The Dean and Cam Williams Foundation has announced GMHS as the sole beneficiary of the upcoming sale of original artworks and collectibles from the private collection of Dean and Cam Williams.

Curated and hosted by Arts on Main, this special community fundraising opportunity will support GMHS in reaching the fundraising goal of $150,000 to cover medicine and medical supply costs in the year ahead.

Saving lives is expensive, including the medicine and medical supplies necessary to do so. With the number of homeless pets cared for by GMHS doubled since 2020, the need is greater than ever.

Reflecting a Love of Life, an exhibit of original artworks and collectibles from the collection of Dean and Cam Williams, will run from September 3 to 28, at Arts on Main, and reflects the couple's commitment to community, lifetime of advocacy on behalf of pets in need and appreciation of nature's beauty. Among the many renowned artists included in the show are Linda St. Clair, Barbara Olsen, Virginia Greenleaf, Jeanne Marston and Carol Colette.

This vibrant, eclectic, once-in-a-lifetime show opens with a welcome reception on First Friday September 3, from 6 PM to 8 PM. 

GMHS is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Arts on Main in this effort and to the Dean and Cam Williams Foundation for bringing life-saving, transformative change to homeless pets in the many communities we serve.

Click here to learn more and help us reach our $150,000 fundraising goal.