August 27, 2020 | Issue #56
Facing Down the Path of Least Resistance

Often the “path of least resistance” (PLR) governs our behavior. Unfortunately, this may be true of decision-makers during times of crisis. The most remarkable example is the President’s delay to invoke the “Defense Production Act.” As late as April, the President had not invoked.

The delay in invoking the act was costly. But what will we face tomorrow as uncertainty and our crisis continues? Continue reading.
Did You Know?

This year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government passed legislation called the CARES Act. Among the many aspects of this act is a provision that states if you itemize your deductions, you now can claim cash contributions up to 100 percent of your adjusted gross income on your 2020 returns; this is up from 60 percent. And if you don't itemize, you can take up to a $300 deduction for cash gifts to nonprofit organizations like The Arc of Massachusetts. Please consider making a gift today.
The Arc and the Disability Law Center are working with the Chairs of Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities as well as EOHHS to object to the delay in the implementation of the abuse registry. Meetings are currently happening but we ask that you reach out directly to Governor Baker using this template. Ask him not to delay implementation of this law.
Registered voters who cannot effectively, privately, and independently complete a paper vote by mail ballot as a result of a vision disability, dexterity disability, or other disability that prevents you from effectively reading or writing print. You are entitled to receive access to an accessible electronic vote by mail ballot as an accommodation from the Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Since March, The Arc has been providing a series of weekly webinars with the latest information and supports related to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. These webinars will continue starting September 8, after a one week break. In the meantime, you can review this last week's webinars by clicking the icons below.
Over the last two years, the Disability Law Center (DLC) has been working to improve community integration access for individuals attending Day Habilitation Centers across Massachusetts. Join Hillary Dunn-Stanisz and Rick Glassman to learn more about this important project.
Learn from a group of self-advocates and their families on how they transformed their traditional day services into individualized support. Presenters will provide discussion of the before and after, how they decided the right supports, and funding sources utilized. Register for this presentation here.
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