The MCS Board and MCS Staff welcome our returning school families back for another year. We are excited that 43 new families and 57 new students will be joining our MCS family! We are looking forward to a great year! The staff has worked diligently over the summer preparing their classrooms and lessons with your students in mind. 

Wednesday, September 9 marks the 64th year that Monroe Christian School has opened its doors for a new school year! Each new school year is fresh with possibilities for our students to learn and grow, for our teachers to hone their craft, and for parents to support their children as they grow and journey into the next phase of childhood. We are all privileged to work for our students, for our parents, and for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  
It will be fun to see all the excitement as younger students will be showing off their new backpacks and their new shoes while older students compare how tall they have grown. Let us all remember what these first days look like as the days get cooler and rainier, when the homework seems overwhelming, and the emotions plateau or dip. Today is ripe with optimism, potential, and despite a few butterflies; joy! Wishing everyone a blessed school year abundant with promise. 

Sept. 1 - Meet the Teacher (10am - 1pm)
Sept. 7 - Labor Day
Sept. 9 - First Day of School (Pre-K to 8th Grade)
Sept. 10 - First Day of School (Preschool)
Sept. 17 - Parent Orientation/Curriculum Night (7pm)

See our Reopening Plan
Please use the following link to download or print a copy of the 2020-2021 tentative school calendar.

Please note small changes.

Please let your family, friends and co-workers know that open enrollment continues with limited space. We are accepting registration forms through the mail, via email (digitally scanned copies) or fax, otherwise we are in the office Monday to Friday from 9am and 3pm.

Tuition paid in-full will receive a 3% discount. Don't forget about our Family Referral Offer program.

One of the best resources for helping to fill our school with students is YOU. YOU can spread the word about what makes MCS such an outstanding choice! We are continually offering the Family Referral Program! Take advantage of this opportunity to receive a tuition credit for each new family you bring to Monroe Christian School!

Referring families will receive a $500 tuition credit (2020-2021 school year) for K-8th grade students or a $250 tuition credit for Preschool and Pre-K referrals. New families that have been referred will receive free registration for the upcoming school year.

Please be reminded that for the 2020-2021 school year, Monroe Christian School will be using a new school management system MySchoolWorx (MSW). This system will provide parents with online access to your student's teachers, grades, assignments, classroom activities, school-wide events and more.

For more details, please check this link https://conta.cc/2XBtf19

September 1 is when you will meet your students' teachers. We are asking that when you arrive that day to use each classroom’s outside door. When you arrive you will be directed to your students classrooms.

This will allow us to limit traffic in the main hallway and keep our cohorts separate. Your student will be able to: meet their teacher, drop off their supplies, and pick up 2 additional cloth mask supplied by the City of Monroe. 

The entire school will be disinfected following our open house. Our classroom sizes are small, but we will limit the number of people in a classroom if too many arrive at the same time.

We are also asking that if you or your student is not feeling well that day, call and we will reschedule a time for you to see the classroom once you are feeling well. 

Hello! My name is Courtney Haggerty. I have 7 years of full time teaching experience. I have taught primary and intermediate grades and have been working with children for the last twelve years. I grew up in Monroe and did all my education here as well. After graduation I attended the University of Washington where I received my bachelors degree and my teaching certificate. I have worked in person and online over the last several years. I love seeing the growth of the young spirit
Some of my passions include, spending time with my own two children, cooking and continually learning new things. My children and I love to get out and hike around our beautiful forests and rivers. We have really gotten into camping this season to get out and enjoy what God created. My family and I are active on the worship team and children’s program at our local church. We love the opportunity to show God’s love through singing and discipling.
I look forward to working with you this year and growing alongside you!

Mrs. Haggerty will be teaching our second Kindergarten class.
MCS BOARD FOR 2020-2021

President Janet Gjerde
Vice President/Safety Ben Werkhoven
Secretary/Promotions & Curriculum: Cheryl Jansen
Treasurer/Safety: Ji Park
Board Member/Building & Grounds Craig Cox
Board Member/T.A.P.P. & Promotions Christy Dunn
Board Member/Building & Grounds Joe Dunn
Board Member/T.A.P.P. Kathlyn Hughes
Board Member/Building & Grounds Brian Zinser (new)
Administrator Elaine Obbink

There are plenty of opportunities for MCS families to volunteer this year. You can sign up any time in the office or by sending an email to secretary@monroechristian.org. We need people for the following committee:
Building & Grounds
Knight's Challenge (set-up and clean-up)
Watch D.O.G.S.

and Extended/After Care (E-Care) Mondays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm

Are you interested in joining the Monroe Christian School Team, specifically the front office for this school year? If so, here is your chance. We are looking for a new Operations and Promotions Director. We need someone with friendly demeanor, warmth personality, welcoming and more...

For more information, please send an email to elaine.obbink@monroechristian.org with your resume.
Our scripture theme for this year is based on Hebrews 11:1-3
"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible."
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