We wish all of preschoolers attending kindergarten in September…great success and wishes for a wonderful school year. It has been wonderful having you at our center and wish all families the best.

Friday, September 1, EFC is closed for Staff Inservice Training and Monday, September 4, for Labor Day.  
Tuesday, August 29, we will be heading to Gale Woods Farm. Several naturalists will be taking us through the farm to see the gardens in August and the farm animals We will have a picnic lunch after our visit. The bus will leave at 9:00 am and the trip is for Dolphins and Monkeys. Please sign the field trip log on the attendance desk in the entrance to attend. The extra cost is $9.00. Volunteers are welcome.

Kim will be here on Friday, August 4, with her stories and songs related to the farm. Kim will start her story session at 9:00 am. 
We have been doing our best to grow things during this very hot summer…the toddlers are growing cucumbers. Dolphins are growing wildflowers and watermelon and the Monkeys are growing many beautiful flowers along with a tomato plant and mint that we can taste while playing on the playground.
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Check out this tasty vegetarian recipe from the NY Times:
4 servings
6 ounces kale leaves (from 1 bunch), washed and dried, then torn
Extra-virgin olive oil, as needed
3 tablespoons malt vinegar or apple cider vinegar
1 garlic clove, grated
Sea salt and black pepper
3 cups cooked chickpeas (from about two 15-ounce cans, drained), patted dry
1 teaspoon paprika
½ to 1teaspoon ground cayenne
4 large eggs (optional)
2 avocados, sliced
Alli Zomer is EFC’s Director of Operations. She is the youngest daughter of EFC’s founders, Steve and Priscilla Williams. Alli and her sister Angie lead the EFC team along with their longtime colleague, DeeAnn Besch.
At its core, parenting seems to come down to seasons. There are the literal seasons that dictate much of the family routine, of course. Bundling up in the winter, we make cold weather fun with endless trips to the sledding hill (and copious amounts of hot chocolate). There is the dreaded season of spring, when the clothing is never quite right (do the kids need boots or shorts today?) and it doesn’t really matter what they wear, it will come home wet and muddy. Then there are the glorious seasons of summer and fall, which are wonderful and exhausting and always go by too quickly.
But the seasons I have been thinking about recently are the seasons of parenthood. The phases we pass through, some that feel like an endless winter, and some that fly by faster than a summer weekend. The old adage “the days are long, but the years are short” is pretty on-point for what it feels like to be a parent. Any given day can feel like an eternity when you are battling colic, or just battling a toddler. But then suddenly, your baby sleeps through the night, your toddler gains the words to express themself, and your preschooler dons a handmade crown and stands ready to move into the next season. We celebrate these milestones and hold the joy alongside pangs of loss for a season gone by. 
Our extended Williams family is experiencing a permanent entry to a new season of life: the season in which there will no longer be any Williams grandchildren attending EFC. My daughter, June, will head off to kindergarten in the fall and with that, we will be ending one of the most incredible chapters in our family’s history. From the very beginning our family and the EFC family have been one. My sister Angie and I attended EFC (I won’t name names, but a few of our teachers are still with us today!). And I am honored and humbled that all five grandchildren (plus numerous cousins!) have been part of the EFC family as well. It is hard to believe that this summer will mark the end of our time as EFC parents.
It has been an honor to walk through this season of parenting alongside each one of your families. Being a mom within the program gave me the gift of perspective that was more valuable than any on-the-job training could ever be. And though there is a sense of sadness as my daughter heads off to kindergarten and leaves the “little kid” years behind, there is joy in it as well. Joy in the experiences she had with her teachers and friends, and joy in being able to be such an intimate part of her early education. And joy in knowing that I don’t really have to say goodbye to this season after all, for I have the opportunity to continue experiencing it alongside you and your children for many years to come. 
To all of those families heading into life after EFC, we will miss you dearly. And know that no matter what phase you are in, you will always be considered part of our family.

8/1 National Night Out, Twin Cities Metro
8/2-8/20 Galactic Wonders, Stages Theatre, Hopkins
8/4-8/6 Uptown Art Fair, Mpls
8/5 Walker Free First Saturday: Plant Teachers, Walker Sculpture Garden
8/7-8/13 Dakota County Fair, Farmington
8/12-8/13 Mpls Street Art Festival, Downtown Mpls
8/12 IndiaFest, Saint Paul Capitol
8/19 & 8/26 Story Time on the Plaza, 50th&France, Edina
8/19-10/1 (weekends) Renaissance Festival, Shakopee
8/24-9/4 MN State Fair, Saint Paul
All Summer - Music and Movies in the Park - Various Minneapolis Parks 

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