Vol. 6 Issue 8 - August 2019
Special Feature
ISDE presidential biography:
Dr. Kiyoshi Inokuchi
ISDE president 1986 - 1989
Dr. Kiyoshi Inokuchi can be considered a pioneer among Japanese surgeons with his development and modification of a number of techniques related to esophageal varices, vascular surgery, and surgical oncology.

Find out more about Dr. Kiyoshi Inokuchi's research and ISDE's continuous development in his presidential biography.
Genetic variants in Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma: a literature review 

DOTE Volume 32, Issue 8 | Featured Article
Surveillance of Barrett's esophagus (BE) is a clinical challenge; metaplasia of the distal esophagus increases a patient's risk of esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC) significantly but the actual percentage of patients who progress is low. 
This review summarizes the current literature available that examines genetic alterations in BE and EAC with a particular emphasis on clinical implications .

Gastric tube cancer after esophagectomy for cancer: a systematic review

DOTE Volume 32, Issue 8 | Featured Article
Gastric conduit used for reconstruction after esophagectomy for cancer has the potential to develop a metachronous neoplasm known as gastric tube cancer (GTC). The aim of this study was to review literature and evaluate outcomes and possible treatment strategies for GTC .

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Fundraising for Esophageal Diseases – Thank you Shania!

The ISDE was pleasantly surprised to be the recipient of a Facebook Fundraiser initiated by Shania Singleton in the USA earlier this year. Shania chose the society because the ISDE mission meant a lot to her and 100% of the proceeds will be put into the ISDE Reserve Fund.
Patients, friends and families can be great ambassadors for our profession and are happy to show this in a number of ways including fundraising. Facebook fundraisers are easy to setup and individuals can select a non-profit organization like ISDE to receive donations directly.
Next time a patient or someone they know asks you what they can do to raise awareness and support, we hope you will consider telling them about this .

Highlights of the 5th International Conference on Esophageal Atresia, INoEA-FATE, and 2nd International Network of Pediatric Airways Team, INPAT, June 2019

Esophageal atresia (EA) is among the most common congenital digestive malformations, affecting 1 in 3,000 infants at birth. The fifth International Conference on Esophageal Atresia took place in Rome, Italy, hosted and organized by the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital under the auspices of the INoEA – in collaboration with the federation of Esophageal Atresia and Trachea-esophageal fistula support groups (EAT) and the Italian Association of Families with Esophageal Atresia (FATE). 

Abstracts from this meeting were published in Volume 32, Issue Supplement_1 in the Journal for Diseases of the Esophagus.

Thank you to Professor Christophe Faure, Sainte-Justine Hospital(Canada), for providing highlights of the International Conference on Esophageal Atresia .

The International Network of Esophageal Atresia (INoEA) is a valued Associated Society of ISDE. Due to this special partnership, abstracts presented at the meeting were published as a supplement of the ISDE society journal Diseases of the Esophagus, and are accessible to ISDE Members and DOTE subscribers. 

ESDE 2019 Annual Meeting: Program Highlights

ESDE 2019 Congress President Theodore Liakakos invites you to attend this year's ESDE Annual Meeting in Athens, Greece on November 20-22, 2019.
The goal of this meeting is to present advances in the field of esophageal diseases and the scientific program features a range of multidisciplinary topics including:

  • An endoscopy-hands on pre-course
  • The “Christophe Mariette” Lecture on 'Multimodality Treatment in esophageal cancer
  • Hot topics such as 'Is esophageal cancer the next malignancy that should be considered for screening: what is the evidence?'
  • Main topics include barrett’s esophagus, refractory GERD, paraesophageal hernias and more.
  • Challenging cases on management of refractory esophageal strictures and more topics.

See more program highlights for a list of other topics and the confirmed invited speakers.

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