You are more important than you realize
Many are surprised as to how much goes on behind the scenes at Lanai Cat Sanctuary. There's a great deal of passionate animal welfare work at play to keep our animals healthy and happy. Our environment is beautiful, yet immediate access to food and supplies is very limited.

It's already August and the year seems to be flying by. So far, we have welcomed 150 cats, sterilized 110+ and watched our more than 12 kittens grow up. Many in our family are quickly becoming seniors and their life plans will require more.

You have helped all of these life transitions.

We continue to rely on you to fund their futures.

Meowy mahalo for your continued support,
Keoni Vaughn | Executive Director |
Special-needs kittens get adopted
Two kittens, who we named Larry and Curly, were diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia. Both were born at the sanctuary the day after their mom was rescued from Shipwreck Beach. Improper development of the cerebellum means these kitties may be more prone to minor injuries from falls but are still able to have a normal life expectancy with some extra tender, loving care.

Two Lanai families, who are neighbors, adopted the siblings so that they get to play and grow up together. Success stories like this keep us going to rescue more cats and provide a special place for them all, whether in a home or here at the Sanctuary. Learn more about our adoption process by CLICKING HERE.
Pantry stocked by friends of felines
Just before Amazon Prime Day in July the treat cupboard was sadly bare. Treats mean so much for the kitties and snack time is the highlight of the day for so many.

So the Sanctuary turned to its Facebook family of nearly 34,000 friends and asked for help. More than 350 containers were sent and our cats couldn't be happier with the buffet of flavors. We portion out the treats into small bags for our visitors to give to Lanai Lions so these will last awhile.
Watch this video of treat delivery here .

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Meet Sanctuary Supervisor Yu
Sanctuary supervisor Yu joined the team in March 2018 as a veterinary assistant for sick and elderly cats.

She believes her recent move to supervisor puts her in the best position to help staff grow while ensuring the cats are getting the best possible care each day.

Yu loves the outdoors, animals and the happiness that the Sanctuary offers to guests. She also enjoys talking to the people from all over the world about the great work we and she is a superstar ambassador.

While she loves all the Lanai Lions, she has a few that she adores. “Precious is a chubby, 8 year-old cat with short legs that I adore. I also love Charms, a 2 year-old, long hair cat from the main area that has finally warmed up to me.”

Yu didn’t always dream of a career with cats. She moved to Hawaii island from Okinawa to major in environmental studies and went on to research invasive insects like the coffee berry borer, coconut rhino beetle and fire ants for the USDA. She moved to Lanai in 2017, married, started working at the Lanai Cat Sanctuary and has never looked back.
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