"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. "
--- Thomas Merton
August's First Friday Artwalk 

Join us for August's First Friday Artwalk on August 2 from 5pm to 8pm. The Shuttle will be running so that you can take advantage of enjoying new art from Downtown Colorado Springs to Old Colorado City to Manitou Springs!
 I N   T H E   G A L L E R I E S
1st Amendment Gallery: Current Show Opens August 2
Due to the overwhelming support and popularity of the 1st Amendment show, we are asking artists to submit 2 pieces at a maximum. We are overjoyed to have such a rich and large assortment of incredible work being presented in the 1st Amendment gallery. The sheer amount of material being presented is making it difficult to display the work properly. In order to give each piece space to breathe, we have to put a limit on the amount of work we can take in. This is a great testament to all of our members' hard work, passion, creativity and willingness to display with us! 

"Round Em Up" Ceramic & Spring by Linda Ross "Just Hangin' Nakey" Embroidery & Acrylic by Hayden Waldron Rhinoceros (female)" Mixed Media by Craig Noble

Robert Swaim - Retirement Ruminations Runs Until September 1
Robert Swaim has been a resident of the Pikes Peak Region since 1963 (56 years). Robert is a retired architectural designer/consultant and master planner whose design  efforts span across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Locally, his designs include Pikes Peak Community College Centennial Campus, Holy Apostles Catholic Church, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, Sierra High School, Dwire Hall at UCCS, design and planning consulting on Pikes Peak Center, amongst many others. Swaim's travel has been extensive and highly influential in his work.

For this exhibit - "Retirement Ruminations", - individual pieces are primarily based upon varied cultural and ethnic influences which I
 connect with in some respect.  The primary goal and hope for this exhibit is to connect with the viewer's  individual  experiences, awareness and feelings... and just as importantly - perception of beauty in our world.

Materials and methods include pen and ink, color markers, Prismacolor pencils, rubbed pastel & graphite, tempera, reworked and enhanced digitization, and in some cases, collage.

Gary King - Do you believe in Majick? Runs Until September 1
I went to three years of high school in Madrid Spain and spent a lot of time listening to Spanish Guitar and going to Art museums and galleries y tapas con cervesa. Got back to Madison, Wisconsin and had another great art teacher who introduced me to contemporary American and Native American Art, oh, and Frank Lloyd Wright too.   

Started at UCCS with the Wynns and some great conversations at Giuseppe's when it was downtown by the Cotton Club. Transferred up to Boulder [BFA '69] where I conversed at Brillig Works and my home, The Sink. Went to the Summer of Love in San Francisco 1967 and hung out with a lot of wild hippie artists and musicians, people into equality, peace, love, with a Love of Natural.   

Began making my own kinda art, on my old hippie jeans, with found on road objects and . . .Did graduate work at University of Wisconsin [MA, MFA] in Madison, worked with the American Indian Movement in North Central Wisconsin, had some great shows, learned how to take my old hippie jeans and cotton rags to make my own Hand Made Paper. 

Had some one man shows in Fine Arts Centers Around the U.S. and showed in some Galleries from Coast to Coast, but my favorites were Return in Taos, Elaine Horwitch in Santa Fe, Joanne Lyon Gallery in Aspen.    

Never gave importance to process and worked in many ways, to art, with clay, paper, furniture, canvas, wood, constructions, bird houses, bronze,  and trees. It's all me, the way I am.    
The last 11 years I've been very retrospective and dealing with gettin' old health issues, but took the summer of 2017 to remember the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love where "my" art started off. Still doing some art stuff and working in my wild, natural yard. 
Still believe in Majick.  ----Gary     


Indigenous to Originality: Featuring Sharon Carvell & Deborah Callan Opens August 2 in the Hagnauer Gallery
A Mother's embrace, a Daughter's acceptance.  Carvell: With a generation of  stories  written on canvas and brought to life in silk and acrylic, Carvell freezes time for a ll to  notice. A brush, a pen, a creative thought,  always a natural extension of this 
creative  force.  A treasure for all to embrace, the art and expression. "It's too much fun!"
---Sharon  Carvell.
Callan: With a background of music, dance and design, Callan began weaving as a little girl, starting in textiles, finding limitations in dimension and detail. Having always had an appreciation of artifacts and restoration,  Callan's current medium was embraced. A gourd, round like the earth, natural. A small seed bead with needled thread, a prayer, time and patience, Callan begins. "As a weaver and artist, I now have my dimension, my detail, my Earth Tapestries." ---DOE 

Jantzen Peake - Wrong Side of DA Tracks - Opens Sept 6
Growing up in the early 80's/90's with hip-hop, grunge music, vintage cartoons, graffiti lifestyle, one could easily be labeled from the "Wrong Side Of Da Tracks." To this day, underground/low-brow culture feels like the most alive, raw, organic and free form of
 expression. It is my warm blanket of happiness 
and humbleness. It brings the life to the works of art that I create, a place far from greed, hate and corporate distractions. My artwork encompasses color, acrylics, pen and ink, watercolor, clay and spray paint in order to guide the audience through the visions of my youth. We shall treasure the eccentric and local people from the "Wrong Side of Da Tracks" so that we always keep in touch with the child who guards our susceptible souls.  
Jantzen Lennon Peake wants to inspire communities through his creative vision in the arts. He wants to help in raising awareness and funding to ensure the youth receive the benefits of essential art programs. Jantzen wants to be apart of a strong community that supports programs that keep the arts in schools and urban communities. Born and reared in Hermosa Beach, California, he began drawing on the walls at the early age of 5.
Jantzen received his BA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in illustration and Animation fr
om California State University Long Beach in 2010. Shortly after receiving his degree, he began teaching K-12 after school art programs and freelancing on the side with his art business, Peake Graffix. A resident of Colorado Springs, he devotes his time and love in the local art community and non-profits such as the Rotary Club (Flight), Concrete Couch and Project Angel Heart. 
Jantzen can be found painting live, creating beautiful murals around the Colorado Springs neighborhoods and throughout the Front Range. He also teaches various art classes at the Manitou Art Center, Library 21C and Bemis School of Art as well as at various libraries in the Pikes Peak Library District. If you would like to view more of his work and/or commission Jantzen, feel free to contact him through his business page Facebook.com/PeakeGraffix. Jantzen Peake strives to bring a new light into the art community, never leaving the soul child behind. 
The Portal is Back!
The Portal is back at the MAC! If you haven't had an opportunity to experience this phenomenon, now is the time! 

Since launch in 2014, Portals have connected more than 45,000 people around the world in intimate, one-on-one dialogues. Events and sites that have hosted Portals include TED 2017, Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Sundance Film Festival, Chicago Ideas Week, Sundance Film Festival, Conference on World Affairs, Burning Man, SXSW Festival (Austin), Mumbai Marathon, Yale University - and now, for the second year, the Manitou Art Center!
The CONO meeting for the Carnegie Library that was scheduled for Wednesday, August 7 has been cancelled. Stay tuned for details about the next meeting!
Connect14/Arts 14 at the Manitou Art Center
Arts 14  Registration opens August 14th.  The Fall session runs from September 9th to Dec 13th. Meet the instructors and learn about the programs on Wednesday, August 28, from 5-6:30pm in the 513 building.

This semester classes are 13 weeks long instead of 8. Classes average $5/hr and with BOGO options are often just $2.50hr. MSSD is thrilled to support these high quality programs at a fraction of the cost of other Colorado Springs youth programs. If you are interested in scholarships please reach out to Joye Levy at  jlevy@mssd14.org
It's Festival Time!
A Manitou Springs favorite, the Commonwheel Art Festival features over 100 juried artists displaying quality fine art & contemporary crafts Each year, more than 12,000 Art patrons from Denver & Colorado Springs flock to the festival and consider it the premiere destination to buy art in the Pikes Peak Region. This year's dates: Saturday, August 31-Monday, September 2.
Manitou Chamber Music  Festival
A big thank you to the Manitou Chamber Music Festival faculty and students. We truly  enjoy having these talented young people here for two weeks each summer! As they put our classrooms, galleries and meeting spaces to work for rehearsing and refining their art, we get to enjoy the results of their hard work. It was 
especially nice to see them busking each afternoon in various Manitou Springs locations. They were well received by tourists and Manitoids alike. Looking forward to next year!
Rock the Vote! Support Art, Culture & Heritage in Manitou!
Whether or not you actually live in (or just love to visit) Manitou Springs, you have probably enjoyed many of the cultural and heritage attractions that are offered here, as well as Art in its many forms. After all, Manitou is known for being an artists' colony, and a destination for Heritage Tourism. 

There is at present a challenge before us as citizens of Manitou. How do we create long-term sustainability for the places and organizations that provide us with our sense of place as lovers of Manitou? How do we nurture and strengthen them for the next generation and beyond?

The Manitou Arts, Culture & Heritage Initiative (MACH) is the answer. By putting a sunsetted 0.3% sales tax back into play, we can ensure sustainability and growth in Manitou's arts, 
cultural and heritage assets and nonprofits.

How will it work? In simplified terms, 30 cents for every $100 spent in Manitou will be earmarked in the following manner:  The first third will go to the Carnegie Library to be used for restoration and expansion. The second third will benefit the Manitou Art Center, Miramont Castle and The Manitou Springs Heritage Center. The final third will go into a competitive grant fund to which any Manitou Arts/Culture/Heritage nonprofit can apply.

What does that mean for you? We live in a unique, dynamic place replete with history, creativity and one-of-a-kind cultural destinations.  Our Manitou Springs residents are proud to call themselves Manitoids because of our creativity and heritage. Art and culture create the "sense of place" that we love.

How can YOU help? If you have not already signed the ballot petition, swing by the MAC and do so. Talk about it with your friends and neighbors---help us get the word out! And when you receive your ballet in the mail in October, vote a resounding YES!
Join the Manitou Block Party!
The Pikes Peak Marathon is looking for artists and artisans interested in having booths at the Manitou Block Party on Manitou Avenue, Sunday, Aug. 25. Contact Jeff Mosher, Base Activities Coordinator, at 244-2223 or baseactivities@gmail.com. The space is free, but vendors must supply their own tents, tables, chairs and, if needed, electricity. Any generators used must be low-noise and low-emission. Contact Mosher for referrals to rent any of the above equipment.
March of the Pee Wees
Save Money & Save the Earth
Want to reduce your footprint for single use plastic? Like to save money? Come to the MAC! Thanks to Neale Minch's single use plastic initiative, you can bring your reusable containers to 515 and stock up on laundry, dish and dishwasher detergent for a fraction of what you spend in the grocery store! An honor cash box is located upstairs at 515, along with the detergents. 

Neale says, " After watching Blue Planet II and learning about the sheer volume of plastics floating in the world's oceans, my wife and I decided to take efforts to reduce our plastics footprint. One of these steps is to purchase select household products in 5 gallon buckets, decant into old jugs and allow people to come in and refill their old laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid and automatic dishwasher liquid containers AT COST. All these products are ranked quite highly by the Environmental Working Group and are the ECOS brand - available at stores like Natural Grocers. A gallon of these products will typically cost $11.60. This started in our garage and has moved to the 515 MAC building thanks to Dustin and Natalie. This means we can scale the initiative and thereby further reduce our plastics footprint."
Have You Visited Yet? Donation-Based Produce Stand!
Fresh food is medicine is joy is community is life! The Manitou Art Center is hosting a pay-what-you-can produce stand in a fridge at their cafe at 515 Manitou Ave stocked with seasonal produce from Flying Pig Farm.

Share in the bounty of the growing season and give back what you can to support the bird, bee, goat, human, insect, and microbial farmers of Flying Pig Farm. Should the sun continue to shine and garden continue to thrive, the stand will run until October 15. It will be open whenever the MAC is open (M-F 8am-8pm Sat 8am-5pm and Sun 10am-5pm)! It's as simple as 1. Grabbing a bag  2. Taking the fruit, veggies, flowers, and herbs you choose, and, 3. Donating what you can! 

Additionally, if you would like to contribute some of your excess produce or know a gardener in town who might, please get in touch via email at  flyingpigmanitou@gmail.com  or by phone with Ruthie (920) 809-2708. Follow Flying Pig Farm on Facebook for weekly updates of produce that will be stocked!
New in the Cafe!
The MAC welcomes Maestro's Bistro to the front of 515 this month!

Maestro's Bistro will be opening at the MAC on Friday, August 30. Hours of operation will be M-S, 8-2.  
Breakfast, lunch, coffee, sweets and daily specials will be offered; special dinner events such as Open Mic at the MAC, Maestro's Supper Club, and Saturday brunch one weekend per month, October - April. 
Come by & check it out!!!!

New Store/Studio by Local Artist K8E Orr in 513
We are excited to announce that Katie Orr, a local artist, jewelry designer and educator, will be opening a new store and studio in the front space next to the Hagnauer Gallery in building 513, in August! Look for Katie's original and unique jewelry and art, as well as opportunities to participate in make and take classes. More information to come!
Moonlight Market

J oin us during First Fridays at the MAC for the Moonlight Market! Local artists, vendors, makers and musicians!

Buy Local, Gift Local!
Wherever you see this logo, you are buying locally-made items that are created, crafted, designed, prepared, or brewed in the Pikes Peak region or by a resident thereof. It is often one-of-a-kind or made in small batches.

The Pikes Peak region includes Manitou Springs, Colorado Springs, and communities along Ute Pass.

Bring a Piece of the MAC Home
Our 30th anniversary commemorative posters, designed by local artist Agnes Navaratne, are still available at the MAC! They are $100, with all proceeds benefitting the MAC. We are in the process of setting up online purchase options, but you can still swing by the MAC and purchase a poster onsite.
Life Drawing Every Wednesday
Live figure drawing every Wednesday from 6 to 9 pm in the E11 Creative Workshop. Bring your own paper, materials, and adult beverage. These sessions are unguided. Some weeks feature multiple short poses, others weeks long poses. $7, no need to RSVP.  Contact
spizzer@comcast.net with questions.

All classes are posted on our Meetup. MACshop members receive a discount on all classes and access to our equipment after being properly trained.

Boss Laser Cutting & Engraving 101
Cutting and engraving is going to be easier for you when you know how to use the Manitou Art Center's Boss Laser! Learn how to use the Boss Laser by local MAC resident Jordan Kerr.

Teacher: Jordan Kerr
Dates: August 7 & August 28
Time: 6:30pm to 8pm
$15 MAC members
$25 Non-members
Some Illustrator knowledge is helpful to understand how to convert images on to wood, leather and paper. 

Darkroom 101 with Brian
From beginning to end... Starting with what's in your mind, to making photographs with your creative vision.  Then moving on to the process of developing your own film.  Lastly, to making your own darkroom prints.  How to's on the whole process. Educational, fun, and magical.

Teacher: Bryan Tryon
Dates: August 11
Time: 12pm to 1:30pm 
$15 per person for MAC members
$30 for non-members 
Price includes darkroom materials.

Start Your Signature Book
This 6 hour workshop is for entrepreneurs who are wanting to write a book that supports their business and attracts the ideal clients. Here's what you will take away:  
  • crystal clear Main Point
  • book outline and chapter titles
  • 8 essential elements to enhance your content
  • secrets to craft the title that attracts your ideal clients 
Only 8 spots available! Tuition of $195 includes course materials, guidance, on-the-spot coaching and self-publishing FAQs. (Deadline to register is Sept. 1) OR Register by August 1st to enjoy the Early Bird Special of only $149!  To Register call 425-495-6967 or email  Nina@ninadurfee.com

Get Oriented
Orientation for new members is held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm in the DesignLab (orange door by Concrete Couch).

Are you interested in teaching a class at the MAC? Whether it be gardening, scrapbooking/collage, painting, or some other fabulous idea? Contact dustin@manitouartcenter.org to discuss and schedule!
The MAC is Looking for a Computer Donation
The MACShop is looking to supercharge its design computer. Our main design computer has been working hard over the last year and is starting to show its age a bit. If you can help us replace or upgrade our workhorse, we would be most appreciative! We are looking for a Windows based machine with at least an i7 processor. We run many graphics intensive programs on this computer, so a relatively modern machine is necessary. If you have a machine you would consider donating, please contact Dustin: dustin@manitouartcenter.org. Please email first and do not bring equipment in sight unseen--we want to make sure that your generous donation is something we can use, and not something we would have to take to the electronics recyclers.

Textiles West is happy to offer MAC Members extended benefits in TWIL! Come by for a tour of the space and find out the details of the following offerings:
  • Free use of equipment after you have been certified on the equipment of your choice.
  • Register for a block of time during our Open Studio hours for free.
  • 10% off all classes being offered at Textiles West
8/1/19-8/29/19 (Every Thurs): Creating Layers: Resist Techniques with Fiber Reactive Dyes, 10a-12:30p

8/5/19-8/26/19 (Every Monday): Seeing Color: An Intro to Fiber Reactive Dyes,  5-7:30p

8/7/19: Curious About Weaving? 10a-3p

8/15/19: Texcon (members only) 6-7:30p

8/18/19: Fun Wall Hanging, 10a-2p

8/24/19: Indigo Itajime Shibori, 10a-5p

Want to volunteer?  Sign up on our  Volunteer Page  at  www.textileswest.org 

For more information or to register for classes, please visit our website at textileswest.org. 
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