August Developments
Housing is a Right

A few months ago I asked that Yachad donors do more to support communities of color. You did, and I thank you.
We still need to do more. Racial and economic systemic change begins with housing. Homes create wealth for families by increasing in value and equity. For 30 years, Yachad has worked relentlessly to financially support, remediate and advocate for decent healthy housing in communities of color. This is what racial justice looks like. We have made some difference. Yet, we can still do more.
Housing is a right, not a cause. Where and how we live determines so much in our lives. As my teacher, the Jewish scholar Erica Brown, has shared, “Our home is an anchor of stability in this changing world.” Especially now, our homes are our shelter from the rampant Covid-19 pandemic. Please work with us and help us assure that all families have what Erica describes as, “an island of repose in this chaotic world.”
With gratitude
Audrey Lyon
Executive Director
Our voice was heard.
The District’s Department of Energy & Environment remains a critical partner in our work to provide emergency air conditioning services to families in addition to weatherization and energy efficiency measures. DOEE recently awarded Yachad a major grant to see that multi-family and single family homes have working AC and other mechanical systems in this hottest of summers.

The Lois and Richard England Family Foundation and The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation continue to generously support our work. Both foundations moved up their funding cycle so as to make their new grants available to Yachad sooner. We are grateful.

The Kemp Mill Synagogue Monday Night Bible Study Group, made a donation to Yachad’s Kitchen-Aide Program in honor of their teacher, Dr. Erica Brown to support the purchase of kitchen appliances for families without working ovens or refrigerators. Hill Havurah donated its Sukkot in Spring sponsorship fee even though the program had to be cancelled this past spring.

Yachad Back at Work Safely
Yachad’s work is in demand despite the pandemic. For the last few weeks Yachad has been back at work addressing critical remediation repairs.

One family living without air conditioning and hot water, received a new HVAC system and hot water heater, another family had a major plumbing leak fixed. A family living without a working refrigerator for months, received a new one. And a new handrail was installed for a homeowner with vertigo making it safe to use the stairs again.

We are grateful for extra assistance from M&M Appliance, a local appliance store that is a partner in our Kitchen-Aide Program, and Let Frank Do It contractor and Yachad HandyMensch, providing safe home repairs to some of our families.
Become a Housing Navigator
Be a virtual volunteer and help D.C. families make their homes healthy, safe and energy efficient. As a Navigator, you will work with Yachad clients to ease the D.C. government application process to access energy efficient and weatherization services. These programs aim to reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills and access weatherization services, including new or repaired heating and cooling systems, new Energy Star lighting and appliances, windows, water heaters and more. These weatherization improvements lead to significant energy cost savings and healthier families.

Volunteer and help D.C. families thrive. Sign up today to learn more.
Healthy Housing Resources
Healthy Housing Resources, available on Yachad's website, provide a lot of information to homeowners, tenants, volunteers and donors in need of trustworthy home remediation help.
How-to Change a Furnace Filter:
While your air conditioners are getting a workout this summer, don't forget to maintain them by cleaning your filters. Both HVAC systems and window AC units have filters that need to be cleaned or replaced regularly in order to keep them working well and to keep dirt, pollen and dust out of your house.

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