Volume X | August 2019
The end of summer is a time for reflection, anticipation, and preparation for the year ahead. Are you ready?! Because...

August is National Back-to-School Month!
Did you know?

More than 190 children call St. Ambrose home every year.
On average, a school-aged child lives in a St. Ambrose home for
eight years, long enough to experience housing stability,
which directly affects their educational performance.
St. Ambrose Summer Reading
Stable and Affordable Housing Drives Educational Outcomes

"There is now considerable evidence on the role of stable and affordable housing in education outcomes. Summarized in our recent Evidence Matters publication, housing matters well beyond its location and proximity to schools; its quality, affordability, and stability all affect educational performance. It is also worth recognizing that these factors are important throughout all stages of life and education. Research suggests that housing instability may be particularly damaging during middle childhood or early adolescence." - "Housing as a Portal to Better Educational and Life Outcomes" From Policy Development and Research within The Department of Housing and Urban Development

Want to learn more? Read the full article here.
Welcome to St. Ambrose
Ken, Director of Housing Counseling and
Lindsey, Director of Resource Development!
“I have lived in Charm City since September 1999, but my career in affordable housing has concentrated on state, regional, and national issues. Coming to St. Ambrose Housing Aid Center now gives me the opportunity to directly improve Baltimore’s housing future. My way of saying thanks to the communities that have given me and my son so much joy!” – Ken
"I’m so excited to be joining the St. Ambrose family as Director of Resource Development! I’ve spent the last 10 years working on both sides of philanthropy, fundraising in the nonprofit setting and developing equity- and justice-driven funding strategies and communications within philanthropic institutions. I’m a Baltimore City resident, mom, and rescue animal lover." - Lindsey
A Summer of Building Community, TOGETHER!
On July 30, long-time Baltimore City resident Mrs. Comer had her back porch painted and grab bars installed in her upstairs bathroom for safety. Volunteers from Wells Fargo installed new flooring in her living room and dining room. And this fall, both her furnace and roof will be repaired.
These modifications were made possible through Housing Upgrades to Benefit Seniors (HUBS) and Wells Fargo , in partnership with Rebuilding Together , Central Baltimore Partnership , Jubilee Baltimore , and Jubilee Arts .
HUBS is a program that allows seniors (over 65) in Baltimore City to continue to live in their homes and neighborhoods safely and independently as they age by helping them with home repairs and safety modifications. Clients like Mrs. Comer, who live in particular neighborhoods designated by Wells Fargo, may have access to additional support for sprucing up. The Wells Fargo Foundation is providing implementation grant funding for  Front and Center: A Five Year Equity Plan for Central Baltimore. Part of this plan is to support decent, affordable housing initiatives- especially focused on legacy residents being able to age safely in place.

"I have lived in my home for nearly 50 years. I didn't realize I needed help but now I do. This is such a wonderful gift that I have received. I am just so appreciative!"- Mrs. Comer
Read more about HUBS on our blog where we share stories about people connected to HUBS, like community leaders , extraordinary grandmothers , and St. Ambrose interns .
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