August 2018
Ready to go! Just one more thing...
We are ready! It’s finally time to start the new adult literacy classes! You’ve been hearing about all the work revising our unique curriculum and now we are finalizing the new teacher training program. Twenty-two villages have been cleared by our team to host the new classes, and new teachers have been interviewed. But… we need funds actually to begin classes. 
New groups of students were identified through a process of receiving requests from community leaders who’ve heard about our programs, analyzing demographics and locations, meetings with stakeholders, visits made to village sites, and the logistics of teacher movement. 
Our new classes will be in southern Karamoja/Pokot, Mt. Elgon, Kapchorwa, Bukedi, and Manafwa/Bududa regions. 
Our students look like these eager people: 
Gorette Nakabiri is a 19 year old mother of two who is a current student in the ongoing Buikwe literacy class. She notes that there is positive change in her life as a result of the one year she has spent in the ALE class. She says her life has transformed from what she calls “the dark world” to “the lime light” with the new ability to read, write, and express herself to people beyond her village. 
Born in a family of 16, Nakibiri says she dropped out of primary school at a young age, when she conceived her first child. She attributes this to inadequate guidance from her parents. She gets sad when the literacy class term ends and excitedly looks forward to the next term.
____________________________JOSEPH WATSILOMA________________GORETTE NAKABIRI_________________________
Joseph Watsiloma, the LC 1 Chairperson Bunaemba Cell, Bududa Town Council, Bududa District. That sounds like a big title, and indeed he holds much responsibility in his village as its elected leader. But he himself is illiterate. He reveals that he never attained formal education and has registered in our newly recruited classes. He expresses a special urge to attain knowledge in health and agriculture to provide for his family. He recommended the ALE program for the majority of the housewives in his area who missed out on the opportunity of being educated. He says a majority dropped out of school as a result of poverty and failure by the parents to facilitate them. He says the parents play the greatest role in nurturing the future generation and therefore ought to benefit from this program. 
We are ready to go. But… we need to fund these classes. 
Only four classes are currently funded; that means we need to raise funds for eighteen new classes. Each class costs about $200 per month per class for continuing training, supervision, management, and supplies. That’s just $3,600 per month we need to raise for all the classes which are ready to go. About five hundred and forty new students (and their families!) At the same time, we still have $7500 to go for our capital campaign in order to be ready to start the new programs. So one-time gifts are just as important as monthly giving. Thank you so much for getting us this far, and for your continued support. Your partnership with us is what makes this happen.
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