August 2019
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Back-to-School Edition

Student's are back in school, and so are mentors!

The official  Mentor Kick-Off Day  is August 26th

College Success Coaches (CSC) will be receiving students' schedules by the third week of August from the school district. At that point, your CSC will email you about your student's schedule. 

The first day of school is Monday, August 12th. Please keep in mind that s chools ask visits start 2 weeks after  the 1st day of school. This policy is in place because the first couple weeks are hectic, and schools need additional time to get ready to host mentors.

TSIC Students Go Shopping! 

On July 20th,  171 TSIC students & 208 family members  went shopping at the Hillsborough Education Foundation's Teaching Tools Store  to get ready for the 2019-2020 school year. Students took home backpacks, markers, binders and so much more! 
We'd like to say a special THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered. Without your service, this event would not have been possible. 
Mentor of the Month
Colleen Suarez
  • How did you become involved with mentoring through the Hillsborough Education Foundation?   I was looking to mentor and a friend of mine told me about the mentoring program through the Hillsborough Education Foundation.
    Colleen (right) and her mentee, Christina (left)
  • What has been the most rewarding part of mentoring?  I have truly enjoyed mentoring and I admire Christina, my mentee, tremendously.  She is an amazing young woman with so much ability and I am honored to be a part of her life and educational success. I have enjoyed the time that I have spent with Christina, getting to know and trust each other. 
  • What do you believe is the key to being a quality mentor?  I think part of the success of being a good mentor is just being there for the mentee.  I feel that Christina and I communicate and listen well to each other.   She knows that I truly believe in her and that I want her to reach her full potential. 
  • When you are not working with students, how do you prefer to spend your free time?  In my free time I like to read, enjoy the outside and spend time with friends.
  • What do you hope your mentee will learn from you?  I want Christina to know that there are people around her that support and encourage her.   I also want her to know that there are many paths in life and with each path there are lessons learned.  Most importantly for her to keep her beautiful smile and positive outlook.
Feeding Tampa Bay Volunteer Event

In Tampa Bay, hundreds of thousands of people are food insecure, meaning they lack consistent and easy access to safe, nutritionally adequate food. 

On Tuesday, July 30th, 24 TSIC students, mentors, chaperones and College Success Coaches worked as a team to inspect, sort, and package food for people that are food insecure in Tampa Bay.
Our group packaged over 5,000 meals!     

If you are interested in volunteering with Feeding Tampa Bay,  click here  .

B ack-to-School Resources
For Mentors 
As we kick off the school year, we want to make sure that mentors, like you, feel prepared to engage their student and connect with them on a meaningful level.  To help you do that, there are some activities and resources linked below that you can use when you meet with your mentees. 
  • Vision Boards: Get creative and make a vision board with your mentee. This activity opens the door to talk about goal-setting with your student. Keep in mind that making vision boards can take longer than one mentoring session. 
  • Myers Briggs Personality Test: Take a personality test with your mentee and share the results. This is a great and interesting way to get to know each other. This activity allows participants to reflect  on the strengths and weakness they have and the ways those qualities impact their life.
  • Bucket List: Make a list of things you want to do or accomplish during your lifetime and share your lists with one another. Remember, a bucket list can be short term (i.e. Senior year bucket list) or long term (i.e. Lifelong bucket list).
  •   Current Events:- Discuss a current event taking place in your community, the state, the nation, and/or the world and share your perspectives on the topic. This activity opens the door to discuss social justice issues your mentee may be passionate about and think of creative ways they can incorporate those passions into their community service. 
For Mentees
Students have a lot of responsibilities at home, school and some of them work too! That being the case, it makes sense that time management is a big challenge for students. 

Below you will find several resources attached that you can provide your mentee to help them manage their time and fight procrastination!  Click on the title of each tool and it will take you to the resource page. 
  • How Well Do You Plan?: A survey students can take that allows them to reflect on their planning habits. 
  • Time Tracking: Mentees can use this chart to keep track of what they do each day. It will help them analyze how they spend their time, and if they are spending it in a way that will help them reach their goals.  
  • Student Planners: Amazon has a variety of trendy planners that students can buy to help get them excited about getting organized and managing their time. 
  • Rescue Time: This free app tracks time spent on applications and websites, giving you an accurate picture of your day. It also allows you to block websites to help you focus. 
  • Remember the Milk: This free application helps people get organized with To-Do lists and automated reminders.
Additional Resources
Office 365 is FREE for HCPS Students

Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) is excited to announce the Microsoft Student Advantage program. Because of HCPS's enterprise agreement with Microsoft, students are able to download and install Microsoft Office ProPlus desktop applications on their home computers for FREE! For more information click here

Ways the Common App Redesigns 
Will Improve College Access

Yesterday, the Common Application -the nonprofit organization that streamlines the college application process for many students-launched the redesigned version of their platform. Students applying to college this year (and counselors and recommenders trying to help those students) will have an easier time in a few important ways. Some of those ways are handled a bit better than others, but overall this redesign is decidedly a step in the right direction.
To read more, CLICK HERE
Source: 2019 Forbes Media LLC
Host a Supply Drive for the Teaching Tools Resource Center this Summer and Support Students in Need

While most kids eagerly begin the school year with a new backpack filled with school supplies, thousands of students who attend Hillsborough County Public Schools will enter the classroom without these critical items.  By hosting a supply drive you will be making a difference in the lives of students in need by giving them the opportunity to begin the school year with their own backpack filled with supplies. Plus, your donations will help us keep the shelves stocked in our Teaching Tools Store, which provides free school supplies to students all school year.

Our TSIC students and families also get to shop in the store for school supplies before school starts and we want to make sure there are plenty of items for them!

Items in High Demand:
  • Multi subject notebooks
  • Index cards
  • Zipper binders
  • Dividers
  • Backpacks (HS level)
Click on the flyer for more information:  
The College Success Team
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           Anna Laird            Wildens Cajuste        Melanie Jimenez
      Joe Addison                   Elisabet Rivera


Mark Your Calendar!
August 20th
TSIC Mentor Back-to-School Workshop 
August 26th
TSIC Mentor Back-to-School Kick Off
August 26th
TSIC Mentor Back-to-School Workshop 
September 7th
TSIC New Student Orientation
Septembe r 18th
EmpowerED Luncheon
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For more detailed information about the events occurring in Hillsborough County Public Schools,  click the link below:

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