August 2016
Bike Safety Fair 2016

This summer over 100 kids joined the Village's Fire-Police Officers for a free bike tune-up and opportunity to learn about the importance of safety rules at the Bike Safety Fair held July 17 at the Amberley Village Police-Fire Department.  Kids learned the rules of the road, how to look back, navigate in traffic, and make sure their bikes are safe to ride too.

After completing their safety lessons, kids practiced on the obstacle course with guidance from Amberley Village Officers.  The re-creation of a small town with streets and plenty of signage gave a real life perspective.  Parents were able to learn the proper helmet size for their child through helmet fitting services provided by Children's Hospital.  Free bicycle tune-ups were provided by Cincinnati Bicycle and Hamilton County Safe Communities also shared safety information with the kids.

An anonymous Amberley resident generously donated ice cream for the kids to have a cool treat at our event along with two bicycles that were raffled.  The Amberley Village Police-Fire Department would like to thank all who volunteered, donated, and participated to make this such a successful event.
Thank You for Your Support!

On July 24, 2016, Congregation Zichron Eliezer showed their appreciation for Village Officers by hosting an Amberley Police Appreciation Day.  

Their effort to support the local and greater law enforcement community comes at a very important time in the light of the recent tragedy in Dallas.  Families stopped by the police department to give letters and home-made treats to the officers thanking them for keeping our community safe.  

The Amberley Village Police-Fire Department would like to express its sincerest gratitude for your support.
2100 Section Road Re-Development Update

Since June, when The Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority purchased the former Gibson Greetings Card site, the Village has continued to work with The Port to prepare the property for future redevelopment.  Initial steps going forward include re-zoning a portion of the site to Industrial A to match the balance of the property and site clearing in order to put forth a shovel-ready property to attract new business into the Village's industrial zone.

Informational Meetings Held
The Village reached out to residents near 2100 Section Road to invite them to hear a presentation from The Port Authority on its plans for redevelopment.  On July 20, 2016 a n overview of the plans for the property was shared along with a question and answer session that included frequently asked questions.    The presentation and FAQs are available on the Village website at www.amberleyvillage.org under the News section.

Upcoming Public Hearings
Council received The Port's application to re-zone a portion of the acreage on the site at its July 11 meeting which was referred to the Planning Commission for consideration in accordance with Village Code.  

The next Planning Commission meeting will be on August 1 at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at the Amberley Village Municipal Building.  The Port's application for re-zoning can be viewed by visiting www.amberleyvillage.org, then click on the calendar entry for links to the submission documents.

Ultimately the Planning Commission will make a recommendation to Village Council for consideration at a future public meeting.  To receive advance notifications of the Village's upcoming public meetings by email, visit www.amberleyvillage.org and click on Subscriptions. 
Proposed Gas Pipeline Update

The  Hamilton County Commissioners held a meeting with area elected officials and Duke Energy to discuss the concerns relating to the paths Duke has proposed for their natural gas pipeline project, the Central Corridor Gas Pipeline Extension Project. Members of Council attended the meeting and continued to  urge Duke to consider more rural routes for this project.  The meeting video is available at www.amberleyvillage.org.

Duke Energy has until September 13 to file its application with the Ohio Power Siting Board with final pipeline routes proposed for the siting board's consideration.

Resources to learn more about this project are available online:
Residents wishing to express support, opposition or file a public comment can do so with The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio at http://dis.puc.state.oh.us/CaseRecord.aspx?Caseno=16-0253&link=COM.  To contact Duke Energy directly, call (513) 287-2130 or email CentCorridorPipeline@duke-energy.com.

Residents interested in participating in a grass roots effort opposing the pipeline, a group referred to as NOPE! (Neighbors Opposing Pipeline Expansion) can visit https://nopecincy.org/ to connect and join.

To track the progress of this project through the Ohio Power Siting Board's website, go to www.opsb.ohio.gov where you view the pre-application potential route map, review the Ohio Power Siting Board's process flowchart and the guide for public participation.  Click the case number below to view the state's case documents, public comments, etc.

Ohio Power Siting Board Case Number: 16-0253-GA-BTX
Project: Central Corridor Extension Gas Pipeline
Company: Duke Energy Ohio
Location: Hamilton County
Speed Hump Installations 

Continuing with its efforts to bring awareness to safety on our roadways, residents and drivers on Sagamore Drive likely have noticed the installation of temporary speed humps.  

While the devices will be removed when inclement weather begins, the installation of the temporary speed humps is intended to slow the driving speed of vehicles in the area.

Complaints about speeding can be reported to the Village Police-Fire Department at 531-2040.
Hot Car Safety 

Heatstroke is one of the leading causes of death among children and infants and toddlers are most at risk. 87% of children who have died in hot cars are under the age of 3. Unfortunately, even great parents can forget a child in the back seat. Other risk factors include caregivers who aren't used to driving kids or whose routine suddenly changes. Whether you're a parent, caregiver or bystander of a child left in a car, it's vitally important to understand children are more vulnerable to heatstroke than adults. Follow these 7 important rules and tips to protect children from heatstroke:

Temperatures Rise Quickly Inside a Vehicle
Rising Temperature Inside a Vehicle
  1. Look before you lock. Open the backdoor and look in the backseat to assure that everyone is out of the car (even if you think you are childless).
  2. Keep something you need in the backseat. Put your cell phone, briefcase, computer, lunch, ID badge, left shoe, or anything essential to your daily routine beside your child.
  3. Travel with a furry companion. Keep a stuffed animal in the car seat. When baby is in the seat, the stuffed animal rides shotgun. The furry passenger serves as a reminder that baby's in the back.
  4. Always lock the doors. Even if the car is in the garage, keep the doors locked to prevent curious children from getting into the car.
  5. Put the keys and fobs away. Kids might want to play with keys and be able to get into the car without parents knowledge.
  6. Have a plan with childcare provider. If your child does not show up to daycare or school without prior notice, someone should call to locate child.
  7. TAKE ACTION if You Notice a Child Alone in a Hot Car. If you see a child alone in a car, do not hesitate to call 911.