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Deborah Wilder
CCMI President 

LCPtracker Academy Launches
CCMI is excited to announce that we partnered with LCPtracker to produce over 12 hours of prevailing wage online modules that launched last week. Anyone looking for in-depth training on California prevailing wage can now take classes and get certified online! CCMI with LCPtracker designed a California prevailing wage curriculum for contractors and a separate one for Agencies. There is also a stand-alone module for mixed funded projects (California and Davis Bacon). 
Through this program, not only can you gain a solid understanding of state prevailing wage law and how to run a successful compliance program, but you can also receive resume-worthy credentials to prove your proficiency.
All certification programs are conducted 100% online and are on-demand, allowing users to learn at their own pace and on their own time. For more information, please visit the LCPtracker Academy page at www.LCPtracker.com.  
Important Notices are an Easy Way to Keep Up to Date on DIR Changes
California agencies and contractors can subscribe to receive prevailing wage updates. Go to this link  https://www.dir.ca.gov/OPRL/2020-1/NoticeIndex.htm . You will receive notices of all DIR updates. Remember these updates become effective 10 days after they are published and apply to all projects which are advertised to bid after that date. These corrections and changes are never retroactive. 
October 26-29th Foundation Software Conference originally scheduled for June 2-4 has been rescheduled to October 26-29/ Location: Cleveland, Ohio. Contact www.foundationsoftware.com for more details. Deborah will likely be speaking October 27th.
November 16-18th LCPtracker's Ignite Conference originally scheduled for June 16-19 has been rescheduled for November 16-18th. Location San Diego. Deborah will be speaking at several breakout sessions on the 17th and 18th . Contact www.LCPtracker.com  for more details.

Watch for LCPtracker's release of their ACADEMY focusing on prevailing wage compliance. Deborah is featured on over 20 different webinars.
Want to schedule your own prevailing wage workshop?
We will customize a workshop or webinar for you and your Agency/Company. Contact us at: info@ccmilcp.com 

You asked, we answered!

QUESTION: We are an open shop company. Can we take fringe benefit credit for holiday pay and vacation which the company pays directly to our workers?     
Both California and Federal Davis Bacon allow contractors to take credit for holidays and vacation time paid by a company directly if you meet certain requirements. The policy regarding paid vacation and holidays must be in writing and cannot be forfeitable. In California, vacation is earned, cannot be forfeited and must be paid to the worker upon termination of employment. Then the calculation to per hour rates must follow the following formula.  
Total number of hours of holiday and vacation which the employee accrues in a year X RRP (the employee's Regular Rate of Pay which will be paid when they take that vacation or holiday) ÷ 2080 hours = Per hour rate for prevailing wage credit.
Be aware this is the rule in many states, but not all states. Nevada does not allow fringe benefit credit for any self pay benefits. Nevada law actually mandates that fringe benefit must go to a 3rd party administrator in order to be counted as a bona fide fridge benefit.

Feel free to send your questions to info@ccmilcp.com 

New Book: AGC of America's Davis Bacon Compliance Manual, 5th Edition ©  2019 is now out. Deborah Wilder is the author.  

You may purchase the book through www.agc.org or through the CCMI website: www.ccmilcp.com 

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