August 2020 • Issue 34 • California Association for Bilingual Education

CDE's Learning Continuity & Attendance Plan (LCP) template is now available...
On July 31st, the California Department of Education released the template of the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan (LCP). The template and instructions can be downloaded from the CDE Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan webpage. This article by CABE Lobbyist, Martha Zaragoza Díaz, provides you will all the critical links and information you need...
Have you heard the latest from Sacramento?...

The California Legislature has returned from recess and is back to work! CABE Lobbyist, Martha Zaragoza Díaz updates us on the latest news regarding teacher credentialing & reading instruction, education finance & LCFF, and the Biliteracy Education Seal and Teaching (BEST) Act.
Click below to read Martha's report:
Get ready for the new school year with Saturday workshops...
Live virtual modules in Spanish &/or English for DL Teachers...
CABE's parent leadership training now offered virtually...
CABE Project 2INSPIRE continues adelante with online sessions for parent leadership:

  • Provides high-quality education, resources, and leadership development to ALL parents

  • Offers professional development for district and school administrators, parent involvement coordinators or liaisons, and other family engagement professionals on researched based strategies and effective practices
Free innovative event to support the redesign of DL programs...
Find out what's going on in local CABE chapters...
President, Lucía Villarreal, retired teacher
Vice President, Casimira Salazar, retired teacher
Treasurer, Amie Tsang-Beck, PK teacher, Starlight School
Secretary, George Feldman, K teacher, Ohlone School

CABE Pájaro Valley Chapter 66 is located in Santa Cruz County in the Central Coast. Presently, this is the only active chapter in the large coastal area and, therefore, it represents all CABE members in the counties of Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey, San Luis Obispo and the south end of Santa Clara county. Before this chapter was created there had been a CABE chapter in Santa Cruz to which we in the Pájaro Valley belonged. However, in the early 1990s it became defunct.

Continue reading this article to learn more about CABEPV's history, and current activism, scholarship fundraisers, conference activities, and more...
The focus of the Madera County Dual Language (MCDL) Chapter is supporting DLI teachers in the Madera Unified School District (MUSD).

MCDL Chapter #25 is proud to announce its new officers:

President: Yolanda Lucero, Retired DLI K Teacher and current Parent Specialist with CABE Project 2INSPIRE.
Vice President: David Hernández, MUSD Director of Parent Education
Secretary: Berta Cisneros, MUSD ELD Coordinator
Treasurer: Leonard Pérez, MUSD principal at Monroe Elementary
Membership Chair: Nora Guillén, MUSD DLI and ELD coordinator for primary learners
Parliamentarian: Stanley Lucero, Retired teacher and former CABE Strategic Plan consultant

President Yolanda Lucero reports that due to Covid-19, chapter activities are on hold, but they have held several Zoom meetings and one Zoom membership meeting.
Resources to support online, hybrid, and face-to-face learning...
Check back resources added every week!
Facebook group for resources in Spanish, Vietnamese and English...
Extended deadline for school districts to submit applications...
Request for Applications Deadline is extended to SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

The Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) is a state-wide effort intended to strengthen the System of Support by building the capacity of school districts to authentically engage one another. The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE), the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS), the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE), and Families In Schools (FIS) invite any interested school district in California to submit an application to serve in the Community Engagement Initiative’s Cohort II Peer Leading and Learning Network (PLLN).
New joint publication regarding the upcoming school year...
A Vision for California’s Schools this Fall
Equity for Dual Language and English Learners in an Unprecedented Moment
California’s 2019–20 academic year just ended. It was harder than usual to notice, as most campuses closed in March and moved their instruction online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This was not a normal school year for public education. Educators and administrators struggled to recreate distance learning opportunities for their classes without any clear standards or guidance, and it’s clear that the prolonged school closures have had significant impacts on children’s learning. Shamefully, predictably, national data suggest that the closures are exacerbating educational inequities: without access to schools, children of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds and children from low-income communities are likely to suffer from widening opportunity gaps. Continue reading...

Other items of interest to the CABE community...
Families and COVID-19

Apoyo para las familias inmigrantes durante COVID-19 en

The California Parent and Youth Helpline provides support and resource referrals to parent and youth during the current COVID-19 pandemic, 7-days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Call or text 1-855-4APARENT (855-427-2736) for services in English, Spanish and other languages. Visit:

22 informational videos in Spanish on COVID-19 from the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services

Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants (Asistencia para Inmigrantes en Casos de Desastres de California)
Crisis del Corona Virus: Recursos para familias from Alas Y Voz, Californians Together

ELs, DLLs, Professional Learning and Online Teaching

Saturdays in August 2020: CABE Back-to-School Series provides workshops to support your emergent bilingual students with distance learning.

September 2020–May 2021 CABE Dual Language Teacher Academy offers live virtual professional learning modules in English & Spanish. Choose one, several, or all eight!

The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) is offering FREE resources:

CEEL English Learner Supports during COVID-19  Communication Series by the Center for Equity for English Learners (CEEL) at LMU Los Angeles

CEEL also offers certificate programs for teachers and leaders working with English Learners and Dual Language Learners.

California State Library offers distance-learning tools at California K-12 Online Content Project.

The California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) has launched resources for distance and hybrid learning:
Continuity of Learning Playbooks:
Other Announcements

Educator Review Meetings for the ELPAC and the California Spanish Assessment 
ELPAC opportunities:
Upcoming virtual meetings for 2020:
September 21–24: ELPAC item writer workshop
October 22–24: California Spanish Assessment item review meeting  
Contact the editor,, to request that your info be included in this list.
Feeding the heart, mind and soul...
As you read the poem below, we invite you to reflect on the questions that follow...
  • How has the quarantine shaped your current brave space? Do you agree with the author that there is no such thing as a "safe space?"

  • What scars from the COVID-19 pandemic do you carry and what wounds has it caused?

  • In what ways has the volume of the outside world been turned down and what voices have been amplified?

  • Has the the current civil unrest caused you to examine what you know? How so?

  • How are we working side by side in this new brave space?
Invitation to Brave Space

Together we will create brave space
Because there is no such thing as a “safe space”
We exist in the real world
We all carry scars and we have all caused wounds.
In this space
We seek to turn down the volume of the outside world,
We amplify voices that fight to be heard elsewhere,
We call each other to more truth and love
We have the right to start somewhere and continue to grow.
We have the responsibility to examine what we think we know.
We will not be perfect.
This space will not be perfect.
It will not always be what we wish it to be
It will be our brave space together,
We will work on it side by side

—Micky ScottBey Jones    
Recently seen in Portland, Oregon...
Comic Corner: A humorous look at life during quarantine...
Used with permission via online subscription.
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