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 Fragrances of the Four Seasons

Created by
Linda Garbo Rosetti 

Offered exclusively at 
The Pink Rooster/Gallery Garbo
Sweet cherubs herald the seasons with perfumed notes that represent the fragrances of The Four Seasons. Elegant and sophisticated, each fragrance emanates a unique bouquet.

Displaying original artwork 
for each fragrance

Sandra Halat
Corona Angel Unmasked

We have a working studio!

"After many years of focusing on building a reputation for the gallery 
and promoting the artists I am 
fortunate to represent, I have the 
opportunity to paint while at the 
gallery and being attentive to our 
artist's and customer's needs.
We will also use the space to host our visiting artists to paint in the gallery."

The first painting to go on the walls of Linda's studio area is a beautifully warm sunset over tranquil turquoise water.

The perfect shoes for hanging paintings!

New works in the gallery by our own Linda Garbo Rosetti

 Sacred Jewelry Collection
DeAna Autry

Art creations inspired by a spiritual 
heart honoring those who deserve 
sacred recognition with religious 
medals and medallions.

Original art, hand painted cards 

by Sandra Halat

Another fun monoprinting session

Sandra Halat

Alley Cats
Sherry Carlson

The great artist is the simplifier.
                    -Vincent Van Gogh

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Ocean Springs, MS

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