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First Friday Opening
August 2, 2013

Cheryl Eve Acosta
Hidden in Nature II

August 2 - September 28, 2013
Back Gallery

Opening Reception

Thursday, August 1st




Artist Statement


Born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico, Cheryl Eve Acosta's jewelry finds inspiration mainly from the ocean and aquatic life. She is known for making bold and distinctive pieces of body adornment where her sculptural jewelry treats the human body as a site of display while merging art and fashion. She highlights both the impermanence and fragility of natural forms with the delicateness of her designs by creating one of kind pieces of wearable art. 


Cheryl Eve is interested in aquatic processes such as how corals adapt and respond to their environment, be it from changing water currents, fluctuating temperatures or the intensity of sunlight.  She celebrates marine life with her jewelry and seeks to give awareness on the effects contemporary lifestyles has on aquatic life.


Artist Bio


Cheryl Eve was trained at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where she received her MFA in Jewelry & Metals and a BFA in jewelry from New Mexico State University. She currently resides in Kansas City, MO where she actively creates jewelry in her studio, teaches private workshops and shows her new collections at fashion shows.


Cheryl Eve's work has been published in numerous publications including: "Dreaming Jewelry, Contemporary Jewelry" by MONSA Barcelona Publications, "Art Jewelry Today 3" by Jeffrey B. Snyder, Lark Book's "500 Earrings",  "Stitched Jewels" by Marthe Le Van and has published her own book called "Hidden in Nature". Her work has been shown nationally and internationally such as the Georgia Museum in Atlanta, the International Expositions of Sculpture and Functional Art (SOFA) in Chicago, Cheongju International Craft Biennale, in SeoulKorea, in Florence, Munich among others.  She is an Arts KC Grant recipient, has showed at the West 18th St. Fashion Show in 2010 and 2011 and at the Kansas City Fashion Week in 2012. She has recently been invited to participate at the Plaza Art Fair in September 2013.

Hidden In Nature II
Video - Hidden In Nature II


Visit Cheryl Eve Acosta at the Plaza Art Fair

September 2013

Friday, 20th: 5pm - 10pm

Saturday, 21st: 10am - 10pm

Sunday, 22nd: 11am - 5pm















David Slone Aug 2013 Opie
David Slone, Visage, 2013, oil on panel, 24" x 18" 


The Opie Collection

Featuring David Slone


August 2 - September 28, 2013

Opie Gallery



David Slone Statement


Simply put, my work is the result of a shifting and evolving dialogue between my love of paint and my fascination with portraiture-a conversation between realism, abstraction, faces and identity. I am interested in how a shift in color or a few distinct brush marks can change the content of a portrait. I enjoy looking at the smallest details of the face and finding interesting ways to make it my own. Large pores, dark circles under the eyes, and the the complexity of skin color within shadows are all exciting features open to interpretation. I am especially intrigued by ears that appear transparent and luminous due to a strong light source behind them. I want to paint skin that I can get lost in.


David Slone Bio


I was born in 1985 in Chicago, IL and raised in Lincolnton, NC. In 2007, I graduated with honors from Anderson University in Anderson, SC, with concentrations in painting and graphic design. Soon after graduating, I was accepted into the Art Bomb Studios artist collective in Greenville, SC, where I maintained a consistent studio practice and participated in numerous shows. During this period, I worked full-time as a graphic designer at Erwin-Penland, an ad agency in Greenville. In the summer of 2012, my wife was offered a position teaching as a full-time art professor at Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas. We currently live in Sterling and I now focus on my painting full time.

















  Photo Credit: Dylan Beck

Dylan J. Beck
Flyover Country
July 5 - August 31, 2013
Front Gallery

Artist Statement


My artwork explores the interaction of built space with the natural environment and the idea that manmade landscapes express a society's material and political priorities. Within this domain, my interests range from concepts of land use and automobile-centered planning to the psychological effects of living in the "non-places" of a hypermodern world. Hypermodernity has created places that have no relation to the natural environment in which they reside. These places include airports, shopping malls, and various housing developments, among others.


Many decisions regarding spatial relationships within our built environment depend on the flow of goods and consumers from place to place. Unmanaged growth, known as sprawl, has been the cause and/or effect of problems with transportation, the environment, and the economy. At the same time, this growth has created new housing and employment opportunities. I situate my work between criticism and veneration. Likewise, there is a dichotomy in my aesthetic attraction to images of built landscapes and my feelings toward the issues they illustrate.


I use several tactics to illustrate this dialectic. My sculptures are constructed with materials that are found in the retail and domestic setting along with those used in home construction. Through the examination of the world around me, aerial photography and satellite imagery I select ubiquitous forms and imagery. I then use the same spatial relationships that are inherent in our built environment to create sculptural installations.


Artist Bio


Born in southeastern Ohio, Dylan J. Beck attended The Ohio University in Athens where he studied ceramics and conservation biology. Upon receiving his bachelor of fine art in ceramics, he was awarded a post-baccalaureate fellowship at Illinois State University. In 2006, he moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to attend Tyler School of Art of Temple University for graduate school, earning a master of fine art in ceramics. From 2005 to the present, Beck has exhibited widely in the United States and is currently an Assistant Professor of Art and Ceramics Department Head at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, OR.




June July 2013 MG
Image List - Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Debbie Barrett-Jones,
Heinrich Toh, Laura Berman, Bill Cave, Skyler Bieberly, Joe Gregory,
Steve Joy, Scott Archie Gobber  


Preview Group Show

Featuring Artists with Upcoming Solo Exhibitions


June 7 - August 31, 2013

Main Gallery   


Debbie Barrett-Jones

Laura Berman

Skyler Bieberly

Bill Cave

Joe Gregory

Scott Archie Gobber

Steve Joy

Heinrich Toh