2019 Mickey Miners Award Winner, Yvette Hardie, stewards another iteration of ASSITEJ South Africa's Cradle of Creativity in Cape Town

"In 2017 Yvette and her extraordinary team created the Cradle of Creativity in Cape Town South Africa, hosting the World Congress of ASSITEJ with around 1400 delegates from all over the world, over 60 shows, bussed in thousands of children to see shows, took shows out to neighbourhoods and created 4 artistic hubs, so t hat local people were able to be central to the festival: this was a first for the African continent and it welcomed and supported African countries to attend, take part as young emerging artists and speak and play with the rest of the world. Not only was this single event a success, but Yvette has found a way to extend the Cradle of Creativity to become an on-going event, also partnering with, among others, the Pan African Creative Exchange: This entire event was mission impossible, and yet she found new ways of doing things, new ways of creating opportunity, fueled with courage and conviction."

Excerpt of Sue Giles' presentation of the 2019 Mickey Miners Award to Yvette Hardie

ASSITEJ South Africa will host Cradle of Creativity in Cape Town, South Africa, f rom August 20 - 25, 2019.

Cradle of Creativity will support a program of activities, building inter-continental and intercultural collaborations to ensure that the field of theatre for young audiences as a whole grows in diversity, creativity and audience appeal across the continent.  Given that approximately 43% of the population on the African continent are under the age of 15, the future of theatre in Africa IS theatre for young audiences.

What's happening?
  • At least 20 live theatre, dance and music productions selected from all over the world, with at least half from South Africa and Africa. These captivating productions are specifically aimed at children and youth from 0 - 19 years old.
  • Residency program for young theatre professionals, generating intercultural collaborations, in dance for young audiences and in child participation models
  • Conference: "Theatre for Young Audiences in Africa and the world".
  • 30+ Diverse workshops, presentations & discussions. 
What's the impact?
  • Promotion of theatre for young audiences on the African continent.
  • Increase in touring opportunities for SA and international artists & productions.
  • Stimulation of an ongoing, dynamic relationship between teachers and theatre makers, with educational materials linked to curricula.
  • Development of an enabling environment for youth organizations & youth development, particularly in the most disadvantaged communities.
  • Strengthening of local & international partnerships for continued collaboration.
Who's attending?
  • 5000+ Children & young people experiencing the performances.
  • 3000+ Family members, teachers & theatre practitioners.
  • 100 Delegates including artists, producers, researchers, industry leaders from South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world
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