August 7, 2022

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time



 Are You Talking to Me?

In today's Gospel Jesus talks about being prepared, using the parable of the servants waiting for their master's return from a wedding. Parables usually have a surprise twist and this one is no exception. Jesus pictures the master coming back at a late hour and finding the servants ready for him. The master is so pleased that he begins to wait on the servants--he serves them a meal. (I can almost hear the disciples saying, "No way!")

Peter is a man who is not afraid to speak up or ask a question. That may be one of the reasons Jesus made him the head of the apostles. Perhaps Peter was thinking, "Surely we will be prepared when Jesus comes again. He must be talking about the rest of the people." When he asks Jesus whom the parable is meant for, Jesus ignores him! At least it seems that way at first. Jesus expands on the theme of readiness by describing the servant who took advantage of the master's absence-- he will be punished severely. To answer Peter's question, Jesus warns that the servant who knew his duties would be punished more than one who was ignorant of those expectations. Peter and the disciples should have seen themselves as the servants who knew what was expected.

That warning is one for us to hear also. We may look down on non-Christians or wonder if they will get to heaven. But the Lord doesn't expect as much from those who don't know God. Instead of judging them, we would be better off looking at ourselves. Am I serious about my faith, serious enough to show it in my actions? Has my good example ever brought a non-believer to the Church? If I can see Jesus in someone who doesn't know the Lord, the respect I show that person could draw them to believe.

There are examples of this even in your own parish. If you have been in the parish for many years, you could be expected to notice a newcomer more readily. How do you welcome them? Do you get so comfortable with your friends that you don't think about reaching out to a visitor? I think Jesus would expect those of us who feel at home in our church to make an effort to bring new members into our circle. "So how much does Jesus expect of me?" The answer could be in how well you know Jesus.

Tom Schmidt, Copyright (c) J. S. Paluch Co.

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In order to provide the children with this opportunity, we will need adult catechists who will lead the children out of the church before the Liturgy of the Word to read the Mass readings in a simpler form and help the children reflect and talk about what the readings mean for their lives. The children return to the church during the collection so everyone can participate in the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

There will be an orientation and training for CLOW catechists on Sunday, August 14 at 2pm in the Community Building. Volunteer commitments are on a scheduled rotational basis.This is also open to youth volunteers who are in the 7th grade and up. We will sign off on any leadership points needed.

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High school students who seek leadership points and actively practice their faith, we encourage and invite you to pass down the faith to those younger than you by becoming catechist aides.


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Family Summer Activity

Watch a Movie Together

Looking for one last family activity before the kids return to school? Take a break from the outdoors and snuggle together on the family sofa with a large bowl of popcorn and watch a family movie together. Here are a few family movies recommended by Strong Catholic Family Faith, an online media source created to form faith-filled Catholic families:

Raya and the Last Dragon The great thing about this Disney movie is that, besides being a beautiful film, there are some powerful themes that can be a lesson for everyone who views it. The theme of forgiveness and how forgiving others does not come easily is presented very well here. Parents and kids can use the film to discuss the multitude of ways that applies in real life.


Flora and Ulysses Some of you may remember the cartoon series Rocky the Flying Squirrel. This movie may bring back memories. It is about a young girl who befriends a squirrel with superpowers that helps her deal with her struggles in life especially the breakup of her family. This might sound heavy, but it is light fare for kids of any age.


Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs This is a delightful movie for the whole family, but especially for the little ones. It is a retelling of the Snow White story with some plot twists. The message is very positive; what counts is what is on the inside of people not how they look. It is a Pixar style animated movie.


Movies to watch with your middle school and high school children:


The Adam Project If you have Netflix, you may want to watch this very exciting movie with your middle school or older kids. It’s about relationships between parents and kids and how we don’t always do and say what we really want to. Kids can be harder on their parents than they mean to be, and it can come back to haunt them.


Just Mercy We like to think that racism is a thing of the past and that inmates in prison are there for the right reasons. This movie, based on a real case in Alabama highlights the fact that the justice system isn’t always just. Johnny D as he is called has been given the death penalty for something he did not do. Enter lawyer Bryan Stevenson who fights for Johnny’s rights. This movie is NOT definitely for young children, but high school aged youth could gain a great deal from it.


Fatima The retelling of the Fatima story by a secular production company is a rarity today. The Catholic Church has been more accustomed to being criticized or even demonized these days. The movie is well done. However, the theology is sometimes questionable, but with a bit of discussion parents can help their children understand the times and the miraculous events. The movie is NOT for young children (under 12) because of its violent depiction of war.


The Social Dilemma This documentary on the dangers of social media is a must see for all parents and teens. Anyone who is worried about the influence that social media is having on young people and young teens especially should watch this film and take it to heart.

Catholic IQ...

A self-assessment for your fun and enlightenment.

1. Using a fish as a symbol of Christ

a) dates from the early days of Christianity

b) was a secret way early Christians showed other believers that they were Christian

c) was used because the Greek word for fish formed an abbreviation of Jesus’ titles

d) all of these

2. The split between Protestants and Catholics in the 1500s is called

a) The Reformation

b) The Western Schism

c) ecumenism

d) none of these

3. Most older churches are built

a) In the shape of a cross

b) in a circular shape

c) in the shape of a triangle

d) with spiral staircases

4. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, and the like, are known as

a) spiritual works of mercy

b) corporal works of mercy

c) marks of the Church

d) Ten Commandments

5. The month we dedicate to the rosary is

a) January

b) March

c) August

d) October


Family Reflection

August 7, 2022, 19th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Wisdom 18:6-9 • Hebrews 11:1-2, 8-19 • Luke 12:32-48

“Do not be afraid any longer, little flock.” —Luke 12:32

Jesus knows that everyone, even adults, are afraid sometimes. He knows that sometimes we have to do things that are scary or aren’t very comfortable and we might worry if we’ll be okay or what other people might say about us. Following Jesus and doing the right thing is sometimes harder and scarier than not doing the right thing. But he also tells us that no matter what, he’ll be with us, so we don’t have to be afraid. Of course, sometimes we can’t stop being scared just because someone tells us to. That’s okay. Jesus never got angry at anyone or made fun of them for being afraid. The Bible tells us that even Jesus was afraid sometimes, so he knows what it’s like. But maybe just remembering that Jesus said we don’t have to be afraid can help us to feel stronger and braver about something hard we have to do. Try it sometimes!

PRAYER: Jesus, take away my fears when I am afraid. Or if you don’t take them away, please help me to be “scave” which is scared and brave at the same time.

FAMILY REFLECTION: What things frighten you? What helps you feel less afraid or to be “scave”?

Children's Sunday Bulletin & Activities

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