August 2022
News + Updates
ESI Center for the Future of Cities Hits a Milestone, and We Highlight the Initiative all Month Long
We are very happy and proud to announce that today symbolizes the 1 year mark of ESI Center for the Future of Cities! We are so grateful for all of the hard work and dedication given to the initiative by all involved and all we've worked with. With our first year down, we count on many more to come!

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Applications for SEPTA Key Advantage are Open!
Applications are open for SEPTA's new institutional pass program, SEPTA Key Advantage! At ESI, we're very pleased to have been working alongside SEPTA in leading the development of the SEPTA Key Advantage program, and are excited to continue working with SEPTA to expand the program to create positive economic, educational, and environmental benefits in the region!
The Economic, Health, and Environmental Impact of Bicycling and Walking Facilities
ESI recently presented the findings of its analysis to the East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission. The full report is due to be made public in the very near future.
Capital City 2030: Transforming Downtown Dover
ESI is proud to be working alongside Mosaic Development Partners and the Downtown Dover Partnership on a master plan for Dover, Delaware: "Capital City 2030: Transforming Downtown Dover."
ESI Instagram—Getting to Know Us!
Check out the ESI Instagram page to see our first reel about getting to know ESI! Stay tuned there for posts and updates regarding ESI, staff, office life, and projects!
Staff and Senior Advisor Updates
Senior Advisor Richard Bickel is scheduled to participate on a Screening Panel for proposed problem statements through the Transit Cooperative Research Program in late August.
Senior Advisor Michael Golden has joined the Democracy Collaborative’s Community Wealth Building Technical Assistance Taskforce, a group with expertise in specific areas of community wealth building (CWB) and associated sectors.
Senior Advisor Rosalyn J. McPherson's firm, The ROZ Group, organized a STEM panel discussion for students, caregivers, and committed stakeholders on behalf of Harambee Institute for Science and Technology Charter School (HISTCS). Stroud Water Research Center and Natural Lands are among the STEM-based organizations to be commended for joining us in this mission this by providing unique experiences to the HISTCS youth.
Senior Advisor Catherine Timko is consulting with the DowntownDC BID on retail marketing and attraction, building on work she did 20 years ago. Several clients have released significant RFPs this past quarter, including the BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. The Riddle Company supported by ESI developed and updated a retail market profile to support their new concession RFP, a 20 year contract.
Senior Advisor Bernie Markstein produced a report regarding estimates of June state construction unemployment rates for the Associated Builders and Contractors.
With an August birthday, we celebrate Business Development and Marketing Associate Kagiso Reed!
Ed Glickman and Chris Terlizzi are teaming together, making a group of four Philadelphia real estate veterans, forming a new firm.
Update from the Center

We are very happy and proud to announce that today symbolizes the 1 year mark of ESI Center for the Future of Cities! Tackling some of the most pressing issues facing the cities of today and tomorrow, we are so proud of all the hard work that's been put into this initiative, and all those that we've worked with.

With expertise in thought leadership and evidence-based research, strategy, and innovation, ESI Center for the Future of Cities is excited to continue working with clients and serving as a hub for urban innovation!

To learn more about the Center for the Future of Cities and to get involved, contact Steve Wray,
U.S. - China Research
The Implementation of Digital Currency and the Challenges it Brings to China

The pilot and promotion of e-CNY, the digital currency in China, has already been implemented. With this, its development in the economic, financial, and social fields sees great market potential...

Present Value
ESI Senior Vice President and Principal Steve Wray celebrates the Center for the Future of Cities one year anniversary with a reflective discussion about what changes have occurred within the past 12 months. Amongst the topics explored are Quality of Place, Smarter Cities and Equitable Economics.

by Salvatore Gullotta and Peter Angelides
ESI President and Principal Peter Angelides and Intern Salvatore Gullotta examine adaptive reuse in a Post-COVID World. Specifically how adaptive reuse done correctly can be a fantastic opportunity for giving new life to structures and cities.

ESI Intern Kendra Hills examines climate intervention plans, specifically how they relate to equity and addressing the question: "Who must bear the burden of being resilient?" She poses necessary steps in making climate resiliency more equitable for all.

ESI Senior Analyst Tiffany Hudson provides an exciting update for SEPTA's institutional pass program (Key Advantage) —applications are now open! Read more to find out more details on Key Advantage.

Client Spotlight
American Express is collaborating with SiriusXM's Small Stage Series in its first-ever concert tour this summer by encouraging attendees to Shop Small. American Express will partner with small businesses around each venue to support and promote small business growth.
A new report from Center City District (CCD) / Central Philadelphia Development Corporation (CPDC) titled "Firing on All Cylinders" has just been released.
Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners is to receive $16.4 million in Challenge Grant funding in 2022, to "provide access to capital, business expertise, technology commercialization services, and resources to help others in the development of new technologies."
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Habitat for Humanity will be teaming up to help repair some homes in the West Philly area to improve health outcomes.
Joseph G. Cacchione has been named the new CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.
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