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MOPI Newsletter
August 2015
Am I Dreaming?
They say politics has unlikely bedfellows.  So here's one for the books.  Check out Charles Koch's recent speech to 450 of his corporate friends featured in Time Magazine titled: We Must Abandon Corporate Welfare.

Conservative billionaire Charles Koch told his ultra-rich friends that they face a "life and death" decision whether to keep lobbying for tax breaks and government subsidies. "Business leaders (must) recognize that their behavior is suicide, that it is suicide long term. To survive, long-term, they have to start opposing, rather than promoting, corporate welfare," Koch told about 450 allies at an Orange County, Calif., summit that began Saturday.
Read the rest of the article here!

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ProjectsProjects and Events - Current
Robert Reich Teach-in
Our Broken Economy & How to Fix It
Sunday, September 27, 2-4, Lafayette Library
Along with Robert Reich's Big Picture Videos (3 min. each) we will have expert speakers and group discussions focused on actions we can take.   A few of the videos that we will focus on are: Make Polluters Pay, Tame Wall Steet, Corporate Welfare, Get Big Money Out of Politics.   Help spread the word by sharing the flyer.  If you have questions please contact Loretta Mathieu at 925-464-7995.
$64,000 Democracy for All Video Contest
How do we get our Democracy back?  Some might say that's 
the $64,000 question
See early entries by clicking here

On August 12 the contest will be launched.  Each week starting September 2 through December 2 one of the 30-90 second videos submitted in the previous week will be chosen as the best of the week and receive $1,000.  In the final selection there will be a grand prize of $25,000 and  5 category prizes each for $5,000.  Click on the link below and sign up to get a formal announcement on August 12 as well as read the sneak peak.  There are well known people behind this and it is going to get a lot of press.  Wow! 
Local Anti-Corruption Act Project (ACA)
Walnut Creek, Richmond & Oakland
Our July meeting showed great progress from the research teams focused on Walnut Creek, Richmond and Oakland.  By the end of December we will have decided which cities we'll go forward with to be ready for the November election.
Join our meeting. 
The site is in the works.  
Please contact us if you'd like to be added to our email list.  
 Get general information at   Contact Michael Cannon at for further information.
Updates from across the country
1. Seattle Coming on Strong - The Honest Elections Seattle initiative is headed to the ballot this November, but powerful special interests are already working to stop the proposed law.  Go to to see more
2.  South Dakota has filed for a statewide initiative.  Go to
3.   Princeton, New Jersey, passes first Anti-corruption resolution in America. 
4.  Massachusetts District 2 voters pass Anti-corruption resolution with 84% support; District 19 with 72% support, and Genoa, Illinois passes a resolution with 89% support.
The DISCLOSE Act, AB 700

The Elections Committee was the first of steps for AB 700 to get through the legislative process, but it was a big step. Next up is the Assembly Appropriations Committee where we'll have the advantage that our lead author, Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, is the chair. We may need people to come to Sacramento to help pack that hearing, too, which could happen as early as a couple of weeks.

What You Can Do

Thousands of signatures make a big impression.  Please download petitions and materials here and get your friends and family to sign them.  Also, if you would like to be on the list for possibly going to Sacramento for the future hearings, contact Joe Ely, who is the East Bay Coordinator, at .
RecentActionsRecent Actions 
An Important First Step Meeting with 
CA Assemblywoman Catharine Baker
On June 19  a number of us met with Assemblywoman Baker to discuss the DISCLOSE Act.  Our group included the former mayor of Danville, a representative from Common Cause, the MoneyOut! PeopleIn! Coalition,  the attorney for the CA Clean Money Campaign, and Joe Ely, the East Bay Coordinator.   

Assemblywoman Baker brought out all of the cards that many of you have sent her.  She was quite impressed and we had 100 more to hand her.  The major dialogue was between the attorney and Assemblywoman Baker about the details of the bill. 

In addition to this sit-down meeting, we plan to keep sending her  postcards, attend her Town Halls and more.  She presents herself as a moderate in support of campaign finance reform.  
Bernie for President Major Event on July 29 in Lafayette Featured a Few of Our Members

Michael Sullivan and Gordon Miller delighted the crowd with the latest version of Connect the Dots and more

Sheilah Fish, MOPI Coordinator, spoke to the crowd about money in politics
Tabling at the Telegraph Ave. Stroll
Wow did we have a great time and get hundreds of petitions signed and interested strollers.

ArticlesRecommended Articles 
Florida's Gerrymandering Loses

Earlier in July, Democrats got exciting news! The Florida congressional map the Republicans drew was ruled unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court, meaning that the legislature would have to redraw the districts. The specific districts are the 5th, 10th, 13th, 14th, 20-22 and 25-27. The 5th district needs to be redrawn because it has a tendril from Jacksonville traveling nearly 200 miles south to Orlando.
Read more here:

9th Circuit Panel Upholds Hawaii Ban on Campaign Contributions by Government Contractors
An  important unanimous decision by Judge Fisher (joined by Kozinski and Watford) in the 9th Circuit as a challenge to the federal contractor ban remains pending. The 9th Circuit held the ban satisfied exacting scrutiny, even after McCutcheon, and even though it is a ban, rather than a limit on contributions, citing the danger of pay to play.  Read more here.
Disgusting Domination of GOP in Key Senate Races
The race for control of the Senate is already underway -- and it is being fueled by outside groups that do not disclose their donors. 

In nine key Senate races, outside groups have already spent at least $12.5 million on advertising and grassroots communications targeting both already announced and potential candidates. The amount spent this year significantly exceeds that spent at this point in the 2014 election cycle. The total spent by outside groups continues a trend that has set in since the Supreme Court's 2010 Citizens United decision unleashed a rising tide of outside spending in elections. 

To read the whole article click here 
Teddy Roosevelt Speaks to Our Times
"The need for collecting large campaign funds would vanish if Congress provided an appropriation for the proper and legitimate expenses of each of the great national parties," President Theodore Roosevelt - that scurrilous Republican radical - told Congress in 1907. 

TR's preference for democracy over plutocracy (he also recommended banning corporations from donating to presidential campaigns) clearly doesn't carry much weight among the five Republican-appointed justices on the Supreme Court, but there are plenty of other Americans who'd prefer a Congress less dependent on the kindness of the very rich.  If you're one of these anti-plutocrats, Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.) has a bill for you.
To read the rest of this Washington Post article click here.
IRS Rules Must Change
Everyone and their mother can tell the difference between a nonprofit spending millions of dollars on campaign ads to elect political candidates and a bona fide nonpartisan charity promoting voter engagement. Unfortunately, the Internal Revenue Service's vague system for identifying political activity prevents it from being like everyone (and their mothers).  And worse, the IRS will continue to be the odd man out if Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and his Senate colleagues on the judiciary committee get their way. 

Read more here
Jimmy Carter Says the US is Now An Oligarchy

Former president Jimmy Carter said Tuesday on the nationally syndicated radio show the Thom Hartmann Program that the United States is now an "oligarchy" in which "unlimited political bribery" has created "a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors." Both Democrats and Republicans, Carter said, "look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves."

Read more here
Elizabeth Warren joins forces with John McCain to bring back Glass-Steagall Act
Sign the petition here
EndGerrymanderingEnd Partisan Gerrymandering

In 2000, Arizonans decided that we wanted to end gerrymandering. We wanted districts to be decided by an independent commission, rather than having one party draw lines designed to tilt the playing field in their favor. In our democratic process, the voters are supposed to choose the politicians. The politicians are NOT supposed to be able to choose the voters.

It's time the rest of the country follows Arizona's example. Drawing district lines should be a fair, balanced, non-partisan process. When Republicans in the state legislature challenged the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission in court, the Supreme Court upheld it. The Florida courts recently upheld a similar voter initiative for fair districts.

The momentum is moving in the right direction. Now it's up to us to give it the push it needs.   Support fair districts and an end to partisan gerrymandering. Sign the petition today.
Fix Voting Rights Act Now

Nearly 50 years ago, with Martin Luther King Jr. standing beside him, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law to protect African-Americans and other minorities from racist policies that made it harder for them to register to vote and participate in the political process.

But last summer, the right-wing ideologues on the United States Supreme Court handed down a shameful decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act, ending 40 years of protection for minorities against discriminatory and unfair attempts to limit voting based on -  Click here to find the petition and read the rest of the article.
V olunteers needed to table and more at many of the events shown below.  Please contact if interested in any of the actions below.
st and 3
rd Tuesdays, 
10-12 - MoveOn/Coalition Mtg.  
Sunday, September 13 - Solano Stroll, Berkeley/Albany, 10-6.  We table.  
Wednesday, September 23 - Coalition planning meeting for Citizens United Anniversary.  Contact Sheilah Fish at
Sunday, September 27 - Robert Reich Teach-in (see Events)
Volunteer Needs
You are needed!  We do our best to find a way to participate that fits your interests and time.   We invite you to join with us in any of the following areas:

Speakers Bureau- speak and/or help find organizations to whom to speak
Support the webmaster - needs Nation Builder assistant
Help on the CAP (Corruption Awareness Project) which is simple and will be very powerful if we can get it to spread
Hold a movie house party
Be a caller for the telephone tree
Help with Letters to the Editor
Attend rallies
Join the Core organizing team

Please send an email to with Volunteering in the subject line and our Volunteer Coordinator, Loretta Matthieu, will get back to you. 
Who Are We?
MoneyOut! PeopleIn! was created by Central Contra Costa and Tri-Valley MoveOn Councils when we decided that we wanted to put most of our energy into getting big money out of politics.  We put the word out and in no time had 15 groups that support our mission.  In addition to the two groups mentioned above we have an active working committee made up of representatives of most of the following groups: CA Clean Money Campaign, Move to Amend, Common Cause, 99Rise, Sunflower Alliance,, Free Speech for People, Public Citizen, Courage Campaign and MOPI.  We are always looking for more supporting groups as you can see on our website. We all have the fire in our bellies to get our Democracy back.  
To contact us email or call 925-878-9288. 

Sheilah, Gordon, Joe, Karen, Loretta, Joan, Ann, Loretta, Jennifer, Judy, Tye, Brodie, Cindy, Lawrence, Ron and many more.
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