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Can you believe summer is almost over? We're currently at a cross between Summer Olympic and Back To School seasons, so as we prepare for Fall semester, let's remember to also cheer for Team USA! 

This month's newsletter is filled with activities concerning these two topics and more! Be sure to check out our website's printable activity page for games and quizzes the entire family can enjoy. Also, as August also marks Art Appreciation Month, be sure to check out a few upcoming exhibits featuring predominantly African-American artists in major cities around the U.S.  

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The History of Historical Black Colleges & Universities
Before 'A Different World's' Hillman College brought historical black colleges and universities to the media forefront, these prestigious institutions have been allowing African Americans to live up to their true potential years before the world wanted to give them a chance. This August, as many academic institutions around the country prepare for their students, Sweet Blackberry would like to take the time to celebrate those who gave minorities the opportunity they needed for success.  Click here for this month's activity and quiz celebrating these amazing schools. 
Have you met Team USA? Test your knowledge on this Olympic contenders with this fun activity. Be sure to tune into the opening ceremony this  Friday, August 5th at 7 PM EST/ 6 PM CST on NBC! 
What  We're R eading 
Bessie Coleman's Start at Langston University

Did you know Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman was an alumna of Langston University? Langston University is the only historically black college in the state of Oklahoma. Founded in 1897, Langston University got its start as the Oklahoma Agricultural and Normal University and created as a result of the second Morrill Act in 1890. This law required schools to either admit African Americans of start an alternate school in order to receive federal funding.

This month, Sweet Blackberry continues to fundraise for this exciting project sharing the story of the first African American female pilot, Bessie Coleman. This animated short will surround Coleman's journey and determination to defy odds by moving to France from Atlanta, Texas to learn to fly. 
This Bessie Coleman project will join our collection of short films teaching children little known black history stories such as the stories of Henry "Box" Brown, Janet Collins and Garrett Morgan. Each of these films is currently available on Netflix. 

August: Art Appreciation Month
Source: Gordon Parks
Gordon Parks. Kara Walker. Jean-Michel Basqiat. Though you may not realize it at first glance, masterpieces created by African-American artists have rightfully made their mark in United States art history. As we celebrate art this August, here are a few exhibits occurring in major cities around the U.S. to check out: 
In 1946, my students pioneered "stool-sitting" which played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement .
I was founded on March 2,1867. 
I saw to the education of 150,000 freed slaves by 1872. 
Who am I? 
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The answer to last month's trivia question was Simone Biles! Congrats @Shish_KaB0b for answering last month's trivia correctly.