August 27, 2021
Dear Friends and Members of Lifepath,

We, the elders of Lifepath, met this past Wednesday evening to discuss the rising levels of Covid in our community and whether or not we should return to some of the protocols from earlier in the year. As we have said, we are not following the politicians of either party, but rather to the medical community. After prayer and lengthy discussion, we have chosen a middle way, reimposing some, but not all previous protocols. They are as follows:

·      Masks continue to be optional, but strongly recommended. Leaders in the church (elders, deacons, staff, Sunday School teachers, childcare workers) are required to wear masks, in order to lead by example. 
·      We will continue to have a section in the sanctuary reserved for those wearing masks.
·      Seating within the sanctuary will be adjusted to encourage social distancing.
·      As singing is a super-spreader, we will discontinue the musical portion of worship.
·      We will clean surfaces after the first service.
·      We will continue to have the education hour in between services. Classes may meet.
·      Times of services remain the same.
·      The café will continue to be open.
·      All of these procedures will be reevaluated at the elders’ October 6 meeting.

As we have chosen a middle path, we understand that few people will be completely satisfied.  We encourage the congregation to remember the motto of our church: “The only thing that matters is faith made real through love.” (Galatians 5: 6) 

We ask you to join us in praying for our church, our community, our nation, and our world as we struggle to navigate these difficult times. We pray that you will join us on Sunday, whether in person, or via the livestream, so that we can show the world that the followers of Jesus are different – because we love each other.

The elders of Lifepath Church,

John Busch, Finance
Gillian Main, Fellowship
Vickie Domaschk, Hospitality
David Clarke, Hospitality
Bob Woodward, Facilities
Rick Garcia, Worship
Isabella Garcia, Children & Family
Brenda Herrera, Fellowship
Oscar Gutierrez, Property
Roland Arriaga, Youth
Diane Higginbotham, Missions
Elliott Scott, Pastor and Moderator of the Board

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