation. Here are some of the things we will be offering:

1. Worship and preaching. This is our primary way of support. We need to come together as community to pray, sing, listen, and learn. Please come to worship as often as you can. We need each other. I need you.

2. Small groups. There are a variety of groups that meet throughout the week where we can create more engaged and intimate community. The Rev. Megan Anderson is launching a new monthly dinner program that is very flexible. You can host, or attend, a monthly dinner in a home, pub or anywhere. If you are interested in participating in a group, please fill out this survey . There will be an informational luncheon this Sunday from 12:30-2:30pm in the Assembly Area.  Megan will also offer training in hosting conversations on September 10th from 12:30-2:30pm in the Assembly Area. 

3. Sunday and Thursday Classes. Sunday and Thursday Classes. Starting September 10, I will lead a six-week discussion of Jim Wallis' America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege and the Bridge to a New America. In preparing last week's sermon, I realized that I lack knowledge about our history of racism in the U.S. as well as an understanding of how my experience as a white person is different from experiences of people of color. In this class we will use Wallis' book, as well as other articles, to explore racism and the history of white supremacy, as well as explore ways forward as a nation. This class will be one of several simultaneous offerings on Thursday evenings. I will offer this class again on Sunday's beginning October 8.  Megan Anderson will offer a four-week class on how to be grounded individually through practices of prayer, meditation, diet and exercise on Sunday mornings from September 10 to October 1.

4. Reading suggestions. Starting with this edition of the e-news, we will offer a weekly synopsis of a book. Becoming more informed through reading is important and we want to recommend a variety of books, since we have different interests and needs.  Read this weeks suggestion.

5. Outreach and Advocacy. In addition to our ongoing programs of serving homeless persons at Trinity and children in poverty at Floyd School, we will publicize opportunities to be involved in advocacy in our community. 

The Very Rev. Dr. Brian Baker, Dean
Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento

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Secret Pals...
Ushers Needed...
Box Tops for Education...
Cathedral Bookshop...
The Reading Corner...
Facility Committee Update...
Children, Youth & Families...
Voices of Faith...
Hunger Awareness...
Nancy Harvey Memorial...
Trinity Hiking Group...
This Sunday...
Call for Art...
Floyd School News...
Choirs begin rehearsals...
Bereavement Support...
Whole 30 w/Rev. Megan...
Planned Giving Luncheon...
Christian Men's Conference...
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Floyd School logo
Secret Pals
Secret Pal
We are looking for Secret Pals for the teachers and staff at Leataata Floyd School. Each teacher and staff person fills out an information sheet about them self and the work they do at the school. The Secret Pal (parishioner) is encouraged to send little notes of encouragement, to remember his or her birthday, special holidays, and help with supplies that might be needed.
A sign-up sheet will be available at a table on Sunday or call Mary Hustler  at 916-715-6942 or email  at with any questions.
Thank You for your support of the teachers and staff at Leataata Floyd School.
Ushers Needed
If you would like to help with our Ushering Ministry we have places for Ushers on the
  • Fourth Sunday at 9am 
  • Fifth Sunday at 9am

If you can help the Trinity Ushering Ministry please contact Kevin Donohue at 916-440-7735 orl or Randie Strike at 916-203-7586 or


Thank you for your help.

Box Tops
for Education
Can Help
Please don't throw away your cereal boxes without tearing off the "Box Tops for Education" coupon and bringing it to Trinity Cathedral for Gladys Hustler. You'll be helping a child. Thank you!
Cathedral Bookshop  
  Bookshop Hours
Tue, Wed, Thu:
11:00am - 5:00pm
Sun: 8:30am - 1:00pm
Phone: 916-442-9194 

The Reading Corner...

WallisA Review of...
America's Original Sin: Racism, White Privilege, and the Bridge to a new America
by Jim Wallis

I have found this book to be a very helpful primer so I can better understand the current conversation around race in our country. Ever since the killing of Michael Brown and the protests in Ferguson, MO, I have been growing in awareness of how my experience as a white man is different from the experiences of people of color. I am embarrassed to admit my level of ignorance. I found Wallis' book to be very instructive. 

I first learned of Jim Wallis when I went to Seminary in the late 80's. Jim was well known as an Evangelical Christian who was calling the church to care more about those on the margins of society. He was a firm voice of justice in a faith community that was known more for its emphasis on personal salvation than caring for the marginalized. He has written many books and is a compelling speaker. This is his most recent book and the one he says he has been wanting his whole career to write.

In easy to read, but not always easy to hear, prose, Wallis introduces us to the history of the race and the concepts of whiteness and blackness in the U.S., through our genocide of natives, through slavery, reconstruction, Jim-Crow and post Jim-Crow. He has a great chapter on repentance - and not just as it pertains to race. He talks about whiteness and what it means to be a white person in our culture. He also offers insight into ways in which racism exists in our current social situations with our justice and economic systems. And he offers a way forward that is both challenging and hopeful.  
~~ Reviewed by TVR Brian Baker
Trinity Library Selection

There's always something new in our library, which you can check out on the SECOND and FOURTH Sundays of the month.     ~~Phyllis Ehlert
The Peculiar Life of Sundays by Stephen Miller is a survey of how people in the West have approached the observance of the Sabbath. With virtually all stores open today, it seems anachronistic that people in the past argued in British Parliament about Sabbath observance, that it was a factor in Puritan flight to America. Bizarrely even non-Christians and lapsed Christians have views on the subject. (263 M)


Tuesday Morning Group (TMG)
Meets every Tuesday at 10:00am in the
Conference Room
We have finished our reading of Proverbs and are now tackling Ecclesiates through August 29th Tuesday September 5th will be a day off and on September 12th we will begin our study of Karen Armstrong's Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life.  The Cathedral Bookshop has the book and you are encouraged to read it to enhance our discussions. 
If you have any questions contact Susan Hotchkiss.
Traveling Bible Study and 
 Spirituality Group
Trinity young adults (20s-30s) meet twice a month on Sunday afternoons for lunch, fellowship, and bible study around town.
The group also has community service opportunities and other social gatherings. If you would like to join the email list, email Rev. Megan at
Lunch Bunch...
Thursdays at Noon in the Conference Room
  Bring a lunch, bring a friend, and join in!
 If you have any questions, contact the Rev. Pamela Anderson at
Writing Group... taking the rest of the summer off. 
We will resume meeting on September 14.
For information, contact June Gillam at
or Bruce Roy at
Journey with Jesus
Thursdays, 7-8:30pm, Conference Room
Join us in a reflective Bible Study of next week's Gospel passage.  Contact Jerry Pare' at or 916-930-8032.
Women's Fellowship
2nd Saturdays 10 am 
Coffee and Continental
Contact: Susan at
The Trinity Icon
  Centering Prayer
Tuesday's, 6-7pm,
Thursday's, Noon-1:00pm
Cathedral East Transept
Centering Prayer is a method of meditation that helps quiet the mind and participate in God's presence.
Facility Committee Update
We will provide weekly updates of the various construction and repair activities around the Cathedral.
The Great Hall project is progressing. During the replacement of the sewer line, we discovered a second sewer line which was broken and needed to be replaced. The Committee's goal is to complete the Great Hall work by September 30th.
We have evaluated the condition of stained glass windows in the East Transept, the west facing windows adjacent to the courtyard and the south facing altar window above the organ. The windows on the East Transept are in good condition and are not in need of repair at this time. The windows along the west side of the Cathedral are bowing and are in need of the repair. Finally, the condition of the altar window is the most serious and we have determined that it should be repaired immediately. We had budgeted approximately $30,000 for stained glass window repair which was adequate to repair the windows on the west side of the Cathedral. Given the information we just received about the condition of the altar window, we have decided to proceed with that project before the west facing windows. The cost to repair the altar window will be about $13,000. The work on the altar window will begin on September 5th with removal of the window and installing a temporary window. The removal of the window and installing the temporary window should take three days. The altar window will be repaired at the Sacramento Glass Works facility and reinstalled around the end of October.
Finally, the bare wood panels in the east transept will be repainted by the middle of September.
The Vestry, Facilities Committee and Cathedral staff appreciates your patience as we complete these necessary repairs and construction projects.
We will do our best to keep you informed.
See you on Sunday.
Facilities Committee
Kirk Bone, Senior Warden
News from...

  This Sunday at the 9:00 and 11:15 services, we will have our annual Blessing of the Backpacks. It's our opportunity to recognize our children, youth, young adults, and teachers as they head back to school or college. Whether or not you have a child in school, education in the U.S. affects all of us. The jobless rate for those with only a high school education is about 12% compared to about 3% for those with a college degree. The statistics are even worse for those who drop out of high school; the average income for high school drop outs is about $20,000; a study by Northeastern University noted high school dropout rates can end up costing tax payers over $290,000 per dropout over a life time. Please join us Sunday for our backpack blessing, and join Trinity in supporting the first day of school at Leataata Floyd School on August 31st!
This Sunday our Sunday School classrooms will be open during coffee hour upstairs in the Assembly Area. Please come and see what we will be offering this program year for kids from preschool through 12th grade, which begins on Sunday, September 10th.
Our next First Sunday Family Service is Sunday, September 3rd at 9:00 upstairs in the Assembly Area. Our service will be followed by our simple brunch, and arts and crafts.
Supplies needed: We would love donations of washable markers and glue sticks! While school supplies are on sale; we would much appreciate donations of markers or glue sticks for our Sunday School and Children's Chapel programs! Thank you!

The Rev. Kathy Hopner
Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries
Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento
Voices of Faith
Thursdays at 7:00pm in the Assembly Area

TREE Logo August 24 : Two 15 minute videos showing two of the winners of 2017's Goldman Environmental Prize. One candidate from each of the planet's six continental regions is chosen each year to receive the honors and prize money for grass roots activism on behalf of his/her community. They are recognized for their courage and commitment.
Mark! Lopez
Come and learn about the work of Mark! Lopez in Los Angeles, who worked for lead testing and cleanup of East Los Angeles homes contaminated by a battery smelter that had polluted the community for over three decades.  
Rodrigo Tot
Also featured is the story of Rodrigo Tot from Guatemala, who fought for land titles for the Q'eqchi people and kept a nickel mine from expanding into the community.
August 31: Water engineer Ethan Casaday will talk and show slides about his work in Guatemala on water projects.
There will be time for a Q and A and maybe handouts on the project, with information about how people can support it.  He's also helped build a school there in addition to helping develop a water system.

Follow this link for the full schedule through August 31.


Hunger Awareness in America Exhibit

Friday, August 25 through Wednesday, August 30

at Congregation B'nai Israel

3600 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento 95818


Join us and embark on a 45 minute experience that will challenge your beliefs about who in America struggles with hunger and why. 


Reserve your free tickets by following this link.


For a printable poster with more information follow this link.

Nancy Harvey
Memorial Service
Saturday, August 26 at 1:00pm

Trinity will have a memorial service for Nancy Harvey, mother of Eileen Harvey-Qualset, this Saturday at 1:00pm. May her soul and the souls of all the departed rest in peace.
Hiking Trinity Hiking Group
Saturday, August 26

We will hike the UC Davis Arboretum  this Saturday.  A 3.5 mile loop in the shade.
Meet at Trinity at 8am to carpool over to Davis. Please contact Amy Dierlam at 601-1699 if interested in joining us by Friday.

This Sunday - August 27

Music for this Sunday

Our guest organist is Barry Moenter.

9:00 am - The Summer Celebration Choir sings " Will you come and follow me?" by John L. Hooker. 

11:15 am - The Summer Cathedral Choir sings "You are the Christ, O Lord" by Richard W. Dirksen.
Barry Moenter plays music by Dieterich Buxtehude.
Newcomers' Group
Meets at 10:15 in Room F.
A group will discuss Resources for Next Steps.

Contact is Randie Strike: ;  916-446-2513
Sunday Morning
Summer Meditation Experience

Join us in the Conference Room from 10:30-11:00 am in the Conference Room

Whether you have never meditated before, or whether you meditate all the time, these gathering are for you! Rev. Megan will guide the group in a different practice each session. There will be time for discussion and questions after each practice. If you have questions please contact Rev. Megan:
Workers Needed!     Leaders Needed!
Our beloved Potluck Dinner Church is not big enough to serve the needs of the community that we see growing and changing around us. So we are going for a total make-over! This is big. This is Bishop Curry Big, and yet, be not daunted, it is small too.
We are inviting the congregation to form small dinner groups for fellowship and support. If you are interested in being a part of small group meal and fellowship groups that meet monthly, please fill out this survey  so that we can create groups according to your preferences and interests. If you are having trouble with the electronic form, feel free to stop by the front office and fill out a hard copy. We hope that these groups will create space to get to know one another, have fun, try spiritual practices together, and be open and inviting to friends and neighbors who might be curious about faith and church life. If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Megan at
Interested parties please join us in a luncheon to be held in the "Upper Room" assembly area on Sunday August 27 at 12:30pm.
With high hopes,
The Potluck Dinner Church Team

Next Week and Beyond... 

Call for Art: Trinity Episcopal Church National Juried Exhibition Presented in Conjunction with Beatnik Studios

It is the mission of the Trinity Cathedral Christian Art Festival to encourage artists to create visual art providing a unique prospective on the Christian view and experience in contemporary life. The art is intended to allow personal expression and promote dialog.

PRIZES: Total Cash Awards - $5,200: First place - $2,500; Second place - $1,200; Three Honorable Mentions - $500/each

EXHIBITION DATES:    Oct. 3 - Oct. 26, 2017

ENTRY DEADLINE (online submission only):  Monday, August 28, 2017 11:59 pm MST (Note deadline change)
Theme: Light Out of Darkness

Submit at


Follow this link for much more information on eligibility, restrictions, entry fees and much more...

Floyd School logo
  Welcome the Students Back to School 
August 31 at 8:00am

We will make a tunnel like the sports teams with pompoms, pennants and music to welcome them back.

Come show them how important learning is to us.
Canon Nancy Tennyson

Trinity Cathedral Choirs begin rehearsals 


The Cathedral Choir and Celebration Choir begin rehearsals for the Fall season next week! The Cathedral Choir's first rehearsal is next Wednesday evening ( September 30th), and the Celebration Choir begins on Thursday evening (September 31st).

The Cathedral Choir is our world-class traditional choir. We rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, and sing for the 11:15 Sunday Eucharist, plus monthly choral evensong and other services as scheduled. A simple audition and interview is required of new Cathedral Choir members.

The Celebration Choir rehearses on Thursday evenings from 7:15 to 8:45 pm, and sings for the 9:00 am Sunday Eucharist, and other services as scheduled. It is our non-traditional choir, and is open to anyone without an audition. 

Have you thought about participating in one of our fine choirs?? Our new season is a great time to get involved! You are warmly invited to contact David Link, Canon for Music for further information: or (916) 446-2513, ext 224. Please join us!
Bereavement Support at
Trinity Cathedral
Are you grieving the death of a loved one?
A new Bereavement Support Group will begin September 7 through November 16.  The group will meet Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm, and will be co-led by Rhonda Canby, Elizabeth Kenealey, and Anne Arthur.
If interested please contact Rev. Anne Arthur by email at, or by phone at 916-718-7925. Group size is limited.
A Deep Dive into the Spiritual Practice of Nutrition, Nourishment, and Food Justice with Rev. Megan
An Invitation to a
Community Whole30 Program:
September 11th - October 10th
Some of my core spiritual practices are tied to concrete daily wellness practices. I am specifically passionate about how nutrition can be both physical and spiritual nourishment. In a world where it is all too convenient to grab a delicious packaged treat full of mystery ingredients from a producer we will never meet, I believe our bodies and souls long to get back to the root of things. Our bodies yearn to get back to whole nourishing foods, and our hearts call us back to the roots of community and connection with the people who produce the food.
While I have always been passionate about nutrition, a huge turning point in my physical and spiritual relationship with food and nutrition came when I did my first round of the Whole30 Program. For more extensive details you can visit: Basically the Whole30 program is a 30 day challenge focused on eating whole nutritious foods, while cutting out a lot of the foods that may not be making us feel our best... Read more 
Planned Giving
The Dean, the Planned Giving Team, and the Vestry invite you to join us for a garden party luncheon on Saturday, September 16, 2017, 1:00pm at the home of Candace and Doss Miller in El Dorado Hills. Our gathering is to honor and thank individuals who have included Trinity Cathedral in their estate planning and charitable giving.
Please RSVP ASAP to:, or,
Candace Miller 415.305.4349
6101 Penela Way
El Dorado Hills, CA. 95762
Trinity Men's Group invitation to attend the
Christian Men's Conference
A Christian Men's Conference will be held Saturday, September 16 at St. Augustine Episcopal Church, 1800 Wildcat Blvd., Rocklin 95765. The conference starts at 8:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm.
This event, sponsored by the Brotherhood of St. Andrew and the Northern California Episcopal Diocese, is a one-day retreat, and will include guest speakers addressing topics such as Discipleship, Cursillo and Kairos prison ministries, and human trafficking. The Very Rev. Dr. Brian Baker will be the guest luncheon speaker.
Registration is $15 per person, and includes continental breakfast and lunch.
Carpools from the Cathedral are available. If you wish to join Trinity Men's Group members after the event for dinner, please let Per or Mark know.
Per Ostlund at (916) 202-8993, or
Mark Lacher at or (916) 223-2627

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