#CourtsMatter to Gun Violence Prevention 
After a s ettlement between the US State Department and a private designer,  blueprints for a 3-D printed gun will be available online starting August 1, 2018. Initially the blueprints were taken down as a violation of the Arms Export Statutes, but the designer sued the State Department stating his blueprints were protected under the First Amendment right to free speech. This settlement  allows anyone, regardless of if they can pass a background check, who wants a gun to download and print their own .These self printed ‘ghost guns’ do not have serial numbers, are not subject to traditional gun violence protection laws, and would potentially be undetectable by metal detectors.  NCJW opposes unregulated access to firearms. 

Voting is essential to our democracy –– but it's denied to too many.
This Monday, August 6, is the 53rd anniversary of the Voting Rights Act (VRA). Let's commemorate this landmark piece of legislation by taking action to expand voter access.

In Florida, 1.4 million people are barred for life from voting because they have been convicted of a felony. Let that number sink in. Given the racial disparity and discrimination within the criminal justice system, this ban results in 1 in 5 African American Floridians being ineligible to vote.
But there’s hope — in November, Floridians will vote on a ballot amendment (Amendment 4) to restore the vote to everyone who has completed their sentences.

You can help . Take part in a remote phone bank (you can participate from anywhere!) on August 6 to talk with Florida voters on the issues at stake and encourage them to vote yes on this crucial ballot issue. 

Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
On July 26, NCJW joined Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and our partners in the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence, at a press conference in the US Capitol to introduce a measure to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). From an increased investment in sexual violence prevention programs to provisions to hold offenders accountable on tribal lands to efforts to make our criminal justice system more responsive to survivors to updated definitions to protections for incarcerated survivors, the legislation includes the realistic enhancements survivors need and advocates have asked for. VAWA is set to expire on September 30. NCJW helped draft VAWA and its subsequent reauthorizations.

Take Action! Call your representative (Capitol Switchboard #202-224-3121) to urge them to cosponsor this critical legislation . Let them know we need VAWA reauthorized now before it expires — survivors can’t wait for lifesaving responses to sexual violence and communities can’t wait for prevention programs.

Fight the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh

As a reminder, if confirmed Kavanaugh would roll back our hard-won rights, including our right to abortion care, and our access to essential reproductive and other health services. He is unfit to serve on our nation’s highest court. Here is where you come in: if you haven’t already,  sign our petition  to urge Senate leaders to reject the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. 

This September, NCJW, Inc. begins a new chapter in our 125-year history when we relocate our National headquarters from New York to Washington, D.C., the epicenter of national policy and where we belong.

Combining our New York operations staff with our Washington policy and government relations staff in D.C. will enhance our power to make change happen on the most urgent social and economic challenges facing women, children and families. Now more than ever, we must speak out to ensure justice and dignity for all human beings. From our new home, NCJW’s winning team of strategists, working together with our sections and thousands of NCJW members across the country, will be uniquely positioned to advance progressive social change.

As we begin this new chapter in NCJW history, Nancy Kaufman, who has boldly and passionately led the organization over the past seven years, will begin a new chapter in her own story. After overseeing our transition, Nancy will step down as CEO in June of 2019, welcoming the next generation of women to take on the mantle of progressive Jewish leadership. During her tenure, Nancy significantly increased NCJW’s visibility, stability, and effectiveness in communities around the country, with our coalition partners, at the highest levels of government, and with feminists and NGOs in Israel. We are grateful for her visionary leadership of NCJW and look forward to celebrating her in the year to come. Click here for the full press re lease.

For more NCJW advocacy updates and actions from Capitol Hill visit: https://www.ncjw.org/section-resources/policy-updates-july27 .