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Moving The Healthcare Chain - August 2017
Pharmaceutical logistics is a dynamic industry that makes news on a daily basis.  
We highlight some key developments this month advancing our business growth.
WDSrx In The News For Bulk Returns

DCVelocity.com published a blog post from WDSrx about efficient management of bulk pharmaceutical returns.  Experience makes a difference when navigating the complex world of reverse logistics.

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WDSrx Sponsors HDA Serialization Readiness Survey

The HDA Research Foundation's DSCSA "Readiness Survey" evaluates the flow of serialized product and data to wholesale distributors.  This annual serialization 'report card' is sponsored by WDSrx, LSPedia and Tracelink.

Make Your Way to Booth 2246 at NACDS Total Store Expo

If you reach booth 2247, turn around.  Learn how WDSrx is thinking post-serialization and improving efficiency even with increased DSCSA regulatory requirements.
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WDSrx Expands Sales Team: Welcome Tom DeStefano

WDSrx is expanding our outreach to current and potential clients with the addition of Tom DeStefano to our sales team. Tom will be attending the upcoming NACDS Total Store Expo.   Contact Tom directly or call (561) 998-3885 x307

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