August 2020 - The 20th Anniversary Edition
Happy Birthday to Nature's Treasures!
Happy 20th Birthday Nature's Treasures Texas
Greetings everyone! I hope this newsletter finds you and yours happy and still staying healthy for many more months to come. Through all our extra efforts, I am happy to report we are still COVID-free and blessed to continue to be a place of peace and harmony that provides the tools to help everyone find spiritual joy and consonance during these trying times.

This year is our 20th year since the birth of Nature’s Treasures in Texas and the fruition of a manifestation my mother and I began in 1987. We were sitting on my back porch in Phoenix, AZ talking about all the new changes in my life and the development of all these new metaphysical energies and new ideas her and I were experiencing. I said I wanted someday to blend my love of rocks and this new metaphysical energy and have the largest metaphysical and rock store in the United States. My mom said she wanted to prove that you can continue to communicate with those you love after they have passed and she would prove it in my rock and metaphysical store. We declared this as our trial of this new energy we were learning about called manifestation. And yes, in case you haven’t guessed, after my mom passed she was able to prove what she manifested to me and several of my customers in my largest rock and metaphysical store in the US.

In these past 20 years we have seen much growth and many changes at Nature’s Treasures. We are the place you all have made us, and none of this would be possible without you. I am blessed by the many people who have come through our doors and the talented, knowledgeable, creative employees who have helped my dream grow and become an intricate part of why you come to Natures Treasures. We hope to continue to be your special place to come to for at least another 20 years.
I hope you enjoy this issue of our newsletter, a tribute to proof of what we are all capable of if we just keep believing.

Please everyone, stay safe and healthy.

Karen and the Staff
Nature's Treasures Soaking Up the Limelight
In the past Sardonyx and Peridot were the only birthstones for August. In July 2016 both The Jeweler's of America and The American Gem Trade Association added Spinel as a third birthstone for August. What a fortunate decision for those born in this month!

Business Spotlight: Nature’s Treasures
Nature's Treasures is designed, as described by owner Karen Richards, to be a blending of science and spirituality. It's a business that fosters community — through the retail shop, activities and special events that take place on Nature's Treasure campus, and now, more than ever, through the company's online store and virtual connections.

It's been 20 years since Richards started the business, which has become a community hub, both in its hometown of Austin, Texas, and online. Undoubtedly, Nature's Treasures is the product of years of hard work, planning, saving and investing, and collaboration. Still, it is also the result of dreams...

Nature’s Treasures: Rockin’ Austin Since 2000
The proverb, ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss,’ is frequently used today to refer to those who stay active to avoid stagnation. For Karen Richards, her wanderlust and independent spirit kept her on the move...

A direct and compelling headline

Triple Goddess - 2010
In the beginning there was only One, the red-headed Karen, and from Her mind the brainchild, Nature's Treasures, was born. As the Head of Nature's Treasures, Karen sought out those that could nourish her creation by building it and growing it. She found the golden-haired Joan and sable-haired Linda, whom would come to be known as the Hand and Heart of Nature's Treasures, respectively. Joan provided structure, training, guidance and discipline, while Linda brought joy with her hugs, advice, and love of all people.

The Head, Hand and Heart of Nature's Treasures laid the foundations for the mythical temple you know today, and although you do not necessarily see them, this Triple Goddess continues to reside in this place with the lessons they have taught living on.

Where the Boulders Came From - 2011
One spring day a friend of Nature's Treasures invited us to his land. The man named Zee shared with us the treasures unearthed on his family properties in the Southwest. Mostly mining for copper mineral, his yard was full of azure blues and lush greens. From his bounty, Nature's Treasures obtained the azurite, malachite, and chrysocolla boulders that you see around the property to this day.
Cygnus the Dragon Joins the Team - 2014
Our dragon-friend was named after a constellation meaning "The Swan," and reminds us that appearances are not always as they seem. Although a fierce-looking dragon with long claws and blood-shot eyes, Cygnus is a friend to all and guardian for his loved ones and home at Nature's Treasures.

Greeting customers at the door, Cygnus reminds us all of our inherent ability to transform from an ugly duckling into an elegant swan as well as the power we possess.
Reaching Out to Mike's Place - 2016
Michael, our Marketing & Outreach Director, helps to educate the community, whether through school programs, holistic events, government programs, or non-profits such as the Mike's Place program offered through Meals on Wheels of Central Texas.

Educating the community at-large has always been at the core of Nature's Treasures, believing that education and understanding is the key to solving many issues in the world.
Llano Field Trip - 2017
When you find Llanite at Nature's Treasures, there is a high probability that we sledged and chiseled it out of the ground ourselves during one of our trips out to Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve near the Llano Uplift.
Management Team - 2017
As Nature's Treasures evolves, so too do the faces you may see. Here is one of our past management teams representing our major departments: Accounting, Community Events Center, Inventory, Retail, and Rock Depot. Since then we have also established our growing Online Store department, so remember to check out that area too!

The team was tucked in the Largest Natural Sit-In Amethyst Geode in North America! Originally from South America, this crystal represents an ancient bubble that was trapped in a giant lava flow. When the lava cooled the vacancy left by the bubble filled up with ground water and crystals grew!

A Safe Haven in Any Year - 2018
One of our talented part-timers, Tamatha, took this amazing photograph of one of our Buddha statues. The grayscale nature of the photograph reminds us that most answers are not found in the black-and-white, but in the gray.

Nature's Treasures has always been a safe haven for individuals regardless of their spirituality, political affiliation, or other self-identifiers. This Buddha statue joined our collection in 2018 and represents one facet of the Nature's Treasures community.

Holiday Party - 2019
The Nature's Treasures staff works hard to provide the best service and experience we can for anyone that comes through our doors. Working retail builds a lot of character, each individual needing to exercise patience and understanding using communication and specialized knowledge to provide answers and solutions for patrons. As with everyone, the holidays can be an especially busy time, so we appreciate the efforts of Karen to make each individual feel special during our holiday parties each year.

Nature's Treasures 20th Anniversary - 2020
We chose to have our 20th Anniversary Special Edition in August because August 8th, 2014 was declared "Nature's Treasures Day" by the Austin City Council to commemorate the arrival of the Largest Natural Sit-In Amethyst Geode in North America in our shop.

Whether you remember us for a personal connection you made in the store, an epiphany or revelation about life, the beauty of nature you can see and touch, or for our iconic billboard featuring owner, Karen Richards, thank you to everyone that has and continues to support Nature's Treasures near or far.

Many blessings to you all!
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The Treasure Tome: A Trove of Knowledge
August Birthstone- Spinel
In the past Sardonyx and Peridot were the only birthstones for August. In July 2016 both The Jeweler's of America and The American Gem Trade Association added Spinel as a third birthstone for August. What a fortunate decision for those born in this month!

Learn the fascinating history of Spinel HERE
In Memoriam
Linda Czopek
Nature's Treasures was founded in 2000, but long before it grew into the Nature's Treasures we know today there were three legendary women that laid the foundations. One of those three women, the Heart of Nature's Treasures, Linda Jane, brought soul and joy into many lives.
With wise words and open arms, Linda was like a mother to the Nature's Treasures family, becoming the deepest of friends with employees and customers alike. For those of us who knew her, we remember her smile, her laugh, and her voice.

Linda's voice went beyond her multilingual ability or singing talent, and touched the very heart of any who heard it. Linda changed lives by supporting and empowering each of us as we struggled, loved and grew.

Although Linda passed from this world in November 2019, we know she will always be with us, guiding, loving and supporting everyone whose life she touched.

Love Love, Love Linda Hugs.
Meet the Owner Karen R.
Karen Richards owner of Nature's Treasures
You may have seen the sweetly smiling redhead in an enormous geode on a billboard alongside I-35 in Austin, but who is that Mona Lisa of crystals that some of us pass by everyday? Meet Karen Richards, the Owner and Founder of Nature’s Treasures Texas!

Born in California, she has explored and lived in many regions of the US before making her home in Austin, TX over 30 years ago. She has been a successful business woman in a wide variety of fields for over 40 years and is so happy and humbled to share Nature’s Treasures with you all for the last 20 years! Her love of Nature is apparent from the beautiful natural treasures she chooses to place in her store, the classes she brings to the community, and her commitment to sustainability and responsibility in caring for the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Karen feels fortunate to have had so many enlightening and heart expanding adventures in her life and knows they are not over; indeed, some of them are just beginning! She thanks each and every one of you for your support over the years, for helping her create the largest Metaphysical, Rock, & Mineral Store in the USA, and for your shared love of Nature’s Treasures.
Nature's Treasures Lapis Lazuli Blog
Lapis Lazuli: Stone of Truth

One of the most beautiful and sought after stones in history is Lapis Lazuli. From ancient cultures to modern day crystal healing mavens, this stone has been prized from time immemorial. Read more about the uses, history & healing properties of Lapis Lazuli on our online blog now!

Read all about it HERE
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New in the Showroom
Green Phantom Quartz Restocked
These lab synthesized quartz clusters get their green color from Chromium, which gives them a pure and unique energy!

Framed Butterflies Restocked
These insects are ecologically farmed in S America and allowed to live out their full life cycle before being harvested to stimulate local economies.
New at the Front Counter
Blue Scheelite
This rock gets its blue hue from the presence of Blue Dolomite inter-layered with White Calcite and Scheelite and is sometimes called Blue Cobalt Lace!
Auralite 23 Jewelry
This North American rock unifies the energies of 23 different minerals making it one of the highest vibration stones on Earth!
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Lapidary Services
Including Drilling, Cutting, Polishing, and
Custom Cabochon Gemstones

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Fluorescent Minerals
Fluorescence occurs in certain minerals when they are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light

Inquire about our Rock Star Observatory HERE!
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August REMOTE Practitioners
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these practitioners offer REMOTE SERVICES!
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In the Community

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Leah has created a DIY in-home experiential for those who are choosing to Self-empower and evolve through this time of great transition.

The time is NOW to expand Our 5D consciousness.

Contact Leah for More Details TODAY!
Nature's Treasures Continues COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Nature's Treasures will continue to review recommendations made by local government and the Center for Disease Control to move forward in a socially responsible way to best support staff, customers, the community and the economy.

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