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From award-winning cookies to Hoover Corn Bread to Crab Louie to cacio e pepe, authors of our August feature titles offer distinctive book-inspired fare. We look forward to sharing their new books and their book club menus with you throughout the month.

What are you reading and cooking? Please let us know .

Enjoy your summer and be safe!

Judy Gelman
Book-inspired menus and giveaways featured on social media
Book Club Buzz Feature Titles
Authors' insights, book-inspired recipes, menus, and giveaways
Ellen Feldman
(St. Martin's Press)
Historical Fiction
Alternating between wartime Paris and 1950s New York publishing, an extraordinary story of resilience, love, and impossible choices, exploring how survival never comes without a cost.
Ellen Marie Wiseman
Historical Fiction
The story of thirteen-year-old German immigrant Pia Lange, struggling to hold her family together in Philadelphia during the deadly Spanish flu pandemic of 1918.
Kim Powers
Small town Texas. Mid-‘60s. A sensitive little boy loses his mother, and no one will tell him how she died. No one will tell HER either, as she floats in limbo, looking for answers, and learning the Rules for Being Dead
Lynne Hugo

A life-affirming, poignant novel in the spirit of  A Man Called Ove —a story brimming with both wit and warmth about how a family gets on…and goes on.
Book Club Daily Feature Titles
Authors' book-inspired menus, and giveaways
Molly Wizenberg
Nonfiction / Memoir
From a bestselling memoirist, a thoughtful and provocative story of changing identity, complex sexuality, and enduring family relationships.
Fiona Davis
A series of book thefts roils the iconic New York Public Library, leaving two generations of strong-willed women to pick up the pieces.
Liza Nash Taylor
Historical Fiction
A sweeping Jazz Age tale of regret, ambition, and redemption inspired by true events, including the Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935 and Josephine Baker's 1925 Paris debut in Le Revue Nègre.
Evelyn Lozada with Holly Lorincz
(St. Martin's Griffin)
In this lightly Pride and Prejudice-inspired romantic comedy, two unlikely people discover the error of judging by first impressions and the beauty of family, friendship and love.
August Kids' Reads:
Nacho's Nachos:The Story Behind the World's Favorite Snack
Look for Kids' Reads on August 11, featuring Sandra Nickel and Oliver Dominguez's Nacho's Nachos, the delicious true story about how nachos were invented—about what happened when a regular customer asked Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya for something new, and there were no chefs in the kitchen

Reading for Change
Meet book clubs that focus on equity, racism, and inclusivity
Dr. Vicki Wacksman, Dr. Paul Roberts, and Janet Olshewsky celebrate the anniversary of the Manasota Interracial Book Club's founding and completion of the group's first reading list in 2019.
The Chronicles of the Crust Book Club meet in Washington, DC.
Three book clubs across the United States whose readings focus on themes of equity, racism, and inclusion share their goals, outcomes, and most provocative reading selections. 

Manasota Interracial Book Club  

The Manasota Interracial Book Club (MIBC) of Florida was founded, "to provide residents of Florida’s Sarasota and Manatee Counties the opportunity to define racism in America by studying its root causes, to enhance their articulation and capacity for social policy analysis, faithful reflections, and public actions on moral issues impacting our society, and to enhance interpersonal interactions between races,” according to co-founder Janet Kastner Olshewsky. Together with M. Vicki Wacksman, Olshewsky founded the group in 2018 at Sarasota’s First Presbyterian Church where the two serve as church elders.

Sixty members take part in MIBC'S four racially balanced discussion groups.

The Best Doggone Book Club
W. Bruce Cameron's tips for a delicious, dogs-invited
book club meeting
W. Bruce Cameron recommends a book club gathering with pups to discuss his novel A Dog’s Promise , in our recent Costco Connection book club article. " Nothing could be more fun, and safer than an outdoor book club meeting with dogs—a f un way to celebrate summer and  A Dog’s Promise ," he told us.

A fan of desserts, Cameron thinks no book club meeting is complete without one. He shares his (humans-only) recipe for a book-inspired "Bailey, Bailey, Bailey Milkshake"— , along with his favorite book club treats for pups.

A Dog’s Promise continues the story of Bailey, the dog whose journey started in the novel and film versions of A Dog’s Purpose and continued in A Dog’s Journey. Reincarnated as multiple canines over the course of several lives, Bailey continues to bring joy and comfort as he helps a family rebuild itself after a traumatic event.

Soom Pantry Sampler Giveaway!
Premium Tahini, Chocolate Sweet Tahini, and Silan Date Syrup
Soom Food's nutritious, delicious, and versatile Premium Tahini, Chocolate Sweet Tahini, and Silan Date Syrup are some of our favorite ingredients for dips, dressings, desserts, and more. All are d airy free, gluten-free, vegan and Kosher. You can enter to win a Soom Pantry Sampler, and we'll share recipe ideas on social media throughout August.

Silky-smooth Sesame Tahini is made from 100% roasted Ethiopian White Humera sesame seeds. Chocolate Sweet Tahini is a semi-sweet chocolate spread with a hint of nuttiness from seeds. Silan Date Syrup , a natural sweetener, is milder in sweetness yet deeper in flavor than honey or maple syrup, and loaded with vitamins and minerals.
Double Chocolate Tahini Banana Muffins with Soom's Chocolate Sweet Tahini
Soom's Beet Tahini Dip
GalleyMatch Book Clubs Suggest
Book clubs share discussion and menu highlights of titles previewed through our GalleyMatch p rogram. Click images below for their reviews. See all GalleyMatch book club recommendations here .
Ellen Marie Wiseman
Sensational Seven of Appleton, Wisconsin
Susie Orman Schnall
CLAMS of Corte Madera, California
Molly Wizenberg
Flagstaff Ladies Book Club
of Flagstaff, Arizona
Girls Clubhouse Book Club
of Auburn, California
2020 Book Blends Titles
Announcing the New Blends!
Thanks to all who suggested creative titles and voted to choose the new Book Blends, our punny spices inspired by literature! The new Blends will be in stock on Monday, August 3.

Quantities are limited! Order early to reserve your Book, Song, and TV Blends even if you would like them shipped at a later date.

Looking for gifts for children's, classic, or contemporary literature lovers? Soul or classic rock, Schitt's Creek, Game of Thrones, or Better Call Saul fans? We're happy to suggest a variety of gift boxes to make them smile and spice up their cooking.

We ship gift boxes directly to your favorite book, television, and/or music lovers!

New Book Blends!

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