P ierre Area Chamber of Commerce
August 2020 Newsletter

Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce, Pierre Convention & Visitors Bureau & Pierre Economic Development Corporation E-News

This is the electronic version of the Pierre Area Chamber's August 2020 newsletter. We continue to provide a hard copy of this document in the Capital Journal as well.

Life is good on the river,
The Staff at the
Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce

In This Issue
2020 Chamber Board of Directors
Executive Board
Meredith Lee - President,
Lee Real Estate
Thomas Allerdings - Vice President,  ClubHouse Hotel & Suites
Angie Bollweg - Secretary,
Sanford Health
Melissa Puepke - Treasurer
First Dakota National Bank
Jennifer Anderson - Past President,  Anderson, Nill & Associates
Board Members
Steve Bass
Edgewood Senior Living
Chris McConnell
Black Hills FCU
Aaron Fabel
Kristie Maher
SD Discovery Center
Jodie Hickman Anderson
Strategic Association Services
Dennis Rounds
Tori Reeves
Pam Metzinger
Branding Iron Bistro
Jamie Maher
Maher Dental Clinic
Tanner Kost
Dakota Prairie Bank

Ex-Officio Members
Ron Wagner, PEDCO President
Pierre Mayor Steve Harding
Ft. Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson
2020 PEDCO Board of Directors
Ron Wagner - Chair  
First National Bank
Andy Hubbart - Chair-Elect
Mark Anderson - Secretary
SD Department of Labor
Kim Easland - Treasurer
American Bank & Trust
Doug Abraham
May, Adam Law Firm
Rick Dockter
Ameriprise Financial
Zach Clark
Clark Insurance
Dawn Morris
Morris Inc.
Kim Olson
Sen. Mike Rounds Office
Prakash Saripalli
Karl Richards
Avera Medical Associates
Damon Wheelhouse
Allied Plumbing & Heating
Gordon Woods
SD Intrastate Pipeline

Liaisons - Annual Appointment
Jamie Huizenga
Pierre City Commission
Meredith Lee
Chamber of Commerce
Kristi Honeywell
Pierre City Administrator
Norm Weaver
Hughes County Commission

Jim Protexter
Chief Operating Officer
Alicia Fabel
Administrative Asst.
Pierre Economic Development Corporation 
2020 Investor List
(From 6/29 to 7/27)
Thank you to the following businesses, organizations and individuals who are supporting economic development in Central South Dakota through their PEDCO membership investment.

Bronze Investors - $150
Titan Machinery Inc.


Find details and updates on the @VisitPierreSD Facebook page, or on the @RoadtotheRiver Facebook event page!
CEO's Report
Jamie Seiner, Chief Executive Officer
The Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce is a local voice for business. We are constantly finding new ways to provide value to members, serve our community and advocate for a healthy business environment.
As the world navigates the impacts of coronavirus and the ongoing social unrest, the Chamber is focusing on what we can do in our own community. If we want people to shop and experience Pierre, we need to make them feel safe and comfortable in our businesses. When a visitor consistently sees responsible precautions being taken by each store they visit, their confidence grows. Let's stay diligent in the fight against the coronavirus and provide the experience Pierre is known for - that of being a safe and welcoming place. Check out our website for resources, especially the Be Clean. Be Healthy and Be Safe toolkit.
We want all residents to engage in our community, participate in our workforce and ultimately help us build a stronger place to call home. Let's build on the momentum that already exists in our business community! I encourage you to look for ways to support each other - whether it is patronizing a business or spreading kindness to a neighbor. When we lift each other up, we all win.
Proud to be Loyal2Local,
Jamie Seiner

Why It's Important to Buy Local First
Being #Loyal2Local is more than just a 'catchy phrase'. Now more than ever, remember the impact your dollars have on our local economy when you decide to shop local! Shopping, dining and doing business with those in our communities help support the businesses that strengthen and diversify our area.

When you shop local, you do far more than get the items that you want quickly and conveniently. Buying local actually stimulates the economy in our community, helps benefit local schools and charities - and it even helps the environment.

Take a look at some of the many reasons why it's important to shop and buy locally.

Buying Local Keeps Money in Our Community

When you buy locally, the small business you're making your purchase from certainly benefits, but the benefits keep growing. A small business that does well is likely to hire more people, who then spend more money in the community.

Buying locally also pours money into the local institutions who need it. Taxes are paid locally, boosting the community's libraries, schools, and infrastructure. Local businesses are also more likely to donate to charities in the local community, helping make improvements that all can enjoy.

In fact, when independent think tank The New Economics Foundation compared similar purchases made at chain stores vs. those made with local businesses, the experts determined that buying locally puts double the money into the community than occurs when you make a purchase at a chain store.

Buying Local Is Better for the Environment

Whether you buy online or from a major chain store, it typically requires some major effort to get your item to you. Trucks have to haul products across the country, burning up fossil fuel and contributing to pollution.

In addition, products that have to be packaged for shipping typically end up requiring extra packaging to survive the journey intact. Compare buying, say, a pre-packaged set of nails at a big box store - with your purchase sealed in one of those packages that practically require power tools to open - to picking out just the nails you need at your local hardware store, with the friendly local owner popping them into a simple paper bag (or even into the bag you brought yourself). All that extra packaging typically ends up in landfills or the ocean, adding to environmental damage.

Not willing to let go of the convenience of online shopping? Consider shopping on pierrearea.shopwhereilive.com - a community marketplace for Pierre area businesses and patrons alike. Pay online and choose to pick up your items from your favorite local businesses.

Buying Local Results in More Diverse Choices for Customers

When you go to one big box store after another, you'll see the same product choices, over and over. The only real difference is in price - and often that difference is a matter of pennies.

Buying locally is a whole different experience. Each small business in our community is unique, offering a true connection with customers and a real understanding of their visitors' needs. Think about the diversity of stepping into a local boutique to do some clothes shopping versus perusing the offerings at chain stores, which all seem to look the same. Local artisans and craftspeople can show off their wares and build a following when you shop locally.

In addition, local businesses are typically far more flexible, adjusting to meet the immediate needs of customers much more quickly than giant national chains can do. They can also do a better job of stocking the products our community members want, since they're part of the community.

Buy Local to Help Keep Our Community Unique

Related to the previous reason to buy locally is the idea that those unique products lead to a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. No one goes to a big box store to browse or to enjoy recreational shopping. But when your local shopping district is filled with local retailers, you create a sense of self-image that help defines our community. Our unique businesses are something to be proud of, and when we all support them, they create a reason for other shoppers to come visit our community.

By supporting local businesses, we can also help entrepreneurship thrive, which adds to local prosperity and innovation. Every local retailer is one of our neighbors who has taken a risk to try to make our region a better, stronger place, boosting the economy and helping lift friends and neighbors into the middle class.

When we all look for ways to buy local, we tell all our neighbors that we believe our community is worth investing in. We put our money into things we care about, including our local schools, and we enjoy a better purchasing experience overall personally. Shopping and buying locally is a win-win for you, for small businesses, and for our community as a whole.

Pierre Mayor Steve Harding's Report
This month, I was sworn in for my second term as the Mayor of Pierre. I'm very happy to have three more years to finish up all the great work we have in progress.

Three years ago when I was elected Mayor, I had three major projects I promised to deliver to the public -a new City Hall, a remodeled Boys and Girls Club, and a new outdoor swimming pool. Along the way, we had some additional large priorities pop up, like a drinking water treatment facility, loss of dependable commercial air service, and a new Missouri River bridge. Plus, we're in the midst of significant overhauls to our other community owned utilities.

That's a lot of large priorities to juggle, but thanks to community support and dedicated staff, we're well on our way to checking the box on those efforts.

As you know, two years ago, we migrated City Hall to its current location. This month, a larger and greatly improved Boys and Girls Club reopened for business. And construction of the City's new outdoor swimming pool is on track to begin next year. Our private fundraising initiative paused because of the pandemic, but will ramp back up again soon.

In August, work will start on the City's new Drinking Water Treatment Facility. This is the largest City project on record and is a great example of responsive government. In 2018, via the June ballot, we asked voters if they were willing to pay for a drinking water treatment facility. More than 70% of voters said they were. By fall 2022, new treated water should be flowing to your faucet.

It was just last year, in January, when we completely lost commercial air service in Central South Dakota. You'll remember, our air service carrier got bought out and was unable to fulfill the federal contract to provide service to Pierre. Your City Commission and staff worked closely with state and federal partners to swiftly return safe, reliable, commercial air service to Pierre.

The new Missouri River bridge is a South Dakota Dept. of Transportation project; the City is working closely with the State to enhance the bridge and to add a new pedestrian plaza on the Pierre side.

That gets us to our other utility enhancements. Just this year, the City finished an eight-year upgrade to the City's electrical substations and distribution infrastructure. Early next year, we'll begin a $15.3 million renovation at the wastewater treatment plant. As I mentioned, we'll start work on the drinking water treatment facility in August. Utility talk doesn't get most people super excited, but these investments are a huge benefit to the community. We all rely on water, wastewater, and electrical service every day. It's essential we take care of our infrastructure!

If I sound proud of what we've accomplished, it's because I am! The City team has worked hard to make Pierre a great place to live. And we've worked hard to minimize the financial impact of those investments. City Hall, the Boys and Girls Club, and the City-paid piece of the outdoor pool is funded with existing revenue. This year, we left both electric and wastewater rates alone, and last year we removed the flood adder from your utility bills.

Together, we have accomplished a lot, and we're going to use the next three to accomplish even more!

Fort Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson's Report
There are many, many residents of this community who deserve a pat on the back, and I hesitate to recognize one or two. But sometime a person just needs to be singled out for special attention, particularly when their civic duty covers a span of 60 years.

Pat Duffy celebrated her 90th birthday on July 30th, and it was my pleasure to proclaim that day as "Pat Duffy Day" in the City of Fort Pierre. Pat actually took an hour or so out of her busy workday to allow her family and friends to pay their respects and wish her a happy birthday.

For those of you who don't know her story, Pat, the original "Miss Kitty," and her husband Ed owned the Chateau Lounge and Duffy's Café for more than 50 years. They raised 5 children, all of whom attended school in Fort Pierre. Pat and Ed were always active community leaders and were instrumental in keeping the horse racing tradition alive in the area for many years.

In the late 1970's, Pat and a small group of community members recognized the need for a facility that could provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to go after school and during the summer. Thus, the "Twin Cities Youth Center," was born, which became the "Community & Youth Involved Center" and is now known as the "Pat Duffy Community Center." She was named Executive Director of the Center in the 1990's, a job she still actively performs today.

The CYI Center far surpassed the original purpose of a youth center, operating independently prior to housing the Stanley County Gold Program. It also currently serves as a senior center, a location for elections, receptions, celebrations, reunions, funerals, fundraisers, 4-H events and other gatherings. The Nutritional Meals program operates five days a week and under Pat Duffy's guidance, provides more than 30,000 meals per year to area seniors, at the Center or delivered by volunteers to their door in Pierre and Fort Pierre.

Pat has served on the Fort Pierre City Council, the Casey Tibbs Board, and the Fort Pierre Development Corporation board. She also originated popular events such as Turkey Days, Bad River Review, Night on the Town, Holiday Tour of Homes, and Town and Country Harvest Suppers.

Pat Duffy is the hardest-working, most generous and giving person I have ever met. It has been said that she is successful at recruiting volunteers and fundraising because no one has the nerve to say no to her. How can you refuse someone who gives ten times more than what she asks of others? I am honored to call her my friend. Happy Birthday, Ms. Kitty!

Gloria Hanson, Mayor

Congratulations to our winners!
 Best in Youth Video Winner: Blake Weisgram

Best Video Winner: Lois Ries
Capital City Economy
April 2020
Current Month
Same Month 2019
Percent Change
2020 YTD
2019 YTD
Percent Change
Pierre 2%
Pierre 1% BBB
Fort Pierre 2%
Fort Pierre 1% BBB
Pierre BID #1
Missouri River Bridge
US 14 East of Pierre
New Homes
Stick Built - Number
   Dollar Amount
Other* - Number
   Dollar Amount
   Dollar Amount
New Buildings
   Dollar Amount
   Dollar Amount
Total Permits**
   Dollar Amount
New Homes
   Dollar Amount
Other* - Number
   Dollar Amount
   Dollar Amount
New Buildings
   Dollar Amount
   Dollar Amount
Total Permits**
   Dollar Amount
WORK FORCE              
Pierre MiSA***
Total Work Force
Total Employed
Total Unemployed
Unemployment Rate
* Includes multi-family, mobile and manufactured homes
** Includes residential, commercial, and all other permits.
*** Pierre Micropolitan Statistical Area includes Hughes & Stanley counties
Source: Pierre Economic Development Corporation Research

CVB Report
Tia Kafka Convention & Visitors Bureau Director
Pierre is the perfect destination for people to visit when traveling through South Dakota. Motorcycle riders, tourist and campers call our area "an oasis on the prairie." Make a great first impression with visitors to our area and let them know of all the things there are to do here. Attractions, museums, parks and outdoor activities like hunting and fishing can keep people in the area for several days. Show them our great hospitality.

We have mailed out the information for the 2021 Pierre Visitor Guide. If you are interested in being a part of this guide, give our office a call at 605-224-7361. We will help you through the process. We have distributed over 9,000 Visitor Guides this year to people interested in coming to our area. You don't want to miss out on being a part of this important marketing tool.

We have started the budget process for the Convention & Visitors Bureau. The marketing plan is being discussed for 2021. We certainly welcome all suggestions and comments concerning the marketing dollars we spend.
We partner with South Dakota Tourism on our marketing efforts which helps spread the dollars being spent. Hunting and fishing take a large amount of the marketing dollars we have. Sport shows, print advertising and mailings about the outdoor market are promoted by the Pierre CVB.

Make a great first impression on visitors with a smile when greeting them, and even when answering the phone. Hospitality is an important influence when selling your business and does not go unnoticed.

Stop By Anytime!
The Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce's Visitor Center has been closed to the public since March
due to COVID-19. However, we still have materials and information available! Stop by the Chamber  (800 W. Dakota Ave., behind the SD Discovery Center building) for Visitor Bags filled with information and resources to have fun safely in the Pierre - Fort Pierre area! Have a group coming to town? The Chamber can get large quantities of Visitor Bags ready for your group ahead of time - just call 605.224.7361 or email contactchamber@pierre.org!

As we move towards the 'new normal,' it is more important than ever for businesses to help consumers to feel safe and confident while patronizing their establishment. Take the pledge to get industry-specific guidance to ensure best practices are being followed. You will also receive a pledge decal sticker  to display in your business - visually signifying to customers and visitors alike that you value and prioritize their health and wellness. 
Membership Report
Katie Johnson, Membership Director
August is back to school month! At my house, I will have two in college and my baby will be a senior at TF Riggs High School. I think every parent reflects on their own school days when sending their children off for the exciting first day. This year, with COVID-19, every parent has different feelings and concerns. I am sure the teachers and school system do too. As for me, I want Addie to have that fun senior year experience; make the memories, tour the colleges, and get excited about her future. I want Grace and Ellie to continue to have the college experiences that help them to learn, grow and thrive. I want life to be back to normal... but don't we all? Thank you to all the teachers, administration, and staff in the schools. Your dedication to our kids is inspiring, admirable, and comforting.

We will celebrate a few Open Houses and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies this month. The new storm shelter by the tennis courts in Griffin Park will have an Open House on Wednesday August 5th at 11am. This is open to the public and all are invited to come take a look. There will be giveaway's for kids, and Tommy the Turtle, the Office Emergency Management mascot, will be there! The Boys and Girls club will have a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony the following week with their board members, we are excited to see the final project! Kari Bauman State Farm Insurance will celebrate the launch of her new business and office on Tuesday, August 18th, at 200 E. Dakota Ave., Suite 1 at 4PM. The ribbon will be cut at 4:30 PM, and the public is invited to attend.

Road to the River activities start the first weekend in August. Be sure to check the Facebook Event Page for specific details and participate in all of the fun activities going on in Pierre and Fort Pierre.

Email Katie Johnson for assistance with listing your items and services!
New Members
Behavior Care Specialists
200 W Pleasant Ave
Pierre, SD 57501
605) 223-5500
BCS offers a number of services including consultation, diagnostics, training and ABA therapy. BCS serves children, young adults, and schools to create the best program for an individual child.

DesignStrat by Maxwell Strategies
925 E. Sioux
Pierre, SD 57501
(605) 222-0378
Tara Berg, an Art Director/Graphic Designer specializing in Logo Design and Visual Brand identity systems with 16 years of industry experience.

Kari Bauman State Farm
200 E. Dakota Suite 1
Providing Insurance and financial services. The mission of State Farm is to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams.

Mattheis Plumbing
Tyler Mattheis
750 E. Sioux
Pierre, SD 57501
Call Mattheis Plumbing for all of your new construction, remodel or commercial plumbing needs! New, now renting port-a-potties.

Member Highlights


If your business or team member has something to celebrate, email Mallory!
South Dakota Missouri River Tourism
Karen Kern, Executive Director
Even though we are living in a strange atmosphere, it's time to do some planning for 2021. Because it will be here before we know it! And, we don't want to miss out on opportunities for our communities or businesses.

At SD Missouri River Tourism we are getting ready to send out our dues statement and advertising opportunities for 2021. The good news? We are not increasing the dues or advertising rates. In fact, there are a couple of special on the advertising side that you will want to look at.

It's a tough decision as to what a business or community should do on marketing - but, the one thing that should stay steady is continuing to market. This COVID-19 pandemic will be over eventually and you will want to make sure potential tourists know that you are still here and you want them to visit you. We are here to help you with that.

We will be looking at the sports/vacation shows for 2021. Some may be able to continue, but others will most likely not run this year. So, to counteract that we plan on doing additional social media marketing to get the word out for our members and advertisers. As partners we can make our money go father and still reach the people we know are interested in this area. We also plan on marketing to states that are closer and places that are a shorter drive time from the river. This summer is proving to be not all bad for the river area - visitors feel safe in the outdoors and we certainly can accommodate them in that! Can't think of a better area for them to visit, can you??

If you are interested in being part of SD Missouri River Tourism membership and marketing, feel free to contact us at 224-4617. We will be glad to discuss membership and advertising with you.

In the meantime - you need to take care of you, your family and employees for those in business. Take time for yourself - this is a stressful time and it's so important to lessen that stress as much as you possibly can. Exercise can also help. Put it on your to-do list. It's a great stress releaser. Also, we all talk to ourselves - even if we don't admit it - so what do you tell yourself? Make sure it's positive self-talk. Lastly, slow down and be present. Live for today, don't always be thinking about what you need to do next. Just some good words to maybe help you get through this time.

Just know we are all in this together. If we at SD Missouri River Tourism can help in any way - give us a call. We care.

Chamber Events

Save the Dates!

More info coming soon

Stay on course this fall with opportunities close to home! Take traditional face-to-face classes for only $40 per credit hour! Grab your seat today, and email CCC at info@capitalcitycampus.org. Looking for Drivers Education classes for your teen? CCC is offering a August session for kids 14 years or older. Find more information on Drivers Ed HERE!

August Calendar of Events

Aug 1 - 8 : Ride for the House SD Bike Ride & Scavenger Hunt . Anywhere in our great stat of South Dakota. Because it's virtual and at your own pace you can do it anywhere. Even in Iowa, Nebraska or Minnesota . For more information: Mike Broderick, Community Outreach Officer, Ronald McDonald House Charities of SD, 
mbroderick@rmhcsodak.org https://www.rmhcsodak.org/ride-for-the-house-sd/ . $10 per participant includes 5 grand prize entries or $40 for a family of 4 or more includes 20 grand prize entries.

Aug 1 : 2020 Couples Tournament/Hootenanny . Pike Haven Resort . For more information: Pike Haven Resort https://www.facebook.com/pikehaven .

Aug 1 : Paddle Board Fitness . Beach near the American Legion Cabin . For more information: Jess at Endless River Padding, (605) 280-1210, 
jess.burchill@gmail.com http://www.steamboatgf.com . $15 for class and board rental, $10 for class if you bring your own board .

Aug 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 : Capital City Farmer's Market . Parking lot in Pierre (corner of Sioux Ave and Coteau St) . For more information:

Aug 1 - 2 : Mall Markdown Madness . Northridge Plaza, 1615 N. Harrison Avenue Pierre . For more information: (605)224-6331 ,

Aug 1 : Paddle Board 101 . Beach near the American Legion Cabin and Ampitheater . For more information: Jess at Endless River Paddling, (605) 280-1210 ,
jess.burchill@gmail.com http://www.steamboatgf.com . $15 for class and board rental $10 if you have your own board .

Aug 1, 8, 9, 12, 19, 20, 24, 27 : Early Childhood Training . Online with The Right Turn . For more information: The Right Turn, 605-773-4755 kbly@midconetwork.com . $5

Aug 1 - 31 : Volunteers needed at food bank . Assembly takes place at Feeding South Dakota, 20562 Grace Avenue . For more information: Feeding South Dakota

Aug 1 : Oahe Blues Festival, 5th Annual . Grey Goose Store & Social Club . For more information: Grey Goose Store & Social Club

Aug 2 : Road to the River Half Marathon . Start and finish will be in Steamboat Park, behind the amphitheater. For more information: Beth Giddings, 605-224-1683

Aug 3 - 7 : Emergency Responder Summer Camp - Discovery Center . SD Discovery Center . For more information: SD Discovery Center, 605.22.48295
info@sd-discovery.org http://sd-discovery.org . Non-members $30, Members $26

Aug 3 - 5 : Pierre Community Blood Drive . Resurection Lutheran Church, 103 N. Taylor, Pierre . For more information: Abbie at Vitalant, 605.225.7732 .

Aug 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26 : English As A Second Language (ESL) . The Right Turn . For more information: 773-4755 http://www.TheRightTurn.org .

Aug 3 : Canvasback Art Club . Rawlins Library, 1000 E. Church . For more information: Bev Letellier, 605-224-7993 ranchvet66@yahoo.com .

Aug 4, 11, 18, 25 : Touching Hearts 50/50 Raffle . Facebook Live Drawing . For more information: The Right Turn, 605-773-4755 .

Aug 5 : Public Storm Shelter Grand Opening . 703 A. Washington Ave., near Griffin Park tennis courts . For more information: 605.773.7407 . Free

Aug 5, 12, 19, 26 : River City Toastmasters . TEAMS online. For more information: Brian Underdahl, 605-220-1003 .

Aug 6, 20 : Breast Cancer Survivors . 415 S. Crow St. . For more information: 945-0827 .

Aug 6, 13, 20 : Fort Pierre Summer Nights . Deadwood St., Fort Pierre . For more information: Lindy Geraets,
lindy.geraets@maxwellstrat.com https://www.facebook.com/events/614368632826987
Aug 7-8 : 2020 Dam Run . Pierre & Fort Pierre . For more information: Pierre Street Masters https://www.pierrestreetmasters.com/2020-dam-run/ . $40 non-members

Aug 7-8 : Crazy Days . Historic Downtown Pierre . For more information: Historic Pierre Street Association .

Aug 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, : Pierre Players presents Native Gardens . Grand Opera House, 109 S Pierre St, Pierre . For more information: Pierre Players Box Office, 605.224.7826 info@pierreplayers.com http://pierreplayers.com . $15/$13 Students/Seniors

Aug 8 - 9 : Men's Sate Softball Division E . Oahe Softball Complex, Pierre . For more information: http://www.usasoftballofsouthdakota.com/content/ .

Aug 8 : 7th Annual APF SD State Powerlifting Championships . SD National Guard Armory, 3440 SD-34, Pierre . For more information: 
https://worldpowerliftingcongress.com/ . Registration fee is $30.00 per card. Make APF/AAPF registration checks/money orders out to the APF, NOT THE MEET DIRECTOR

Aug 8 : Sibling Readiness Class . Avera Saint Mary's Hospital - online . For more information: Dawn Tassler, 605-224-3189 gut1@dakota2k.net
http://www.growinguptogether.org . $5.00 and scholarships are available.

Aug 8 : We Love Kids Party Drive-Thru . New Life Church, 1120 N. Harrison Ave., Pierre . For more information: New Life Church, 605-294-1592 ,

Aug 8 : Dueling Duo benefit for SD Discovery Center . Drifters Bar & Grille, Fort Pierre . For more information: SD Discovery Center, 605.22.48295

Aug 10 - 14 : Biologist Summer Camp - Discovery Center . SD Discovery Center . For more information: SD Discovery Center, 605.22.48295 info@sd-discovery.org
http://sd-discovery.org . Non-members $45, Members $39

Aug 10 : Stately Stitchers Guild Meeting . Lutheran Memorial Church Basement, 320 E Prospect Avenue, Pierre . For more information: Pat Wheeldreyer, 605-224-4773 .

Aug 12 : Feeding South Dakota - Mobile Food Pantry Distribution . River City Transit, Pierre . For more information: Feeding South Dakota, (605) 494-3663 .

Aug 12 : Friends of Rawlins Library StoryWalk . Hilger's Gulch - Governor's Grove . For more information contact Brenda  Hemmelman 

Aug 14 : Women's Cancer Support . Online . For more information : Gloria, 224-3131

Aug 14 : Central SD Survivors of Suicide Support Group . Monthly locations TBA . For more information contact  Julie Moore,  julie.moore@avera.org .

Aug 15 : Family Fun Saturday: Wycinanki Polish Paper Cutting . Cultural Heritage Center, 900 Governors Drive, Pierre . For more information contact  Ronette Rumpca, 605-773-6011  ronette.rumpca@state.sd.us http://www.history.sd.gov . Free event and free admission to museum gallery during event hours

Aug 15 : Phil Baker Family Event . Fort Pierre . For more information : The Right Turn, 605-773-0475,  nancys@midconetwork.com . FREE!

Aug 15 : Backyard BBQ hosted by Verenrye Museum . Fischer Lilly Park, Fort Pierre . For more information contact  Connie Carlisle  conniecarlisle@outlook.com
http://www.verendryemuseum.com . $15 Brisket dinner with fixings and water: $10

Aug 17 : Bariatric and Weight Loss Support Group . Sanford Clinic Pierre, 521 E Sioux Ave., Pierre . For more information contact  Angie Bollweg, 605-945-5560

Aug 18 : Stroke Support Group . Conference Room @ 415 South Crow Street in Pierre. . For more information : Countryside Support and Memory Center, Cindy M or Maxine, (605) 945-0827,  countryside@midconetwork.com .

Aug 18 : Ribbon Cutting & Open House with Kari Bauman - State Farm . 200 E. Dakota Ave., Ste 1 in Pierre . For more information : Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce, 605-224-7361,  kjohnson@Pierre.org https://www.karibauman.com/

Aug 20 : Dementia Caregivers Support Group . 415 S. Crow St. . For more information : Countryside Hospice Support & Memory Center, 605-945-0827

Aug 21 : Men's Cancer Support . Online . For more information : Gloria, 224-3131
For future months, go to www.pierre.org