Your advocacy makes a difference!

August of Advocacy Week 2 starts now! Show your support for housing vouchers.

Thank you to those of you who sent letters for the first week of August Advocacy. Our region has sent sent nearly 150 letters (view the goal tracker) so far. Your advocacy makes a difference. You are the experts on housing and community development programs, and your legislators want to hear from you.

Let’s step it up for this week’s topic: Expand Access to Housing Vouchers. 

Housing vouchers are one of the most effective tools in the fight against housing instability, homelessness, and overcrowding. The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program currently serves approximately 2.3 million families, giving them the opportunity to rent a home from a private landlord in the neighborhood of their choice. 

But while the program has proven effective, only one in four families who are eligible to receive rental assistance currently receive subsidies. Many families are housing cost burdened due to the lack of affordable housing and available rental assistance.

Why it matters: That’s where you come in! On Week 2 of August Advocacy, we are asking you to send letters to your elected officials urging them to expand the HCV program to allow these millions of families who are eligible for assistance to become economically stable.

As affordable housing providers, you know all too well that housing is the foundation to a happy, successful life. Legislators need to hear from you that vouchers make an impact in your community and should be expanded to more families who need assistance.

Lawmakers need to hear directly from you! To help make sure you and your agency’s voices are heard, here are some resources:  

  • The Action Alert Center – customize and send weekly letters about vital housing and community development programs to your representatives and senators;   
  • The Advocacy Agenda – brief and timely talking points to take to your lawmakers as you make the case for Federal housing programs and local solutions;   
  • The August Advocacy website – learn about this year’s advocacy campaign, track our goals, and access a step-by-step guide to Congressional site visits.

Send your letters and schedule your site visits now – stand up for affordable housing and community development programs. Thank you for your advocacy!

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