Ready to Go Back to School?
 Here are a few tips that may help:

• Prepare by altering bedtimes by 15 minutes each night to gently ease back into school night sleep patterns.

• If early mornings are hard for you, or your student, consider a request for a late start modification or alternate schooling hours.

• a.) If you are a parent of a CVS patient consider putting in a request for a 504, IEP or review in writing to the school’s 504 coordinator. If the school tells you that your student is not eligible, CC the district or send directly to the school district. Don't feel bad about making changes, fine tune or address needs of the student as you see fit.
b.) If you are a CVS patient in college, consider putting in a request at the disability office for accommodations.

• When you can, work with your school's nurse and teachers, to ensure that you have access to resources and relief aids that you may need.

• Be prepared and consider challenges that you, or your student, may have. Anything you can do to mitigate or avoid potential triggers can go a long way. If you are unsure about what your triggers are, consider keeping a daily log or journal to track them.

• It never hurts to ask what others are doing about school in support groups, at school, at the hospital, online searches, etc. There is also the option to consult Childlife at your local hospital for schooling options that have worked for other kids they help.

• If you are a parent considering homeschool, homebound, or other virtual options make sure to consider the time that you will need to contribute.

• When considering the different schooling options find out what the attendance policy is. Some can be as little, in person, as a few hours a week with the rest of the learning remote.
Medical Outreach
From August 5th-7th, CVSA will be exhibiting at the American Neurogastro­nterology and Motility Society (ANMS) conference.

The American Neurogastro­nterology and Motility Society, or ANMS, is dedicated to the study of neurogastroenterology and gastrointestinal motility, and functional GI disorders.

ANMS focuses on neurogastroenterology which is the study of the brain and gut interactions. CVSA has chosen this specific conference for medical outreach because cyclic vomiting syndrome is a Functional GI Disorder (FGID) and is thought to involve a
brain-gut connection. This specialty group focuses on conditions like CVS, which means that they are more likely to understand and know how to treat people with CVS.

The goal of attending is to support the CVSA mission of providing information, education, spreading awareness, and increasing recognition of CVS.

Watch for next month's e-newsletter with an update on this event or follow CVSA on social for updates from the conference.
Poll Results from July
1.) What temperature negatively effects your CVS the most?
72.82% voted hot
12.82% answered cold
14.36% said they haven't noticed

2.) From what kind of doctor did you receive your CVS diagnosis?
82.84% GI
0% Neurologist
0% Primary Care Provider
0% Emergency Room Physician
0% Have not received a diagnosis
17.16% Self Diagnosed
0% Other
August Poll
1.) How many prescription medications do you use to treat your CVS?
Pediatric Guidelines is Getting an Update!

The project of updating the pediatric guidelines is underway, and is expected to be completed later this year!

See more about this important project:
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Join the monthly Support call! Meet others with CVS, discuss tips and tricks to living with CVS, and much more!
Unfortunately, the August support call has been cancelled.

We know how important it is to connect with others with CVS, please join us in September!

Join on Monday, September 12th, at 6 PM PST, for the monthly support call on Zoom!

Can't make the September call, sign-up for October!
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