It's our anniversary!
for choosing BARK AVENUE
as your "go to" pet sitters
for the last 11 years!

We really appreciate you
and we love what we do!
This is my dog, Hunter.
He is the whole reason why I started my dog walking business! I brought Hunter home after a nine month search in 2008. Less than a year later, I left my career in corporate sales and started walking dogs so that I could be with him all the time...and I'm so glad I did!
Meet the Team!
Jenifer - 8 years
Cheryl - 11 years
Linda - 4 years
Leslie - 6 years
Martha -- 9 months
Elaine - 5 1/2 years
Rick - 1 year
Sheila - 2 years
Julie - 6 1/2 years
We would love a review from you!
We would love it if you would take a minute to leave a review or a recommendation for us! Potential clients look at reviews to determine which business they will choose. Facebook is a great place to leave some love for your walkers and pet sitters. WOOF & MEOW!
August 26th -- National Dog Day!

What can you do to celebrate dogs on August 26th, National Dog Day?

  • Adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue
  • Perform a safety check of your home to assure if there is an emergency that your pets will get out safely
  • Make a donation of food, blankets and toys or other items to a shelter
  • Take the day off and spend it doing whatever it is your dog loves the best
  • Brush your dog
  • Buy him or her a new toy
  • Host a National Dog Day party and invite your dog’s best friends!

We’d love to know how you’re going to celebrate the day.
Share it with us on our BARK AVENUE Facebook  page!
Back to School / Back to the Office
Can I have my old time
slot back that
I had before COVID-19?

You should be able to have your dog walks scheduled much like before, however, we might need some additional flexibility on our time of arrival to your home.
We always try our best to accommodate our client's preferred time of arrival but a window of 75 minutes for us to arrive is always asked. (Puppies, senior pups and pets in need of medication are always the priority). We ask for this window of time to allow us to drive safely, navigate school buses, traffic, road detours, etc...
Errand Services
Our grocery shopping and errand services are doing well, so we are continuing to offer these services for our clients. YAY!

Please email us for more info:

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Have a great rest of your summer!