August 2020


This month we celebrate the feast of the Assumption of our Lady, both body and soul into heaven. This feast is a beautiful reminder that not only our souls are meant for heaven, but our bodies too –
God desires our whole selves to be with Him in heaven. Our bodies are sacred – in fact, God has counted every hair upon our heads! We have hope that one day we will be united with God and loved ones in heaven.

Later in the month, we celebrate St. Monica and St. Augustine (August 27 and 28), a mother and son whose road to sanctity was not an easy one! St. Monica prayed for many years for Augustine's conversion, enduring in hope that her son would one day know Christ. They shine as an example of the Christian family: even through conflicts, difficulties, and challenges, family members are called to love fiercely and help each other grow in holiness.

And finally, it's (somehow already) back-to-school time, which has parents, kids, and teachers feeling anxious about the new school year. There are no one-size-fits-all answers for your family - you know yourself, your spouse, and your children, and whatever decision you have made will be what is best for your family.

We pray you can find joy and see God's presence in your life this month.

The Marriage & Family Ministry Staff
4 things to remember if you feel awkward expressing your needs
Sometimes we tend to think that expressing our needs is selfish - after all, no one wants to be seen as the needy one in a relationship! But a desire and the ability to express yourself to your beloved is a necessary part of a healthy relationship. Honestly talking about what you need builds both intimacy and trust. Here are 4 things to remember while working toward a relationship with honest communication and "necessary neediness."
What the Solemnity of the Assumption teaches us about our lives
I love having a wedding anniversary on the Assumption. In our own marriage, we have known suffering - difficult pregnancies, subfertility, and miscarriage, among other things – and those are common sufferings for married couples to face. We are not alone. When we feel discouraged about the sufferings that come, we can look to Mary. Her story, rife with suffering that we can’t comprehend, ended with the glorification of her wounds.
6 unexpected perks of planning your family naturally
One of the big things we all hear about Catholic marriage is Natural Family Planning. You may be familiar with the major reasons to use NFP—it’s approved by Catholic Church, it’s in line with God’s design, it builds stronger marriages, and is a natural way to avoid or achieve a pregnancy. These are all good things; but they aren’t all the good things. When I got married, I discovered a whole trove of perks no one told me about using NFP.
Webinar: "Racism is a Life Issue" from Notre Dame's Center for Ethics & Culture
Join us for a moderated discussion on racism and the culture of life with distinguished panelists G. Marcus Cole (Dean, Notre Dame Law School), Sen. Katrina Jackson (Louisiana State Senate), Ernest Morrell (University of Notre Dame), Gloria Purvis (EWTN Global Catholic Radio), Jacqueline Rivers (Harvard University), and Benjamin Watson (Super Bowl Champion). Click here to visit the YouTube panel replay.
A plan for a family retreat
Because of the pandemic, many of us spent far more time than normal with our families in 2020. But perhaps not all of this time was spent as well as it could have been. A self-directed family retreat is one solution to take a step back from the noise of the world, spend intentional time with your kids, and share your faith with them. Your family retreat should include these 4 elements: family bonding activities, prayer, teaching, and of course, fun!
Marriage Tip of the Month

Does voicing your needs come easily to you, or do you find yourself hesitating when you need to have those types of conversations? Make a point to think of two or three concrete needs you haven't communicated to your beloved, then take turns sharing them with each other.