August 2019
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Helping Your Employees Through Retirement
Many employers believe that once one of their employees have reached retirement, they must move the money they've saved in an account like Ohio DC to a new account like an IRA, but that's not the case. Ohio DC is here to help our participants throughout retirement as well. You can learn more about what we offer our retired participants  here .
The Importance of Having an Emergency Fund
It's an unfortunate part of life, but financial mishaps happen. Having an emergency fund set aside for when life throws something unexpected at you should be an essential part of everyone's financial plan. While it isn't an easy task, it's something we should all be working toward. If you would like to give your employees some pointers about how to build their emergency fund click  here .
Share Deferred Compensation-Related Articles with Your Employees 

Ohio DC can provide monthly information on retirement issues for your newsletter or Intranet. This month, we'd like to give you information for your employees about investment basics: Getting Started with Target Date Funds .

Download articles on healthcare in retirement, what is deferred compensation, fees, and more.   Learn more .

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Message from the Executive Director: Keith Overly
Keith Overly, Executive Director
Investing During Turbulent Times
It's a scene that we see repeated time and again, participants see news headlines about the stock market and financial media which lead them to making irrational decisions, often because of the psychological hardwiring of the human brain. The average investor underperforms major market indexes as they try to time good and bad performance in the market. We often see trading and short-term holding periods are driven, in large part by emotional reactions to news headlines. 

We want our participants to be aware of their emotions and the psychological aspects of investing. Our participants can help themselves avoid reactions to market headlines by sticking to investment basics, seeking opportunities to buy when others sell, and working with a financial professional. 

Ohio DC can help you address emotional investing and other topics with your employees. If you'd like to learn more about what we can do, visit, call your local Account Executive or our Service Center at 877.644.6457 to schedule an appointment.