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Gardening with Native Plants

Anelle Ammons will walk through getting started gardening with native plants, why you'd want to grow native plants, and many great native plants to choose for your landscape!
This is a free program. No registration needed.

Join us at either session:
August 21, 4 PM
         Conover Library
          403 Conover Station Southeast
August 23, 2 PM
Claremont Library
3288 E Main St

C atawba Valley Cattlemen's Association
   (2nd Tuesday of the month, August 14)
(We welcome all people interested in our educational topic.)

SpeakerMr. Joe Berrong;
               NC State Highway Patrol, Troop 
Educational Program: Transporting Livestock and Farm                                           Equipment on North Carolina  Roads  
Location:  APP-address: Agricultural Resource Center 1175                 South Brady Ave. Newton, NC 28658
Date: August 14, 2018
Meeting Agenda: 
          6:00  Supper is served.
          6:45 Business Meeting; Dr. Greg Whitener, DVM,   president
          7:00  Educational Program  -   Mr. Joe Berrong 
                     Topic:Transporting Livestock and Farm Equipment on                                   North Carolina Roads 
          8:00 Meeting Adjourned

                        Visitors eat free but need to initial the attendance sheet. 

Are your  Chemical Pesticide License scheduled to expire in 2018? Two class hours of "V" credits must be taken before October 1, 2018 to avoid license expiration in December.

We welcome you to sign up:

Private Applicators Renewal Class
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
1 pm - 3 pm 
Agricultural Resource Center, Room A, 

2 hour "V" training 

Location:  APP-address: 1175 South Brady Ave. Newton,       NC 28658
Corn and Soybean Field Day

Join us on August 18 for the 2nd Annual Southwest Piedmont Corn and Soybean Field Day! This is an event you certainly don't want to miss! Register by calling the Cleveland Co. Extension Office or by clicking HERE.


Anelle Ammons will walk through getting started gardening with native plants, why you'd want to grow native plants, and many great native plants to choose for your landscape!
This is a free program. No registration needed.

Join us at either session:
August 21, 4 PM
         Conover Library
          403 Conover Station Southeast
August 23, 2 PM
Claremont Library
3288 E Main St

4-H Summer Fun 
Science for Cloverbuds with 4-H Summer Fun 
Ages  6 and older 

4-H Summer Fun classes continue for August with openings still available. Children have been around the Extension office and participating in classes led by different staff members and volunteers learning about lots of different topics. 

Upcoming classes with openings are: 

* Lego Mania - August 16
* Extreme Makeover - Aug. 14-15

You can find the complete schedule posted on 
the Extension website at 
See schedule on website for complete workshop/camp list! 

It is not necessary to be in 4-H to participate. Spaces are filled on a first-come basis. You may register in person at the Cooperative Extension Office or print and mail your registration. For more information about Summer Fun contact Donna Mull or Tina McGillvary at Cooperative Extension at 
    Advanced Gardener Program 2018

Patrick Beaver Memorial Library - 2nd Thursday of the month from 6-7 PM
Newton Library - 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6:30-7:30 PM
Maiden Library - 4th Tuesday of the month from 6:30-7:30 PM

Jan - Pruning - How, When, and on What
Feb - Manage Your Lawn
Mar - Soil, Composting, and Plant Nutrients
April - Flowers, Shrubs, and Pollinator Gardens
May - Vegetable Gardening For a Resilient Community
June - Garden and Landscape Diseases and Disorders
July - 2 Minute Talks - Fire Ants, Brown Patch, Soil Testing, and 20 Other Topics
Aug - Identify and Control Your Weeds
Sept - Home Food Production - The 4 Season Strategy
Oct - Edible Landscaping With Fruit
Nov - Landscape Design - Putting It All Together

These presentations are free and open to the public.  Persons can attend programs of interest or attend all presentations for program certification. 

This year's curriculum will offer two different certification programs
Master Gardener Certification
                Cost: $100
Requirements - Attend all 11 presentations, complete 10 hours of extension workshop education , complete on-line quizzes and exams, complete weed collection project, complete home landscape project, complete 1000 ft2 garden design project, complete 40 hours of community service in gardening activities.
Advanced Gardener Certification:
                Cost: Free
Requirements - Attend 9 of the 11 presentations, complete 20 hours of service/learning activities.     
    Row Crop Updates

Take a look at the Southwest Piedmont Grain Grower's Portal for information on soybean and corn variety trials, respirator fit test fact sheet, and more.

Take a look at the latest updates in herbicide resistant weeds for our area.

If you need to schedule a fit test for your respirator (dust mask or half face type) our office can help you.  Give us a call to set up an appointment - 828-465-8240.
    Annual Garden Calendar For Catawba County

Visit our on-line garden calendar to find out:
When should you prune, fertilize your lawn, start a fall garden, dig up your bulbs
Find out what will be in bloom this month!
"Farm to Fork" Recipe Page

Visit the " Farm to Fork"  recipe page for recipes and resources to help you prepare produce that you grow or purchase at local farmers markets.

 Attention - Aspiring Food Business Entrepreneurs:  

Click on the link below for answers to questions regarding starting a food business. Whether you are interested in selling value-added products at a farmers market or starting a 
food truck. You will find information to help you, including agencies that regulate food businesses.

4-H Clubs & Groups

A variety of 4-H clubs are available in Catawba County for youth ages 9 and older. The clubs are led by volunteer leaders and meet at different times and places. Most of the clubs are special-interest, meaning they focus on a particular topic or theme.General interest clubs are also part of 4-H. Below is a list of clubs and 4-H affiliated groups. Email or call Donna Mull at 828-465-8242 or to request a club list with details about meeting times, locations and ages.

Community-Based Clubs & Groups
Snowy Creek 4-H Horse Club
Catawba County Livestock Club
Balls Creek Adventurers 4-H Club
Robotics Competition Team 
Catawba County Youth Council
Sew Awesome Sewers
Snack Makers 4-H Club
DIG (Discoveries in Gardening)
Top Shots Shooting Sports
Bright Ideas STEM Club
Cultures of the World Club 

School Clubs:
Montessori Leadership Club
St. Stephens High School Juntos 4-H Club
Banoak School 4-H Garden Club 

Our club offerings change, so check this spot each month for club updates. We welcome the chance to grow this list, add new clubs, and new 4-H'ers! Contact Donna Mull or Tina McGillvary at Cooperative Extension to learn more about starting a 4-H Club. 


Adult granulate  ambrosia  beetles were found in traps in Hickory, NC in early April. If you have had problems with this  pest  in the past, now is a good time to begin preventative trunk sprays on young trees. A trunk spray of bifenthrin (with a sticker) will protect the trunk for two weeks at most. Treat the area from the ground to the lower scaffold branches. Repeat sprays are required. Protecting the trunk is the only control method available at this time. 

Host Trees to this pest include: 
Callery pear  Chinese elm  Crapemyrtle  Dogwood  Fig  Goldenraintree  Magnolia  Maple  Oak  Ornamental cherry  Peach  Persimmon  Plum  Redbud  Silverbell (Halesia)  Snowbell (Styrax)  Sweetgum  Tulip poplar and many others!

For more information on granulate ambrosia beetle, click here                                                                                                        
Gardening for 4 Season Interest

Free Program!
Join us for either free program at the Agricultural Resource Center where Anelle Ammons will talk about getting started designing gardens and landscapes that have interest in all 4 seasons. Learn some great plants that will add pop to your yard and some beginner gardening techniques. Bring lots of questions.
No registration necessary.
  • September 6 - 2 PM
  • September 22 - 10 AM
Agricultural Resource Center
1175 S. Brady Ave,
Newton, NC 28658      

Need help with food preservation?

Stop by the Extension office and pick up a complimentary guide with instructions on how to can and freeze selected fruits and vegetables. For your convenience,  the guides have been distributed to several local libraries but supplies are limited.

You can also visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation  website for extensive information on how to preserve your favorite foods. 
   NC State Extension Videos - 
Check out these You Tube Channels

 Top 10 Food Safety Myths For Farmers

Take a look at this surprising list from the 
Carolina Farm Stewardship Association.
   Extension Video Highlight 
Blueberry Pruning Video with Bill Cline
Sign up now for the Master Gardener Course in 2019
Class is limited to 20 prepaid participants
Does your farm business donate food?  Read this article to understand how food donations can help your tax expenses.

USDA Low Interest Loans For Storage Facilities

The Farm Storage Facility Loan Program provides low-interest financing so producers can build or upgrade permanent facilities to store commodities. Eligible commodities include grains, oilseeds, peanuts, pulse crops, hay, honey, renewable biomass commodities, fruits and vegetables. Eligible facility types include grain bins, hay barns and facilities for cold storage.

Visit the USDA Farm Storage Facility Loan website for more info.
                       Food Safety During a Power Outage

When the power goes out, you may wonder about the safety of your refrigerated or frozen foods. If the power is out for 48 hours or less, and your freezer is nearly full, your food may still be fine.  According to food safety experts, a closed freezer can keep food at 40°F or below for up to 48 hours--if full and kept cold. A closed refrigerator will keep food 40°F or below for about 4 hours after a power loss.The following link will take you to a fact sheet that will help you decide what you need to keep and what you should toss when the power is out longer than expected:

If you still have questions after reviewing the fact sheet, please call Ann Simmons at 704-878-3157 or email for more information.
NC State Gardening, Agriculture, and Pest Updates

You can sign up for the latest news on gardening, pest advisories, livestock, energy, and many others.  Check out the complete list of NC State News that you can subscribe to and get the latest research based info.  Be the first to know! 
Got To Be NC Agriculture

Visit the Got to Be NC website and see excellent resources for starting your own food business.

Visit the NC Growing Together website to see the latest newsletter, recent resources, and schedule of upcoming workshops, webinars, and meetings.

NC Farm Link

Take at look at this incredible website that helps connect farmland seekers with farmland owners. There is also an amazing list of resources for farmers.
Small Farm Grant and Loan Assistance

We will post various grant and loan opportunities that arise in this space of our monthly updates.  Simply click on the opportunity of interest for more information.

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination statement

North Carolina State University and North Carolina A&T State University commit themselves to positive action to secure equaopportunity regardless of racecolor, religion, creed, national origin, sexage, disability, or veteran'status. In additionthe two Universities welcome all person without regard to sexual orientation.  North Carolina State University, North Carolina A&T State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and local governments cooperating.
Persons with disabilities and persons with limited English proficiency may request accommodations to participate by contacting Catawba County Extension Director, George Place, at (828) 465-8240 or or in person at the County Extension Office at least 14 days prior to the event.

Dr. George Place
Catawba County Cooperative Extension Director
Agricultural Resources Center, Newton, NC 28658