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Welcome to EAA!!
The lower elementary teachers welcome students coming back to school.
Our young learners need a hug and a little reassurance the first day back.
Pictures of the
"Opening Day Ceremony
and first days of school"
What do students in AP Environmental Science class learn?
The Tragedy of the Commons!

Students fish public and private ponds in order to make the most money they can for their business. What is at stake? The health of the ecosystem and the survival of species. You must make enough money to survive, but at what cost?

APES students discover the benefits of working together and conserving resources so everyone can succeed! 
Do you know how to keep flowers fresh?
Biology class is testing favorites! Is is a penny? Soda? Vinegar? Does it matter the angle you cut the stem? How about just plain old water? Stay tuned . . .
Attendance Policy Change
Regular attendance and punctuality to all classes is a critical factor in achieving educational success at Escondido Adventist Academy. Our society is highly time-dependent and students must be trained to function in it. Students who are absent from classes miss a variety of significant learning experiences and may suffer a proportionate decline in academic achievement.

Pre-Arranged Absence Forms are used to let EAA know when there is a planned absence. There are four reasons listed on the form that are automatically considered Excused Absences (AE):

·         Illness of the student
·         Death in the immediate family
·         Unavoidable medical or dental appointment
·         Mandatory court appearance

Attendance for the reasons listed above will show up as AE in RenWeb and the teachers recognize this as an excused absence.  Students will be able to make arrangements with their teachers to make up homework and tests. For example: A student misses three days due to illness they would be given three days to make up those assignments.
Excused absences will no longer be assigned for other than the four reasons listed above. Instead, a code of AR (Absence Recorded) will be assigned to all other absences. This lets the teachers know that EAA has been notified that a student will be absent. The teacher then has the necessary information and the prerogative to work with the student by providing time to complete the work missed as deemed appropriate.    
AR will be factored into the attendance grades just like AU (Absence Unexcused) and TU (Tardy Unexcused).

EAA feels that regular attendance is an important part of education and training for life.  
Labor Day - NO SCHOOL
September 3, 2018

EAA music department participates in Escondido worship service
September 8, 2018
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