Homeless Court Back on Campus in July
Returning to in-person after more than two years of virtual meetings
The Maricopa County Regional Homeless Court was established to resolve outstanding misdemeanor warrants for individuals demonstrating a significant commitment to ending their homelessness. People who owe fines for victimless crimes such as “camping” can use their time in transitional programs to complete community service hours in exchange for having their fines waived. Very often it is this burden that can keep an individual homeless. After their fines have been waived they can start fresh on their path to self-sufficiency.
While the pandemic prevented Homeless Court from being in-person at the Human Services Campus, clients continued to utilize this service remotely at a very reduced capacity as the Courts were not able to handle the same number of cases. Now they can participate on Campus, where Homeless Court resumed in the Lodestar Day Resource Center in July.
Like many social service agencies that advocate with clients through the Homeless Court process, HSC has an advocate that works with people accessing services on the Human Services Campus to walk alongside them. With the Court being in person for July, our HSC Advocate had 11 clients on the docket compared to zero for the previous six months!
Clients are incredibly grateful for this service. And the HSC is grateful for our partnership with Maricopa County in this effort that transforms lives.
Thank You Gurion Legal and Hutzler Law
For the second year in a row Gurion Legal and Hutzler Law thought of the Human Services Campus when looking to make an impact in their community this summer. They took time to tour the Campus and inquire about our current needs. Then they donated 250 electrolyte packets, as well as funds to purchase six pallets of bottled water, allowing us to provide extra hydration to our clients in this humid heat. Thank you, Gurion Legal and Hutzler Law!

Please join us this Saturday, August 6th to make your impact in our community! Every first Saturday of the month through September, we host a public drop-off for donations of bottled water and hygiene / heat relief essentials at 1300 West Harrison Street. See more drop-off information below.
Join Us This Saturday, August 6th!
9 am to Noon
ThirstAID Donation Drop-off
With continued hot temperatures and high humidity this weekend, we need your support more than ever to supply our clients with water. In collaboration with 15 Campus partners, we need at least 100,000 bottles of water per month during the summer heat to help clients stay hydrated and healthy.

Once a month we provide the chance for people to drop off donations in a simple process. You pull up at 13th Avenue & Harrison St., and our staff will remove the donations from your vehicle. We also welcome summer clothing, shoes, new men's/women's underwear, and items for heat relief kitsFor more information or to schedule a drop-off on a different day, please email volunteer@hsc-az.org or call us at 602-282-0849. Thank you!
The McQuaid Mission
on the
The McQuaid Mission is Relaunching in September!
HSC is partnering with STN TV to release new episodes of McQuaid Mission starting in September. We will provide more information on the relaunch as we get closer to the date. Get ready for some exciting new shows!

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