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...but the good times keep on coming!
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Anti-Aging Centers will be going on vacation From August 20-26,
but you can still purchase our Laser Hair Removal promotion below.

Also our WEST HAVEN location is MOVING!
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3 Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Ab Trail ($450 value) 
Areola ($285 value) 
Bikini Line ($885 value) 
Chin ($285 value) 
Chin Extension ($375 value) 
Ears ($225 value) 
Feet ($585 value) 
Forehead ($285 value) 
Glabella ($225 value) 
Hands ($585 value) 
Neck (front or back, $585 value) 
Nose ($225 value) 
Sideburns ($585 value) 
Underarms ($585 value) 
Upper Lip ($285 value)
3 Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Abs, Full ($1185 value) 
Arms, Upper ($885 value) 
Back, Half ($1185 value) 
Brazilian ($1185 value) 
Chest, Full ($1485 value) 
Face, Full ($1185 value) 
Forearms ($885 value) 
Manzilian ($1485 value) 
Sacrum ($885 value) 
Scalp ($1185 value) 
Shoulders ($1185 value)
3 Laser Hair Removal Treatments
Arms, Full ($1185 - $1495 value) 
Back, Full ($2085 value) 
Chest and Abs ($2085 value)
Gluteals ($1185 value) 
Legs, Lower ($1185 value) 
Legs, Upper ($1185 value)
Introducing: Sublime™ Skin Contouring
Anti-Aging Centers is proud to be offering Sublime™! Sublime™ skin contouring treatment is a safe, non-invasive, wrinkle reduction procedure used to contour skin. Sublime combines energies to precisely heat the dermal tissue and stimulate production of collagen within the target treatment area using infrared light in combination with bi-polar radio frequency.
Laser Hair Removal Promotional Terms

Please read our Promotional Terms and Directions For Purchasing on our website.

(Please note that clients can purchase two coupons per size area (small, medium, or large) ONLY for a maximum of 6 coupons total.)

Wondering what these areas include? Check out our Laser Hair Removal Body Map .

Read More About Laser Hair Removal on our website.

Cannot be combined with other discounts or series. Purchases expire two years from date of purchase and must be used during this time period. Promotion available for purchase through August 31, 2018.