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August brings a global tour of book-inspired drinks and dishes!

You'll savor authors' recipes for street snacks from the French Riviera, Jamaican punch, Korean fried dumplings, a roaring '20s cocktail, and a zesty Tex-Mex appetizer. Travel to a lazy August summer supper in 1930s Virginia, an Instagram influencers food photoshoot, and a Czech grandmother's kitchen where she makes palačinky (crepes).

Bloggers are creating novel-themed eats to celebrate The Show Girl and What You Wish For book releases later this month.

Book clubs asked for—and authors Lisa Wingate, Greer Hendricks, and Susan Burton responded with—food pairings for their books. Lisa shared a recipe for a favorite Southern dessert, perfect for a discussion of her novel The Book of Lost Friends.

Enjoy summer book club gatherings, reading, and cooking!

Judy Gelman
Book-inspired menus and giveaways featured on social media
Book Club Buzz Feature Titles
A month of book-inspired recipes, menus, and giveaways
beginning on dates below
Nicola Harrison
(St. Martin's Press)
Historical Fiction
The Show Girl offers a glimpse of the glamorous world of the Ziegfeld Follies, through the eyes of a young midwestern woman who comes to New York City to find her destiny as a Follies star.

Katherine Center
(St. Martin's Press)
A laugh and cry story about embracing who you really are, seeing what it means to be brave, and taking a chance on love—which is the riskiest move of all.

Book Club Daily Feature Titles
Authors' book-inspired menus and giveaways
begin on the dates below for one week
Mike Gayle
(Grand Central)
Jamaican immigrant Hubert rediscovers the world he’d turned his back on in a novel that is “warm, funny, and gives you all the feels” (Good Housekeeping).
Suzanne Park
A young Korean American woman’s journey to finding a new career and new love means learning to embrace the awkward and unexpected—exploring familial expectations, finding her voice, and falling for her childhood rival.
Chanel Guertin

A funny, sexy, and emotional novel that looks at modern relationships, modern choices, and redefining—not to mention rebranding—your dreams, through the eyes of an Instagram influencer.
Liza Nash Taylor

Set against a backdrop of historical events, the story of two women's unlikely success during the Great Depression.
Rachael Cerrotti
Nonfiction/ Memoir
A story about the pursuit of memory and how the retelling of family stories becomes the history itself.
Natasha Lester
Historical Fiction
A lush and engrossing novel of one woman’s quest to keep Nazis from stealing priceless art during World War II.
Novel Noshes: Ask the Author
Authors Share Book-Inspired Fare
Book club members often request food pairing ideas for reading selections, and when possible, we reach out to authors on their behalf.

Have a question for an author about a recipe, book club food pairing, or food reference? Contact us. Also see Novel Noshes, menu ideas from authors and book clubs, and Author Recipes. Here are a few recent queries and responses!
"I’m looking for food that would pair well with Greer MacAllister's Girl in Disguise."
-Beth, Scottsdale, Arizona
From Greer MacAllister:
"Kate Warne doesn't slow down for many meals in the pages of Girl in Disguise, but her favorite dish is pierogi, Polish potato dumplings made by her landlord Mrs. Borowski. And since Kate saved the life of Abraham Lincoln en route to his inauguration, why not something from this festive menu from Lincoln's 1865 inaugural ball? "
"Do you have ideas for a book club menu for Becoming Ms. Burton: From Prison to Recovery to Leading the Fight for Incarcerated Women by
Susan Burton?"
-Michelle, Jacksonville, Florida

From Susan Burton:
"Organic butter lettuce, organic tomatoes and basil, a variety of cheeses, Keebler crackers, Gershen pickles, lemon cake or oatmeal walnut cookies. I picked these because of my love for gardening, organic foods, and because they represent revitalization and healing."
"I’m looking for a summer dessert recipe that would pair well with Lisa Wingate's The Book of Lost Friends."
-Stephanie, St. Michael, Minnesota
From Lisa Wingate:
"Buttermilk Pie! Here's a recipe that's a true time period delight from Hannie's era—Hannie was a freed slave in Louisiana in 1875. It would also be a favorite in the cafe's dessert case in present-day Augustine, Louisiana. It's not a ‘pretty’ pie, but was served as a staple dessert back in the days when basic farm ingredients like buttermilk and eggs were common fare, and cooks needed to use them up before they spoiled. I've had so much fun over the years taking this pie to potluck gatherings. Older folks recognize it and often say, 'Haven't had that in years!' Such treasures as the humble buttermilk pie should never be lost to history."
GalleyMatch Book Clubs Suggest
Click images below for book club meeting highlights for these titles previewed through the GalleyMatch program.

SOBREMESA: A Memoir of
Food and Love in Thirteen Courses
Josephine Caminos Oría

The Carrollton (Texas) Book Buddies

Mom and I of Carmichaels, Pennsylvania

Wine PW Bloggers

Books and Cooks of Elk Grove, California

Chevy Stevens
Reading Between the Wines Book Club of Albany, New York

OC Books and Brunch Book Club of
Lake Forest, California
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