August 2 018
Haifa Abdullah
Haifa joined our team at Discover Gymnastics in 2009 bringing many years of gymnastics experience with her. Haifa received her Bachelors Degree in Physical Education from Baghdad University and a certification of High Education of Sport.
Haifa was born in Mosul, Iraq and found her way into the creativity and beauty of dance and gymnastics. During her four years as a competitive gymnast, Haifa loved performing in various national and international competitions with many theatrical troupes and dance groups. Haifa's grace and physical talent came very naturally to her, and after her competitions finished, Haifa began her gymnastics coaching career at eighteen years old.
Several gymnastics schools in Baghdad were grateful to have Haifa coaching students and choreographing routines for artistic gymnasts and rhythmic gymnasts as well. Haifa also enjoyed teaching fitness, aerobics and dance classes in the community. As a talented coach and teacher, Haifa became a member of the Olympic Committee in Iraq, and served for more than a decade in support.
Haifa moved to Jordan in 1999 to begin coaching gymnasts as the National Team Assistant Coach for three years and as the Head Coach for one year. With training certifications in classical ballet for gymnasts, Haifa was able to instill elegance in her young athletes over the years. 
After relocating to the United States in 2008, Haifa chose to live in Houston, Texas and continue her passion of coaching gymnasts in a state booming with gymnastic talent and opportunity. We are thankful to have Haifa on our team of coaching talent, and so many of our gymnasts benefit from her expertise. Her keen eye for spotting young talent led her to choose some of our very best competitive team gymnasts we have right out of our preschool and recreational classes. 
In her spare time, Haifa enjoys music, dance, relaxing seaside, going to the theater and loving on her six amazing cats. Haifa is known for her big heart with all animals, and she tells many great stories about her beautiful cat Jamila and of Haiwana's kittens named Duda, Prince Willy, Cheeky and Fineasa.
Haifa was fortunate to get a wonderful month long trip to Ankara, Turkey earlier this summer to visit with her mother and two sisters. Having family so far away is tough, but Haifa feels that the family atmosphere here at the gym is like home again.

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