August 2018 
Board of Directors Update
Naramata Centre Societ
The Naramata Centre Board of Directors met August 17-19 at the Centre. It was an exciting first meeting since the AGM, as we welcomed new Board members: Greg Best, Rob Black, Bill Booth, Kathy Hamilton and Clare O'Kelly. All of them are long-time Centre attendees; some have ties dating back to their childhood days, some have been program leaders and all are passionately committed to the life of Naramata Centre.

Daniel Ferguson has given notice of his resignation from the Board. We share deep gratitude for his contributions over the past year and wish him well in his next adventures. 

To assimilate new and returning Board members, Pacific Jubilee Spiritual Director Lois Huey-Heck led us in a heart-centred community-building event on Friday evening. Taking turns speaking and responding, we quickly began building relationship as we learned about one another. We thank Lois for this evening of integration, respect for each voice and spirit-filled dialogue!

Summer 2018

As summer draws to a close, we celebrate the positive outcomes related to program enrolment, the numbers of campers and others who stayed on site, and the skilful and accomplished leadership of our staff team and interns.
Managing Director Dennis Hixson reported that the 2018 summer has gone very well, in part due to the tremendous work of Office Administrator Tanya Eckenswiller and Program Manager Charmaine Pearce. With no previous experience at the Centre, each of our three new staff members dove in and learned our culture, while bringing their own knowledge, expertise, new ideas and energy to their roles. We very much appreciate the work ethic and contributions made by Dennis, Tanya and Charmaine this summer!
We also share our continuing gratitude for Jean McLeod and Natalie Maxson. Both were key contributors in supporting our new staff and summer interns with their insight, knowledge and grounded perspective.
As always, our on-site handyman, Mike McLary kept our aging infrastructure operational and we are grateful for his ongoing work at the Centre. Our housekeeping staff Staci Dovbniak and Maria Nemes keep the Centre operating through their hard work all summer and we thank them! Thanks, too, to our bookkeeper, Marianne Lummin who keeps us on track all year round!
Summer Interns
We are also very pleased with and proud of our 2018 summer interns -- Jillian Buckie, Jeff Cork, Spencer Goudswaard, Caitlin McCandless, Alanna McKinlay, John Nemes and Tessa Pettigrew -- who developed leadership skills through their work in child and youth programming, housekeeping, office administration, grounds keeping and maintenance. Their youthful enthusiasm was an essential part of the Naramata Centre summer experience this year. Their interactions with children and youth in programs and community activities were highly valued by parents, our staff and the Board.
Community Hosts
We have been able to build momentum over the past few summers due to the significant contributions of our Community Hosts. This summer's hosts include: Dianne Baker, Lois Huey-Heck, Jim Hatherly, Jane Sanden, Tim and Donna Scorer, Jim and Jean Strathdee, Keri Whelander, Jean McLeod, Chris Giffen, Josh McHan, Gord Oakes, Jim and Donna Simpson. We acknowledge and celebrate your wisdom, leadership, musical talent, pastoral care and deep kindness that you contribute to the community experience.
Campground Hosts
Our Campground Hosts have also filled a very important role in community building since we added this volunteer position to our summer experience. We thank Rob and Judy Hutchinson, John and Daphne Cant, Ross and Jeannie White, and Jan and Steve Coffey-Olson for their excellent care of the campgrounds and the people who stayed in them this year!

Programs and Centre Attendance

We are happy to report that over 1,750 people stayed on site this summer, with attendance topping 200 people in several weeks. We heard over and over that people feel the cherished "Naramata spirit" is alive and well at the Centre. If you attended the Centre this summer, thank you for coming! If you were not able to be here, we hope you can join the fun next year.
There were 626 people enrolled in programs since June, with more registered for fall offerings. Of the 30 programs facilitated this year, 10 were sold out. Office staff and interns are currently collating evaluations to help us design programs for next year.

We are very grateful to all of the program leaders, too numerous to mention, for planning, helping to market, and implementing programs that align with our values. Being in programs builds community and enriches participants experience at the Centre. Thanks to each and every one of our 2018 spring and summer program leaders! Fall programs begin in September - check them out on our website.
Program planning has already begun for 2019, with expectations of an earlier call for program leaders and proposals (watch for this in early September), and program calendars published before Christmas. Registration will open early in the new year.
If you are looking for gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas, watch for the opportunity to give Naramata Centre gift certificates for 2019. More information will follow in the upcoming months.

Treasurer Jim Simpson reports that we are on track and in a slightly better financial position than expected at this point in the year, in part due to higher than expected revenue in the spring.

Other Business
As we reported last year, Naramata Centre will sell some land to reduce the Centre footprint, to create a better alignment between our land, buildings and demand for what we offer, to reduce or eliminate our debt, and to make improvements to the land and buildings we will retain. We are working toward this end and will provide more information as decisions are made.
Caring for the Centre requires a big team. Thank you to all the people who volunteered on site this summer: our Community Hosts, Campground Hosts , Janet McDonald and Ian Fraser who faithfully mow our lawns all summer, our community gardeners, and to all our volunteers who offer their time and talent throughout the entire year!

Overall we are ending summer full of gratitude, hope and possibilities. Listening to the stories of connection, celebrating the circles of gathering people, and witnessing the delighted smiles of people of all ages, fills us with new energy as we lean into the work that awaits the Board this Fall and Winter. 


Jenne Newman
Vice-Chair, Naramata Centre Society

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