August 29-September 4, 2021
Sunday Altar Flowers are Provided by
Howard & Sue Cowan
in Celebration of Their
55th Wedding Anniversary!

The Women's Ministry
Is Offering Two Opportunities to Study
"ELIJAH" by Priscilla Shirer
-Wednesday Evenings at 6:30pm, Room 210
-Wednesday Mornings Beginning Sept. 22
Student Center
Books Available in the Church Office, $15
Please check out the board in the Commons to see if you could be the very person that the Children's Ministry needs! Take a card, fill it out, and place it in the bucket!
~Children's Ministry Leadership will contact you soon!~
Wednesday Night Fellowship Supper
September 1, 5:30 p.m.
Family Life Center
Make Reservations by Monday!
$5 Per Person
Include payment in a TAN envelope
available at the Welcome Center
and place it in the box in the Commons.
Menu, September 1:
Chicken Strips

6:30 p.m.

Parenting Breakthroughs
Taught by Sammy Elliott, Room 215

The Book of Daniel
Taught by Nick Watts, Worship Center

"Elijah" by Priscilla Shirer
Led By Lanae Strange, Room 210

Grief Share (6pm)
Led by Tom & Diane Heath, Room 209

Strength to Love
Meets the First Wed. of Every Month
Room 109

Activities for Children:
Downstairs on Main Street

Preschool Area

Students, Grades 7-12
Student Center
Paid Positions for Adult, College & Teen Workers
~Parent's Night Out~
We would like to provide a Friday Evening each month so that our parents can have a "Date Night" or a time to fellowship with others. In order to do this we need workers willing to come "hang out" with our kids! (Babies - 6th Grade) If you are interested in loving on our kids, and allowing our parents to refresh and recharge, please see Janyth Brannon. (Background checks and some training are required.)
Prayer for the Nations - Monday, August 30, 2pm, Room 109 (Enter at Door 3)
Sonshiner Choir - Tuesday, August 31, 1:30pm, Worship Center
Game Day - Thursday, Sept. 2, 9am, Student Center
BIRTHDAY BREAKFAST - Wednesday, September 1, 8:30 a.m.
Red Zone Cafe. Celebrate those who have September Birthdays!

Thank you to those who provide our beautiful
Sunday Altar Flowers! If you would like to provide flowers in celebration of a special occasion or in memory of a loved one, sign up on the Flower Calendar in the Church Office! There are a few Sundays available. Cost: $70

Men's Bible Study
Every Thursday Morning
6am, Room 108
Enter at Door #3
Led by Chris Slayton

Visit our giving page to enroll in online giving, or click on the picture to give right away. Place checks or envelopes in the container by the Commons clock, or in the black drop boxes located near the Church Office or Door #3.

Your faithful generosity is a blessing!

Happy Birthday!

Mike Smith 8-29
Mike Beberniss 8-29
Kameryn Slayton 8-29
Harry Bruton 8-30
Rex Thomas 8-30
Tom Ogden 8-30
Michael Dain 8-31
Honey Segrist 8-31
Jimmy Curtis 9-01
Gary Styles 9-02
Carlos Howell 9-02
Dorothy Hargrove 9-03
Glenna Applewhite 9-03
Melanie Ridley 9-03
Blaize Whitaker 9-03
Ewart Phillips 9-04
M'Lee McDonald 9-04
Roy Strange 9-04
Financial Information
Weekly Receipts - August 22
Budget: $20,966.24
Building: $4,274.00

Totals YTD Budget: $618,766.83
Totals YTD Building: $127,250.38

Balance on Loan as of 8-22-21

Thank You for Your Generosity!
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