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August 2021
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Honoring Delmarva Farmers: William Vanderwende
Aug. 16, 2021
by: Charles Paparella

NACD Success Stories
SCDs Cooperator Page was featured in the NACD Diamonds out of the Dust newsletter on Aug. 19, 2021.

✨ Glow Up ✨
On August 12, 2021, SCDs stormwater pond received a makeover.

Jim Passwaters, owner of Sussex Landscaping, added almost 2,000 native aquatic plants, over ten different species, including water lilies, pickerelweed, duck potato, cardinal flower, blue flag iris, swamp rose mallow and buttonbush. Once established, the plants will improve water quality, provide a habitat for wildlife, and food for pollinators. Vegetative buffer zones can also deter geese and reduce erosion.
Wetland Floodplain Creation
Seasonal fluctuations in the water table resulted in drainage concerns for residents along Puseys Road in Millsboro. When groundwater rises, typically in the winter, nearby ditches would overflow, impacting residents.

The solution, located over a quarter mile off the road, lies in a five-acre fallow field that was converted to a wetland floodplain. SCD designed and constructed the project with microtopography to alleviate drainage concerns, improve water quality and provide wildlife habitat. The snags, tree stumps along the pond and berms, are invaluable to wildlife because they provide shelter and food while refreshing soil through nutrient cycling.

The newly constructed floodplain increases storage capacity, infiltration and biodiversity while reducing water velocity and erosion which means sediment and nutrients will be filtered before flowing downstream, ultimately into the Chesapeake Bay.
Inaugural Conservation Stewardship Award
This award will recognize organizations in various categories that have exceeded Delaware Sediment and Stormwater regulations to prepare, protect and preserve sensitive natural resources in Sussex County.

Entries will be accepted in the following categories:

Home Builder
  • 1-50 homes per year
  • 50+ homes per year
Design Team
  • Engineer
  • Surveyor
  • Other
Site Contractor
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Commercial
Homeowner Association
  • Open Space Management
  • Stormwater Management

More information and entry forms will be available on our website in early September.
Are You
NOAA updated the Atlantic hurricane season outlook on Aug. 4, 2021. The six-month season ends Nov. 30 and peaks from mid-August to late October.
Check stormwater facilities now, before peak hurricane season arrives.

SCD has webinar recordings on:
  • Stormwater Facilities in Your Community
  • Stormwater Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency Preparedness
Cost Share Updates
Approval letters will be mailed following the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2021.
Cover Crop
• SCD received 266 applications for 174,682 acres of cover crop to be planted in Fall 2021
• Increase of 8,088 (4.9%) over last year’s signup.
• Goal is for 75,000 acres to be planted in Sussex County in Fall 2021
• $3.0 million in Cover Crop Cost Share available. Funding is provided by Delaware General Assembly through DDA and DNREC, Sussex County Council, DNREC (Non-Point Source Program and Chesapeake Bay Program) and USDA-NRCS.
• Cap is currently set at $40,000 with SCD Board considering an increase to $75,000 on August 24.
Tax Ditch (3921)

• Received 165 applications totaling $362,000
• $191,000 in Tax Ditch Cost Share Available—Funding provided by Sussex County Council and Delaware General Assembly through DNREC.
• Proposing to fund maintenance and weed wiper/spraying applications.
• Mowing and Bonding applications are proposed to not be funded.
• Cost share funding on maintenance applications capped at $8,000.

Stephen Gissy is the temporary point of contact for tax ditch related concerns, he can be reached at 302-856-2105, ext. 117 or [email protected].
Pesticide Container Recycling Schedule
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