Weekend Lineup
WESTFEST! County Fair + Plenty o' Picnics

Dance the Million $ Polka at Westfest this weekend. The festival is abuzz with the excitement of reaching the $1 million dollar mark in giving back to the community. Think of it: you could be the one to buy the kolache or the pivo or the souvenir that will turn the money meter to a one followed by six zeroes. SqueezeBox featuring Mollie B and Ted Lange will headline the polka music, along with fest fave Brave Combo. Read more about how this fest started in 1976 has been supporting the West community. 

Several music genres will be featured at Fayette County Fair in La Grange from conjunto to polka to country. And Sunday of Labor Day weekend has got to hold the record for most church picnics. Check out the banner ads above and plan your strategy to see how many you can make!

Also this weekend - Friday: Driftwood in the air-conditioned comfort of SPJST Lodge 88. Saturday: Tim and Alicia Kulhanek (Lost Cause) will take the stage at Mullins Prairie Store in La Grange...Charles & Fab 4 play public dance for the Sealy Dance Club.

Y'all stay cool & Polka On!


Coming in September: TPN celebrates 30 years of publishing with a special anniversary issue. Read about the 30th birthday bash and enjoy all the photos. Former editor John Rivard pays tribute to TPN founder Julius Tupa, and a reader survey reveals the Top 30 polkas, waltzes, and bands. Gary E. McKee reports on huge polka fests of the past. Justin Everett reviews a CD by the Holub Polka Band, and profiles DJ David Kolar. Other news: we remember polka musician Ed Kadlacek...find out more about the Lockhart Fest featuring Western Swing and BBQ...there are two polka cruises you can sign up for, one out of Galveston and the other out of Miami...Texas Folklife is searching for musicians in its Apprenticeship Program. Of course, we have your listing of dances, festivals, live music events, and church picnics.

Photo Gallery 
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Ellinger Church Picnic
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Boogie Back to Bastrop
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New Taiton Sunday
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Cistern Church Picnic
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Polka Trending

Fifth annual Polka Sunday

Prost! It's time for Erie's 22nd German Heritage Fest

Cambria City fest serves up 3 days of ethnic food, music

Soybeans and polka

Beyond Polka: Championing the accordion at Mahler Music

Columbus Oktoberfest: Beer, bratwurst and polka on tap at fairgrounds


Watch the videos by George Weber of the Schulenburg Festival  parade...Louisiana Folk Festival...Mark Halata & Texavia and The Moravians at the Moravian Parish Picnic

Watch the videos by Walt Harfmann of great polka music on his European tour
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His wise father replied, "Because they taste better if  you scare the crap out of them first!"

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