August 2019
New Publication: Setting Site Water Targets Informed by Catchment Context: A Guide for Companies
This publication, released today during Stockholm World Water Week, offers guidance for companies to improve their long-term water security. The guide outlines how to set site water targets that incorporate site-level catchment context, maximizing impact and improving water security.

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Sanjeev Chadha and Gavin Power Join Pacific Institute Board
The Pacific Institute is pleased to announce the addition of two new members to its board, Sanjeev Chadha and Gavin Power. “The board is delighted to welcome Gavin and Sanjeev,” says Board Chair Tony Stayner. “They bring a wealth of international experience and expertise and a passion for sustainable water. We’re looking forward to benefiting from their expertise in the coming years.” 

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Blog Post: Comparing Apples to Apples: Towards Better Communication Using a Common Language for Water
By Karina de Souza, Senior Researcher
Coming up with a common language to describe water issues is a must if companies and other stakeholders are to engage in meaningful action. Towards this end, the CEO Water Mandate , which the Pacific Institute helps manage, and the World Resources Institute are partnering in an initiative to develop a common language for water.

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Update from the CEO Water Mandate: Launch of Water Action Hub 3.0

As co-manager of the UN Global Compact's  CEO W ater Mandate,  the Pacific Institute mobilizes business leaders to advance water sustainability around the world.

This month, the CEO Water Mandate has launched Water Action Hub 3.0, a new iteration of its global online collaboration and knowledge sharing platform for water sustainability. Water Action Hub 3.0 features new projects, organizations, and functionality – including community portals, lessons learned, proactive matching, and more.

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Update from Circle of Blue: The Next Urban Water Crisis? Inadequate Data Clouds the Forecast
Circle of Blue is an Affiliate of the Pacific Institute
In Chennai and Harare today, millions of Indians and Zimbabweans find themselves short of water. History, unfortunately, is repeating. São Paulo, in 2014, nearly drained its main reservoir as officials sluggishly responded to a drought. Cape Town came close to doing the same last year when dry weather exposed the fragility of a water system that relied primarily on rainfall. What is the next center of population and commerce to be roiled by a severely constricted water supply?

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Meet Our Intern Madeline Gorchels
Madeline is excited to contribute to the Pacific Institute's work on water resilience. "The Pacific Institute’s work on water management crises domestically and internationally highlights how everyone needs to come together to protect their communities’ water,” she says. “Especially as climate change affects water resource reliability, the Institute’s water equity work will be crucial for bringing environmental investment to places most in need of water resilience.” 

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Advancing solutions to the world’s most pressing water challenges requires collaboration with numerous partners from across the globe. That’s why we’re in Stockholm at the World Water Week conference this week. Together, with the help of dedicated and committed supporters like you, we can create and advance solutions to the world’s water challenges.

Events: World Water Week in Stockholm
This week, the Pacific Institute is participating in a range of sessions at World Water Week in Stockholm, a yearly event that brings together experts and stakeholders from around the globe to converse on global water issues. This year's sessions include:

August 25 : President Emeritus Peter Gleick presented at "Strategies for Reducing Conflict Over Natural Resources," co-convened by the Pacific Institute.

August 25 : Senior Digital Engagement Associate Peter Schulte was interviewed at "SIWI Sofa: Water Action Hub 3.0 - Online Collaboration and Knowledge," convened by the CEO Water Mandate. President Jason Morrison attended.

August 25 : Senior Researcher Karina de Souza facilitated a panel discussion, while other staff attended, "Collective Action to the Last Mile/Kilometer." The session was co-convened by the CEO Water Mandate.

August 28 : Senior Researcher Mai-Lan Ha will present at "The Role of the Private sector for Achieving the SDGs: Creating Impact from Youth Ideas."

August 28 : Senior Researcher Tien Schiao will present at "Showcase: Contextual Water Targets," co-convened by the CEO Water Mandate, while other staff will attend.

August 28: Mr. Morrison and other staff will attend "WASH4Work - Company Engagement Event," co-convened by the CEO Water Mandate.
Other Upcoming Events: August through September 2019
September 5 : President Emeritus Dr. Peter Gleick will moderate, and Director of Research Heather Cooley will speak on, the panel "Rising to the Challenge: Scaling Freshwater Solutions" at the 2019 Planetary Health Annual Meeting at Stanford University in Stanford, California.

September 9 : Senior Researcher Dr. Anne Thebo will present on “Evaluating Economic and Environmental Benefits of Water Reuse for Agriculture" at the WateReuse Symposium in San Diego, California.

September 9 : Senior Researcher Karina de Souza and Senior Researcher Dr. Amy Herod will present at the session "Comparing Apples with Apples: Towards a Common Water Accounting Framework for Better Investment Decisions" in Paris.

September 10 : Senior Researcher Dr. Sarah Diringer will present at a quarterly meeting for the San Francisco chapter of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Her presentation is entitled "Climate Change and the World's Water Challenges."

September 16-19 : Senior Researcher Dr. Anne Thebo will attend the Google Geo for Good Summit in Mountain View, California.

September 18-20 : Ms. Cooley will speak on "One Water and the Triple Bottom Line" at the U.S. Water Alliance One Water Conference in Austin, Texas. Dr. Diringer and Senior Researcher Dr. Laura Feinstein will attend the conference.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming staff events on our announcements page . Read the list of Pacific Institute experts’ past outreach here .
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