August 2019


Back-to-school sales may have started, but in backyards and beaches alike, we are still basking in the summer sunshine! How fitting that we celebrate in this month of glorious light and gorgeous sunsets, the feast of the Transfiguration, when Jesus became as radiant as the sun in the sight of Peter, James and John. 

In her poignant book,  By Love Refined: Letters to a Young Bride , Alice von Hildebrand makes the point that, just as these intimate disciples of Jesus were given a vision of Him in all his beauty and glory on Mount Tabor, before they would see that same beloved face bruised and bloodied on the way to Calvary— so too, when we fell in love with our spouse, we were given a "Tabor vision” of him or her. We saw the “true face” of our future spouse, his or her unique beauty and goodness which we found so attractive, before we had to face the hard work of making our two lives into one. As new bride Megan Philip writes: "Recalling the 'Tabor vision' helps center my heart when I am tempted to make a big deal over who is going to empty the dishwasher. We are not perfect people, but in reflecting back to each other the 'true vision and unique beauty' that drew us to fall in love in the first place, we can gradually draw each other into the fullness of God’s perfect love.” 

Consider celebrating your "Tabor vision" of each other on the feast of the Transfiguration with a date night tomorrow, August 6th! The  Theology on Tap  summer series is hosting a speaker that evening on each side of the diocese, complete with dinner, drinks and discussion! See details below in the "Upcoming Events” section. 

We hope that the articles and podcast you will find in this issue of  Marriage Matters  help you to hold onto your "Tabor vision" of each other every day.


Lisa Everett
Director for Marriage & Family Ministry
Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
Deepening your friendship in the first year of marriage
Friendship--belly-laughing and carefree and vulnerable and happy friendship--was our something solid. True friendship is what I cherish the most in my husband.
The four temperaments and marriage (podcast)
Do you know the four temperaments? Which one are you? Today we focus on the temperaments and marriage. This episode features Art and Laraine Bennett, the authors of The Temperament God Gave You (and others), Nick and Lucy van Schaijik, and Brady and Sarah Wilson.
Why dating is important for marriage
Sadly, the business of life often gets in the way of planning intentional dates with your spouse. If your emotional bond needs some improvement, then odds are you aren’t dating each other enough . Regular date nights improve marriages!
Spiritual lessons we receive by having children
Just as our feminine and masculine bodies have laws inscribed in them that point to the Creator (this is at the heart of the theology of the body), we can discover essential information about who we are and who God is through parenting.
How to keep communication alive in marriage
Communication isn’t always easy in marriage, but it’s always necessary. It reveals the current status of your connection. Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship.
Marriage Tip of the Month

When you find yourself feeling annoyed with your spouse over something small, focus instead on the quality that most attracted you to him or her when you first started dating.