Will you be doing an irrigation, drainage, or lighting project this fall? If so, please share your materials list with us very soon so we can give notice to our suppliers and work to secure the materials. Many vendors are predicting that they will continue to struggle to maintain inventories through the fall and winter. Their reasons include raw material challenges, manufacturing challenges, COVID-19 compliances, shipping challenges and in some cases higher demand. 
This all plays a part in 2020 - the year of challenges. Your getting us the information soon will give us the best chance to prepare with our vendors to have the products when you need them!
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With so many unexpected twists and turns this year, we thought it might be good to keep you apprised of what our vendors are telling us about the remainder of this year. In the fall of 2019, there were significant price increases due to tariffs that were imposed. Fast forward through a pandemic, global shutdown, partial restart, etc. Since then, overall prices have stayed consistent up through July, but expect changes as we head into the fall and winter. 
At the beginning of the pandemic both HDPE pipe and copper wire had significant pricing swings as worldwide demand dropped. HDPE prices have stayed low. In July copper wire jumped significantly higher. Copper on the COMEX (monthly average price) went from $2.75 in January to a low of $2.31 in April and now ends July right around $2.90.
PVC pipe has been on a consistent rise from a low in June. Not as bad as copper, but our suppliers are telling us to expect more increases as the cost of resin rises which is the raw material used to make PVC. To give you some perspective, our vendors say in July prices increased on average around 7.5% and by September they are expected to increase by another 5%. 
Inbound and outbound freight prices across the board have jumped considerably. What this means is that even if the products we all purchase are in the category of "freight included" we are all going to pay a higher price as manufacturers recoup the extra costs of the freight.
In summary... if you are in a position to order materials, do it sooner rather than later and you will be saving money!
Just a reminder as we are in the middle of "hand watering season" -  we have both Tipco and Underhill® hoses and a wide array of nozzles and applicators. Give us a call today if we can be of help!
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Lightning We are in the "lightning season" so now is the best time to ask for a quote if you have anything but a WXLINE Course Alert system.  These are by far the most resilient and accurate systems out there.  Our service technicians provide the maintenance and can give you peace of mind knowing that you have someone you know and trust to keep it running for you.  Give Steve, Mike, or David a call today if you have questions or want a free quotation.  Click here for more information.

We have worked hard with our finance partners to get this set up earlier this year than ever before. New and pre-owned commercial equipment, irrigation equipment, lightning detection systems, sensor systems, weather stations, and even pump stations can ALL BE INCLUDED in this special arrangement.  If you need it now, but cannot start payments until next year, this is the best option for you. Make a list of the products you need and talk to your territory manager today or click here if you want someone to contact you.
NSN Regional Lynx® Software Training Dates (confirmed with NSN)

We are anticipating our annual NSN Regional Lynx Software Training will continue. For 26 years Toro has provided this type of educational event and it is the only event of its kind that comes with a money back guarantee! NSN subscriptions often include a scholarship for this event so check with NSN to see if you qualify. GCSAA Education Points are offered for this event. We will keep you updated as the event gets closer.

Tue-Wed, Dec 1-2, 2020: Turf Equipment and Supply, West Chester, PA office

Thu-Fri, Dec 3-4, 2020: Turf Equipment and Supply, Jessup, MD office

Listed below are maintenance items to check during the month of August. This is from our yearly irrigation checklist which can be downloaded here.
  • Pre-aerification system checkup, flag or mark heads as needed
  • Trim grass around sprinklers and quick coupler valves



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